Article Forge Review 2021: Tests, Features,
Is it legit or Not?

Mian Mohsin
Last Update: July 18, 2021

By Mian Mohsin – Last Update: June 4, 2021

Looking for to automate or speed up you content creation process with Ai tools. Then you’re at the right place. I’m going to review Article forge to give a deep insight of this tool. Here, you’ll all the information that you need to fully understand article forge. You’ll get to know about;

  1. Article forge 2.0
  2. Features of this tools
  3. Tests done with Article forge
  4. Is it safe and worth buying?
  5. Integration with other tools
article forge review

Before writing this review, I’ve did some tests on different topics and niches with this tools. Now I’m going to explain the results that I got from this tool. So that you can easily configure out everything about this tool.

article forge
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What is Article Forge?

article forge homepage

At first glance, Article Forge looks like your typical article generating software. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that it’s a well-made platform which gives you loads of control over your output.

What is Article Forge? It is a content syndication website that offers content generation which is used by webmasters to publish content on other sites. Article Forge allows you to build unique content for your website. This is the fastest-growing program for content writing creating. It helps the customer to write articles like a professional and submit them to make money online.

Actually, you might think, why don’t you write your own articles and post them on other sites? The answer to this question is very simple. Everyone knows that you need a huge time required for writing one article. Because you’ve to first research, re-write and still, it needs to pass the plagiarism scanner. But this tool can do all this within few seconds for you.

Article Forge is basically a web-based tool that enables users to generate full written articles with minimal time. The interface of this software provides input areas that correspond to the parts of an article such as the main keyword, sub-topics around the keyword, etc.

After getting this information, it researches content from its database and then writes unique content around this topic. And it takes about 60 seconds or less to complete this whole task.

Article Forge 2.0: Recently Article forge lunched their new version 2.0 that is truly game changer. This version generates articles in a completely unique way compared to other programs.

It focuses 100% on AI research on the single line that most affects the success of your business. The article forge 2.0 uses artificial intelligence to transform any idea into a well-structured and unique piece of content automatically.

Features of Article Forge:

features of af

Article Forge is a content management and article creation software. It has been made with an intention of making content production a snap. This tool is used by a lot of small and medium businesses to easily get in touch with their target audience. Because they can effectively deliver relevant information to them without worrying about having to pay anything extra.

Article Forge is known as one of the best tools for article generating. It comes with all the necessary features that are required to make an SEO-optimized and unique article. Here are some the most important features that this tool offers to its users.

1. Copyright-free content

If you want to build highly engaging content for your site, you’ll need help from an article forge. Article forge provides a way for you to generate unique, quality articles from scratch. They typically feature machine-generated articles made from scratch that looks like written by a human writer.

Due to this automated software, you can easily minimize the amount of time needed to create an article and the effort required to maintain this content. The unique nature of this tool makes these articles to be ideal content for websites as well as blogs.

2. Add title/headings for content

Utilizing article forge will add a title and headings to your content. This is a free service provided by one of the most well-known free content writing tools. This makes it easy and convenient to style your website in an engaging way. With this feature, you have an opportunity to add interesting metadata with regard to the content you create.

In content writing, it is best practice to add a title and headings to your article. Because this helps your readers to easily skim the content and remain to engage with the content. Therefore, Article forge gives you an option to add a title and headings to your content.

3. Relevant image/video for content

The most popular and unique feature of this tool is to add related copyright-free images and embed videos to your article. Article forge also comes with a feature to add relevant images and videos to make your article more shareable. This is particularly useful for those who aren’t sure where to start when it comes to online branding.

The idea of providing readers with relevant and high-quality articles has always been at the forefront of every content writer. So if you are a user of this tool then you will also have this feature. By using this option, you can add relevant images and also embed videos to your blog posts for an extra dose of exposure.

4. SEO optimized content

If you are looking to create articles that will be read and ranked highly by search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Then, you can use article forge to get unique and SEO-optimized content for your site. Because this tool is very helpful to generate SEO optimized content in just one click.

These articles will be higher ranked because search engines will consider them to be more valuable. It will also boost your own blog by getting free traffic from search engines.

5. Post scheduler option

If you are looking for an article to feature on your website, then article forge may be what you are looking for. This is an excellent article composition tool that allows you to schedule posts at specific intervals or indefinitely. It does this by looking at various statistics about your site and determining what time you’ve set.

Article forge is a productivity tool built for bloggers and content creators by bloggers. It allows you to schedule posts to publish on different days of the week, or even automatically publish certain posts at specific times. This helps you get more visibility, helps your SEO and lets other people stick with your content.

6. Replace keywords with links

Article Forge is a content writing tool that specializes in selecting and optimizing content for search engines. Using this tool you can quickly and easily replace keywords with relevant links extracted from web pages. This can help you with keyword research and save you a lot of time while creating content. It is very helpful to get better rankings for your website.

This will also bring up related content on your target page. It is also a very powerful method to build internal and external links. It can be easily done by detecting when your website ranks for a particular phrase.

7. Support to multiple languages

Article forge is a system that will let you set up automated post-production processes in 7+ available languages. Article forge can do all this and much more. It is used by people who want to take their content game to the next level.

This tool offers you to write effectively in multiple languages of your favorite topic without compromising the quality of the content. It is a great option for those people who want to spread their content into different countries.

8. Bulk content creation

Content creation is never one size fits all exercise. Whether you are a fan of long-form content or keen on brevity. At some point, you need a methodical approach to produce the maximum amount of content that is optimized for search. Article forge is a great tool that can help you achieve that goal.

It is a must-have tool for people who create a lot of content and want to push their websites. If you want to generate high-quality bulk articles for your website or blog. It offers a quick and easy set-up which means that you can start publishing content even before you have all the content ideas planned out.

article forge



Article forge price:

article forge price

Article forge is a premium tool that helps you with content generation within 60 seconds. Therefore to use this tool, you 1st need to buy a premium plan. There are two plans for article forge monthly and yearly.

There is also a 5-days free trial that you can get to test this tool. With the free plan, you also get access to all the premium features for just 5-days. If you are serious and want to buy this tool to automate your content writing. Then, I highly recommend you to buy a premium plan.

With the premium plan, you’ll get unlimited use of the article forge service at a very affordable price. The monthly plan costs you $57 every month until you stay with it. Otherwise, you can go with the yearly plan that costs you $324 ($27/month) for the next year. When you purchase a premium plan, you will get access to article forge all services including;

  • AI-powered content writer
  • Human quality content
  • Content passes CopyScape
  • One-click article generation
  • 60-second article turnaround
  • Automatically posts to blogs

Both of these plans will include the same features but the yearly plan can save you $360 ($30/month). These plans also offer 30 days money-back grantee which means if you don’t this tool. Then you can get your money back within 30 days.

How to use Article Forge:

Article forge is a great ai content generator tool for website owners and content creators. It is the most popular and fastest growing technology throughout the world. Today, a lot of people are using this technology to generate content for their websites and blogs.

So if you’re a blogger or a writer and want to use this tool to generate content. Then here is how to use article forge to produce unique content.

First go to the Article forge website and signup for 5 days free trail and yourself register there.

As you get register, you have to use your login details to sign-in to this website.

Now go to the dashboard. Here you’ll see a sidebar on the left side and a main panel in front of your screen. On the left side bar, you will have these menus;

article forge sidebar
  • New Article: To write new article with article forge.
  • My Article: Here you’ll have the full list of all past articles.
  • WordPress: From this menu, you can link your WordPress website with article forge.
  • Post Scheduler: This is used to schedule content for your wordpress website or blog.
  • API Information: Here you’ll get all the information about the Article forge API
  • Affiliate Program: This is an affiliate program menu, where you can earn commission from referring someone to this website.
  • Help Center: Here you’ll get every help that you need to use this tool.


article forge



From the left sidebar, click the new article and it will open a new screen in front of you.

In this screen, you’ll need to input the all details about your article. In the 1st box, you need to enter your main keyword, language of your content, and sub-keyword support the main keyword.

box one

Next in 2nd box, you need to customize your content output. Here you can choose the length of your content words, do you want to add title, image, and video. It will ask you do you want to replace your keyword with link or want to post on WordPress and lastly spinning by WordAi.

customize article style

After giving these details, you need to press generate new article button and it will start creating content for you. Within few seconds, you’ll get full unique content that you can optimize to publish on your website.

This all about how to create article using this tool.

Test with Article Forge:

Now let’s do some tests to create new articles on different niches. So that you can easily get an idea about the results of this tool.


Keyword: Fishing for beginners

Here are the results of test 1.

Article forge Generated Content 2


Keyword: Importance of affiliate marketing

Here are the results of test 2.

Article forge Generated Content

From these tests and their results, you can easily know what type of content article forge generates. So, if you want to try this tool yourself then you can go with article forge trail.

Based upon the above tests and their results. I have to come write down these pros and cons about this tool. These points will also help you to make your discussion fast.

Pros and Cons

These are some pros and cons that I feel from the past tests and results from article forage. So if you’re going to buy this tool then make sure to keep in mind these points. These points will help your to easily overcome from the troubles that will face with this tool.



article forge



How to does it works:

how article forge works

Article Forge uses open Ai and machine learning to solve this problem. The best thing about it is that it uses GPT-3 technology which means that you can create new content even without relying on duplicating existing content.

When you put a keyword in on the dashboard, it goes to its database and reads millions of articles. In this way, this learning everything about your topic that it needs to know to write content in its own way.

Basically, it scrapes content from the web and database. Then it analyzes all the content and spins that content into its own language. It also learns the topics of each paragraph creating hundreds of thousands of relationships between topics.

Article Forge then uses this information to create sentences using synonyms and permutations and covers every branch with related topics at the same time.

Integration with other sites:

The most important and unique feature of this article forge is the integration with other tools. These feature is very helpful to create a unique article by passing it into multiple testing phases. This helps you to ensure that you content is 100% and written like a human.

There are 3 most popular sites that you can integrate with your article forge tool. In this way, you’ll be able to get the quality and quantity of the content within few minutes. Lastly you can also publish this content without even leaving your article forge account.

Here are some tools that you can easily integrate with this tool;

WordAi integration:

WordAi uses artificial intelligence to rewrite the content into completely original content that is 100% unique and passes CopyScape. This tool carefully selects synonyms and antonyms to make the writing human-like in its quality. And it takes less than 30 seconds to rewrite a 300-500 word article.

Basically, it is an AI-powered article rewriter that paraphrases any content within seconds. WordAi is 25% faster than the best human article spinner on the market and cheaper. This tool is a very simple, effective, and yet inexpensive tool that can generate quality human readable articles quickly, easily, and super-fast.

CopyScape integration: is an online plagiarism checker.  It is a web-based application that detects plagiarism in websites, documents, and books. This plagiarism checker can help you find duplicate content fast and easily. The software lets you check if your text is original. With this tool, you can be sure your work is original and your text contains no duplicate content.

If you are a professional and working on lots of tasks and articles for your business. Then, Copyscape will help relieve you from the frustration of having to turn in time and again work like it was your own. You can use it as a pre-software tool to scan your content before publishing or to check the results after software spiders crawling your site.

Article Forge Alternatives:

Article Forge is a piece of software that was created by one of the most reliable and professionals. It is an extremely useful piece of software that will be able to get you profitable content for your website.

No doubt, article forge is the most reliable and fastest article generator tool in the market. But still, there are a number of good alternatives you can look at if you’ve been a fan of Article Forge.

Here are some of the most trusted and popular sites alternatives to this tool.

JarvisAi (AKA ConversionAi):

JarvisAi is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to write content in seconds just like this one. Their AI system reads the inputs for the page, processes it through its AI. So that it can find synonyms and related words relating to the main idea, and then spits out content. It’s an instant generator of an unlimited unique high-quality copies.

JarvisAi is a self-learning tool that uses AI to write high-converting content in seconds just like a human. It can helps anyone write persuading and effective sales content in minutes, not hours.


CopyAi is the world’s most advanced AI copywriter that helps brands create highly engaging ad copy within seconds. It is like having your own personal copywriter to help you at a moment’s notice. You can control CopyAi by setting objectives and budgets so that the copy fits any ad.

CopyAi is a self-learning artificial intelligence platform that helps you to write content with just one click. You can also easily integrate it with any of your marketing channels to generate highly engaging, personalized content. This is a completely automated, end-to-end platform that streamlines the brand’s advertising campaigns for copywriting.


Hope this article forge review helped you to find out all the points that you need to know before buying. Just to be brief, above I’ve covered almost everything about Article Forge and finally come to a result that the product is worth your money. But still, you can try its free trial before buying a premium package.

article forge