10 Best AI Novel Writing Software – Compared & Reviewed

A Semrush report revealed that only 12% of companies use AI writing tools. 49% of businesses do not find appropriate writers for their content. Now remove the writer’s block and use AI writing tools to create content for your blog posts, website, social media posts, and ads. There are tons of AI writing tools available for content creation. Each of them has its writing style and gist.

Here we’re going to review the top 10 AI novel writing tools that can 10X writing speed;

1. Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai is a fantastic tool that uses artificial intelligence to enable you to write at a 10X faster rate without experiencing writer’s block, grammatical errors, or plagiarism. Jasper helps you to create content that attracts your users’ attention and increases the Google ranking of your website. Here are some of the distinct features of JasperAI that place it at the top of all other AI writing software.

Features of the best AI writing software, Jasper ai:

Jasper is an AI writing assistant that creates original content for your websites, Facebook posts, and many more.

  • Starter: It is the best feature for a writer who has just entered the novel writing field and wants to create short content. There are 50+ user templates available through which you can create blog posts, emails, social media posts, ad copies, and many more.
  • 25+ Languages: Jasper AI can create content in 25+ languages. You can generate the content in your language.
  • Boss mode: Boss mode is the best option for long-form content generation. You can write complete articles for your blog, website, Facebook, and marketing with this artificial intelligence.
  • Recipes: The recipe feature of that AI software helps you create and share recipes in just a few seconds. There are also hundreds of premade recipes by the Jasper community that you can utilize to speed up the process.
  • Surfer SEO Integration: Using the surfer SEO integrations, you can enjoy all the features of a surfer in Jasper AI.

This AI-writing software option helps companies generate interest in and sales for their products.

Who Can Use this? Bloggers, social media post writers, affiliate marketers, email writers, SEO professionals, online entrepreneurs, and website writers can use Jasper ai.

You can get the monthly subscription to Jasper Stater for $29 and Jasper Boss Mode for $59.


  • 50+ Pre-made templates
  • Boss Mode generates content for all writing types.
  • Professional, Easy to understand the training.
  • Clean, Easy user interface
  • Jasper team is constantly Updating and improving it.
  • Create unique and SEO-optimized content
  • Built-in Plagiarism Checker
  • Multiple content languages


  • Not trustworthy – Content needs to be fact-checked before publishing
  • Duplicated information in long-form content
  • Being credit based, it’s a bit expensive

Final thoughts about the Jasper ai:

Truly speaking, if you want to write content that not just ranks in Google but also engages the user to get more conversion. Then, Jasper is the best go-to option for you. Jasper uses GPT-3 and its own database to generate content that can stand with human writers.

2. Scalenut:

Scalenut AI writing software generates SEO-ranked and plagiarism-free AI writing content for fiction and blogs. Here we explore some edge-cutting features of Scalenut.


  • SEO-Focused Content Outlines: Scalenut helps you generate SEO-based content. It not only finds the keywords for your blog post but also guides you on how to use these keywords for a better future.
  • AI Copywriting: Generating convertible copies is not an easy task. You need a lot of effort and deep learning to write ads. But you can generate convertible copies with Scaluents in a couple of minutes.
  • Long-Form Content Creation: Machine learning techniques Explore how many words you need to get your article ranked on Google. You can create long-form content with Scalenuts.
  • Create Compelling Product Descriptions: You can produce professionally written content with AI writing software and generate compelling product descriptions for your blogs.
  • It helps write in real-time: You can edit the content generated by AI software and customize it according to your needs.

The Pros and Cons of Scalenut:

Pros of Scalenut:

  • Scalable: You can start from the free version and adjust Scalenut according to your business growth.
  • Easy To Use: User interference is easy to use.
  • Save time: Scalenut generates the whole blog in a few minutes. So, it saves time and generates specific SEO content.
  • Affordability: You only need to pay for the time you use to create a blog. You can also use the free trial to generate short content.
  • Quality content: The Scalenut AI tool creates quality SEO content free of grammar mistakes and plagiarism.

Cons of Scalenut:

  • It does not generate relevant content for all niches. In a few niches, it generates irrelevant content.
  • You need a manual editing process before publishing your articles.
  • It has fewer features for content creation than Jasper.

Who can use it?

Bloggers, social media post writers, affiliate marketers, email writers, SEO professionals, online entrepreneurs, and website writers can use advanced ai Jasper.

Final thoughts about the Scalenut AI tool:

Sacluent ai writing software helps you create specific SEO content for blog posts, Facebook posts, marketing copies, and many more.

Pricing and links to the Scalenut:

You can enjoy a free plan of scalenut with limited features. There are also three other plans available according to your subject.

  • Individual creators and consultants can subscribe to an individual plan for $29.
  • Startup and growing businesses can enjoy the Growth plan for $79.
  • For agencies, large teams, and businesses, a pro-plan for $149 is best.

3. CloserCopy

Closerscopy is a piece of artificial intelligence-driven software that uses GPT-3 AI to help writers and marketers generate content automatically.


  • With Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can generate SEO content quickly with a writing tool.
  • You can check the SEO optimization of your content with SEO Audits.
  • An SEO planner will help you to find the headings and keywords for your content.
  • Longform: You can generate long-form and short-form content with a closer copy.
  • Insights: Insights help you to find the SEO value of content.
  • Productivity: Closercopy AI writing software increases the productivity of your websites.
  • Generate fluent content with AI novel writing software.
  • With the word thesaurus, you can increase your vocabulary and find unique words.
  • You can use multiple shortcuts to generate content.

CloserCopy’s pros and cons:

CloserCopy is the best AI novel writing software that generates ideas for your blog.

CloserCopy Pros:

  • It can generate ideas for your next copywriting post.
  • It provides an intuitive UI and editor.
  • Templates
  • It uses a drag-and-drop copy builder.
  • It uses AI (GPT-3) deep learning skills.
  • One-click copy analysis
  • You can use it for every niche.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is available at affordable prices.

Cons of Closercopy:

  • Sometimes, it generates multiple outputs.
  • It is not the perfect AI novel writing software.

Who uses it?

Closercopy is the best AI novel writing software for bloggers, copywriters, digital marketers, and affiliate marketers.

Final thoughts about the CloserCopy:

Unquestionably, one of the best copywriting AI tools available today is ClosersCopy. It includes several outstanding features that will make the writing process less complicated.

Pricing and links to the product:

Closerscopy lifetime:

You can enjoy all the features of AI novel writing software CloserCopy with zero monthly fees with no upsells.

  • Power: $397/one-time
  • Superpower: $497/one-time
  • Superpower Squad: $697/one-time

There are also three monthly packages available for $49.9, $ 79.9, and $99.9 with AI novel writing software CloserCopy.

4. Rytr

Rytr incorporates many learning models, including GTP-3 artificial intelligence. The models use online resources to assist you in producing the best content for your website or business.


  • An Intuitive Dashboard:

An initiative dashboard will enable you to generate unlimited words with a UI user interface. You can easily use these software tools to generate ideas for your blog posts.

  • Up to 30+ languages are available:

You can generate creative content for your blog in 30+ languages with the help of Rytr AI writing software.

  • You can use up to 20+ speech tones:
  • Speech tone is the basis for writing creative text. And original AI writing tools enable you to adjust the speech tones. With Rytr’s AI novel writing software, you can set your speech tone to 20+ different tones.
  • Up To 30+ Use Cases

Whether you are writing novels, science fiction, blog posts, or reports, you can generate them with Rytr. Rytr is the best novel writing software that helps you write long-form content in 30+ cases.

  • Access a free built-in plagiarism checker.

Plagiarism reduces the ranking of your blog. You can get free access to plagiarism checkers in many software tools.

Rytr: Pros and Cons


  • Its interface is simple, and a non-technical person can also use it for creative writing.
  • It has a Chrome extension, so you can easily use it in Google Docs as well.
  • Rytr works with the GPT-3 language model, so you can create content like human writing with these AI tools.
  • It is best for writers who are searching for foreign search engines.
  • Its SEO analyzer features enable you to increase the ranking of your blogs.


  • You need some extra tools to understand the topics.
  • It gives a free plan, but there are only limited characters to write grammatically correct sentences.

Who uses it?

Rytr is the best AI novel writing software for bloggers, ad agencies, digital marketers, and e-commerce brands.

Final thoughts about Rytr:

Everyone who needs or provides content can use Rytr’s AI novel writing software options. Rytr reduces the strain for everyone engaged in content development by giving you high-quality articles.

Pricing and links to Rytr:

Rytr Advanced AI offers three plans for their use: free, saver, and unlimited plans. You can subscribe to the Rytr AI technology saver plan for $9/month and the unlimited plan is $29/month.

5. PepperType

Peppertype Ai novel writing software is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate compelling content in a few seconds for several platforms.


Whether you need short-form or long-form content, you can write creative text with Peppertype. Peppertype AI writing software helps you automatically generate content in a few seconds.

  • SEO content:

Pepprtype is an AI writing tool that is best for specific SEO content writing and creating blog posts. You can write novels and create SEO-optimized and long-form content through the use of AI writing software tools.

  • Copywriting content:

There are tons of writing software tools available on the market. But Peppertype is the best AI writing software for generating copywriting content.

  • Social Media Content

Social media users are increasing day by day. So, it is a must to put effort into social media content. If you are suffering from writer’s block, use the Pepertype AI tool to generate SEO-optimized social media content.

Pros and Cons of PepperType


  • It is easy to use and needs no technical knowledge.
  • Good content generation quality.
  • Easy output management
  • You can edit content in your writing style.


  • You cannot produce lengthy content in one go in Pepprtype AI technology.
  • The starter plan doesn’t allow you to download the results.

Who uses it?

Anyone can create content with Peppertype AI. In particular, it’s helpful for those who have tight schedules and require content rapidly.

Final thoughts about the PepperType

Peppertype is a platform that combines copywriters, their expertise, and artificial intelligence to assist users in creating powerful content. Depending on your requirement, the tool gives you access to multiple writing styles.

Pricing and links to the Pepper Type:

Perppertype is an AI novel writing software that helps you create content for your blogs and websites. Are you an AI writer? Then you can choose any plan of Peppertype AI tools. It offers three plans.

  • Starter Plan: You can get the starter plan for just $35 per month.
  • Rytr’s growth plan for customers: Generate unlimited words and ad copies for $199 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: Get details about this plan from their official websites.

6. Bramework AI novel writing software

Bramework AI speeds up the editing process of producing high-quality content for blogs, novel writings, and other online publications. These AI writing software options have several writing software tools that make content writing simpler and quicker. Such as a content outline generator, SEO keyword research tool, AI-generated text plagiarism checker, novel writing, and many more.


  • quality long-form blog posts faster.

You don’t need to spend a lot of hours creating long-form blog posts or suffer from writer’s block. You can use the AI writer’s bramework to find the keywords for your blog and generate the blog in a short time.

  • Keyword Analyzer

Utilize Braimwork SEO Booster, which examines and offers suggestions to raise the search rating of your post, to draw in more clients from Google and social media.

  • increase brand awareness.

Regular and consistent content that broadens your exposure to the correct audience can help you demonstrate your competence.

  • Saving time by writing

Utilize the Braimwork AI tool to quickly produce early draughts of original blog post material that are ready for your personal touch.

  • Increase websites’ traffic:

The Braim AI Content Generator will assist you in producing high-quality content more quickly so you can attract more visitors who will become leads.

  • Image Finder:

You will instantly save time by having optimized royalty-free stock photos available for all sections of your post.

  • It locates the body and features photographs of it for you.
  • Automatic creation of image alt text for you
  • Upload and utilize your best photos.

Braimwork AI software: pros and cons:


  • Identify the right audience for your blog.
  • Save time in the writing process and overcome writer’s block.
  • Regularly and consistently post content for your brand’s awareness.
  • Improve pre and post-SEO rankings.
  • Directly publish your blog from Braimwork, which saves time on copying and pasting.


  • For some writing assignments, it might not be appropriate.
  • Some users might find the features bewildering.
  • You cannot set a limit on how much credit from your account each sub-user is allowed to use.

Who uses it?

Anyone who wants to create extended creative writing such as blogs, fiction writing, novel writing, website content, or social media posts can use Braimwork AI novel writing software.

Final thoughts about the Breamwork:

Overall, Brainwork is a fantastic AI content creation tool that produces excellent content and is easy to use.

Even though Brainwork has a variety of functionality, it still has a long way to go before it can compete with AI novel writing tools like Jasper AI. However, if they continue to innovate and If they aggressively assist the consumers of their platform, they have a chance to overtake the top spot.

Pricing and links to the brameWork:

Bramework offers four packages for its users.

  • Basic: $19/month
  • Starter: $49/month
  • Professional: $79/month
  • Agency: $199 a month


Writing blog posts is not an easy task. You need a lot of time and effort to create a blog with good sentence structure and SEO ranking. But you can generate your blogs within minutes with the AI system Copy.ai. You can write both fiction and informative content with the AI novel writing software.


You can write any type of content with copy.ai. Here are some specific features of copy.ai that make it unique from other ai novel writing software tools.

  • Digital Ad Copy:

You can create digital ad copy with copy.ai that sells your products.

  • Social Media Content

Create social media content with AI novel writing software tools such as Copy.ai.

  • Website Copy:

Use the writing skills of an AI writer like Copy.ai to generate compelling website content.

  • eCommerce Copy:

Copy.ai overcomes the problems of writer’s block. You can generate a digital copy for your business or online store.

  • Blog Content: Writing Software Tools

With the Copy.ai software, you can create an SEO-optimized and impressive blog.

  • Sales Copy:

Use Copy AI to write the copy of the original sales for your products.

Copy.ai’s Pros and Cons:

Copy.ai has more benefits than drawbacks. It is inexpensive, has a basic user interface, makes editing easy, provides a wide range of tools to generate different types of content, and maintains organization throughout.

Overall, however, it is more of an assistant who gathers information and helps you build upon it as opposed to fully automating content creation, like most AI copywriters. While it speeds up production, you will still need to edit, double-check your facts, and occasionally conduct additional research to guarantee quality.

Who can use it?

The best people to use Copy.ai for time-saving and speeding up copywriting and content development are digital marketers and owners of online businesses.

Concluding remarks

Copy.ai is an expert in creating content for social media, email marketing, landing pages, sales letters, and websites.

Pricing and links to Copy.ai:

You can use Copy.ai for one user for free, but for up to five users, the pro plan is $49/month.


ShortlyAI, a specialized online copywriting tool, creates high-quality content with the use of AI technologies.

Features of Shortly.ai:

  • Easy user interface 
  • Briefing of content
  • Length of output 
  • It adds value to your content. 
  • It provides various powerful commands for content creation, summing, and editing for its users.

Pros and Cons:


  • reasonable prices
  • endless word credits
  • Templates for effective copywriting
  • production of original material free from plagiarism.
  • user-friendly interface
  • Strong orders to write stuff more quickly


  • Sometimes it generates irrelevant content.

Who can use Shortly.ai?

Bloggers, YouTube scriptwriters, novelists, and book writers can use it shortly. ai.

Final thoughts:

ShortlyAI is the best AI tool if you’re searching for one with infinite word credit. The most effective rival for this product is Jasper AI, which just purchased Shortly AI.

Fear not, though; they both operate in separate ways. From each tool’s website, you can test it out in a different way.

Pricing and links:

You can subscribe to an annual plan for $69 per month or a monthly plan for just $3. for $79 per month.

9. Word-tune

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing assistant that comprehends what you’re trying to say and offers tips o write in a way, that is more real, compelling, and concise.

Due to Wordtune AI writing tools, writing is no longer a tiresome or lonely process.


  • It offers a free plan.
  • The Handy Chrome extension makes the writing process simple.
  • It works on multiple platforms.
  • You can rewrite your written words.
  • You can make the content short or long with word-tune.
  • The most prominent feature of Wordtune is that you can change the tone of your content.

The Pros and Cons of Word-tune:


  • You can test it out with a limited free version.
  • Excellent for easing writer’s block.
  • consists of a free Microsoft Word Add-In.
  • includes a browser plugin and an online editor.
  • Can make your writing more succinct and understandable.


  • The user interface can be annoying and disruptive.
  • Some recommendations are illogical.
  • The free version is limited to 10 rewrites per day.
  • A tad bit pricey considering its narrow focus.
  • Able to serve as a crutch.

Who can use Wordtune?

Wordtune is widely used by bloggers, content writers, copywriters, and social media marketers.

Final thoughts about Wordtune:

Overall, Wordtune is the best AI writing software that maintains the quality of sentence structure when generating content. There may be some mistakes or errors in the generated content, but overall it is a good tool for content writers.

Pricing and links to Wordtune:

You can use the free version of Wordtune for 10 days with limited features. For unlimited features, you can subscribe to a premium plan for individuals for $9.99 per month and a team premium plan for $29.99 per month.

10.WriteSonic AI Writing Tools:

With Writesonic, you can write long-form material more rapidly and choose from a wide variety of themes. It also provides one of the more reasonable unlimited-credit packages, making it a fantastic choice for frequent users.


  • “Complete Article Generation”

Mostly, AI writing does not create complete articles. But only a few articles can complete Article Generations. Due to this property, writeSonic gets the top position among all other features due to article generation.

  • Ease Of Use

You can easily generate an article with Writesonic.

  • A variety of content types

You can generate blogs, website content, ad copies, and many other forms of content with the WriteSonic Ai writing software tools.

The pros and cons of WriteSonic AI writing tools


  • Minimal learning curve
  • Marketing content creation is simple.
  • Copy has a human-like writing style.


  • Structured sentences can come off as robotic.
  • possibly requiring manual correction.
  • The number of results returned for blog samples can be overwhelming.
  • Even though the copy is subpar and the UI is difficult for beginners, credits are still spent.
  • Ineffective use of text snippets
  • There may be up to 10% plagiarism in some larger copies that require manual editing.

Final thoughts about WriteSonic:

Like the majority of AI writers, Writesonic is driven by Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) technology developed by San Francisco-based OpenAI, a research facility for artificial intelligence. It works better than its competitor, but still, it requires lots of effort to beat Jasper software.

Pricing and links to the WriteSonic:

You can use the free version, short-form content for $10, and long-form content for $13 per month. 

In a Nutshells:

There you have it, then! There is AI novel writing software available that can help you improve as a storyteller, whether you are an experienced author trying to advance your profession or a newcomer just getting started. Try one of these applications right now to see how much better your writing is!

Which is the best ai writing tool among all of these. According to my review, jasper is the best due to their creative writing and best ai write skills. Share which AI writing software options are best for you.

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