Best AI Tools for Copywriting: Tested and Reviewed

Do you write marketing copy? Do you employ tools for copywriting? Do AI copywriting tools have any sway?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, from your Alexa gadget to the spam filter in your email inbox. What about those more sophisticated AI systems you’ve seen on television and in movies? You wouldn’t believe how close they are on the horizon.

This AI revolution has not spared the marketing industry. 2021 research by the MarTech Alliance found that 64% of B2B marketers saw AI as an essential component of their sales and marketing plans. AI copywriting bots are one of the most recent ways brands use AI to achieve a competitive advantage.

If you are unfamiliar with the best Ai copywriting tools, go through this article. In this review article, we have reviewed the five best AI copywriting software.

What is meant by AI copywriting tools?

AI copywriting is automatically AI-generated content produced with the aid of NLP software.

You must first choose the subject and kind of information you wish to write about. This writing may be anything from a blog article to a brief advertisement. After that, you give the AI tool specific instructions to follow. Say you decide you want to post on social media about a brand-new yoga class.

The computer analyses similar previously published content from around the web and processes it into something new and original that is free of plagiarism after receiving the instructions. The machine then develops content depending on these parameters.

Best ai copywriting Tools: Comparison Table

You should think about what it is specifically that you want from this software in order to get the best ai authoring software that satisfies your expectations.

Depending on whether you want to produce long-form content, sales copy, or improve the content, there are a number of features to look out for when selecting the best AI copywriting software.

Have a look at the comparison table of copywriting tools which shows the product features, custom pricing, and ability to create content and blog post outlines.

NameBest ForPricingWebsite URLRating
CopyAIThe best tool to try AI writing (free trial, no credit card required).It starts at $49 per Write better marketing copy and content with AI4.9/5.0
WriteSonic’sBest pricing for casual writers and content marketersIt starts at $15 per month.Writesonic AI Writer – Best AI Writing Assistant4.7/5.0 The best overall tool with support for long-form contentIt starts at $29 per month.Jasper – Try For Free4.8/5.0
CopysmithAI content creation solution for teamsIt starts at $19 per month.AI Content Creation Solution for Teams & Agencies | Copysmith4.6/5.0
WordsmithTransforms your data into an insightful narrative
Customized details according to packages.Wordsmith | Automated Insights4.5/5.0

1. CopyAI: AI writing tool:

CopyAI is the AI copywriting software that can generate content for a blog post, product descriptions, ad copy, and marketing copy in milliseconds.

With the help of CopyAI, you can write excellent blog content without the hassle of doing it by yourself. It includes several features that can increase the number of leads that come to your website copy or blog, as well as articles that will raise your search engine’s ranking.

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Features of the CopyAI: the best AI copywriting software:

Do you suffer from writer’s block? You can use CopyAI to create content. You may use CopyAI’s features to help you develop captivating content.

Let’s look at what CopyAI can achieve to assist you to understand the platform’s capabilities a little better.

Content Templates:

You can get templates for every type of writing from CopyAI. Whether you have to write thank you notes, emails, ad copy, business plans, marketing copy, job descriptions, reference letters, cover letters, or any other content, you can get their templates from the CopyAI dashboards.


You can rewrite the existing content with CopyAI rewrite features. It will help you rephrase the written content and create unique content. Furthermore, you can create short-form and write long-form content with CopyAI.

Grammar Checker

Grammatical errors can affect the leads in your marketing. CopyAI corrects the grammatical errors in your content and makes the content creation process simple and error-free.


Users incorporate the translation feature, among other advantages, into their work.

Users can pick from 25 different languages when the information needs to be rewritten in another language. These include Spanish, Mandarin, German, English, and other languages.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism will significantly reduce the number of leads and the ranking of your content. Copy has its plagiarism checker. So you can check the plagiarism of your content and correct it if there is any plagiarism in the content.

Pricing of Copy AI:

You can use the free plan of CopyAI has a premium plan of $ 49 per month. pricingits

My final verdict:

If you want to try CopyAI but aren’t sure if it’s perfect for you, you might first attempt the free plan or any of the free best AI copywriting tools, which include a

  • generators
  • call-to-action devices
  • The headline maker for LinkedIn
  • altering sentences

2. WriteSonic:

Writesonic is an artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting tool. This AI writing software can generate content sales pages, product descriptions, email opt-in boxes, landing pages, blog posts, articles, social media posts, website copy, and many more in a few seconds.

You don’t have to wait for a content writer or copywriter to generate sales pages for you. You can automatically generate blog ideas with thousands of preloaded templates available at Writesonic Websites.

Writesonic allows manual editing for its users. So, you can edit the pages according to your requirements.

Features of Writesonic AI Copywriting software:

Writesonic is an AI copywriting tool with a ton of fantastic features that will boost your productivity. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas (the infamous “writer’s block”), simply entering a few words into one of the content generators will provide you with a stream of starter sentences.

Have a look at some of the notifiable features of Writesonic.

AI article or blog writer:

Writesonic is your AI writing assistant through which you can create content for your articles. Writesonic AI copywriting templates help you to write blog posts in short time intervals.

Writing Ideas:

The Writesonoc AI writing tool generates ideas for content. It takes multiple content ideas from a different website and creates unique content for you. So, if you don’t have time to find relevant materials for your blog post, you can generate blog outlines from Writesonic outline generators.

Landing pages:

You can create landing pages with the Writesonic AI writing assistant. So, you don’t have to hire writers to create converting landing pages for your business. Writesonic helps you to create content for your landing pages and marketing copy.

Writing Help:

Writesonic has several writing-assistance options if you wish to compose your material but would like to speed up your writing process.

A summarizing tool creates a summary of your material. If you need to paraphrase something, a paraphrasing tool might help you by rewriting sentences.

If your content isn’t the right length, Writesonic’s text expander can help you expand or sharink the content. In the opposite situation, a content shortener can assist you in making your text more condensed.

Multiple types of content:

Writesonic is not only to generate content for blogs and articles, it also generates content for sales copy, marketing copy, social media posts, google ads, social media ads, and product descriptions.

Pricing of AI copywriting software :

Writesonic ai copywriting tools have plans for both short-form and long-form content creation processes. You can also enjoy the free plan of the Writesonic AI tool.

WriteSonic final verdict:

Writesonic encompasses a variety of genres. It not only creates high-quality content and enables you to view your progress in real-time. You can also try it out without paying anything to see whether it’s suitable for you.

Writesonic might be the solution to your problem if your objective is to outsource all of your content requirements so that you can concentrate on developing other aspects of your company (like attracting more customers or increasing sales).

3. Jasper AI writing tool:

Over 30,000 content marketers utilize the AI copywriting tool Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, at prestigious businesses around the globe, including HarperCollins, the top publisher of books. Using straightforward, intuitive commands, you can easily create unique, high-quality material by utilizing Jasper’s new Boss Mode function.

This AI software is simple to use and intuitive, just like real copywriters. It provides a range of capabilities that aid in producing high-quality, entertaining content. Blog posts, emails, banner advertisements, blog post content, and sales pages may all be produced with Jarvis ai writing software.

It is a platform that combines cutting-edge technology with a human touch to produce high-quality content quickly.

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Features of Jarvis AI copywriting Tool:

Content Templates:

One of Jasper’s biggest features is its selection of more than 50 content templates, which makes it simple to create the kind of content you require. There are themes for blog posts, ebooks, and other types of content.

For your unique requirements, you can even create your own templates. You may design a template if, for instance, you consistently begin your blog entries with a specific introduction.

Content Recipes:

In essence, content creation with Jasper uses pre-made processes called “content recipes.”

One recipe for making an SEO-optimized blog post outline, for instance, guides you through the steps of utilizing Jasper to produce a keyword-optimized piece.

Additionally, there are instructions for publishing social media content updates and ebooks.

AI Assistant:

One of the most sophisticated AI assistants available, Jasper, can offer grammar, style, and tone suggestions. Additionally, it can make topic suggestions and assist you in maintaining your writing objectives.

It supports 25+ languages:

Jasper is an excellent option for worldwide businesses or if your material caters to a diverse audience in several nations because it supports multiple languages that are over 25 different languages.

Grammarly Basic:

For identifying spelling and grammar mistakes, use Grammarly. For some people, it can be a little expensive. Fortunately, Jasper includes a free version of Grammarly Basic with your subscription. You may correct mistakes and polish your grammar by doing this.

Surfer SEO Integration:

Surfer SEO is a fantastic ai software for tailoring your content to particular search phrases. You may write articles that are optimized for the keywords you want to rank for by integrating Surfer SEO with Jasper. This can increase your chances of ranking in the top results and drive more search engine traffic to your website.

Pricing of Jasper AI copywriting software:

Jasper offers three feature plans for its customers. It does not offer any free trial.

Jasper AI final verdict:

Jasper ai copywriting tool is the best alternative for you if you have stringent criteria, a good budget, and a desire for quality without having to check the price because it offers every aspect a Text content generator should have.

4. Copysmith:

Copysmith is an AI writing assistant that promises to produce highly effective commercials, product descriptions, emails, and more in a matter of seconds.

Copysmith claims this tool will end writer’s block and enable you to explore the creative area more quickly.

Even though it can’t produce long-form text with 100% accuracy, it still performs better than most other AI tools we’ve encountered. It can rewrite paragraphs, create blog summaries, improve your content, aid with the creation of press releases, and other things of that nature.

Features of Copysmith:


Copysmith makes your work easier. It provides integration to multiple tools such as Google ads, Google docs, Microsoft word, Woo commerce, Zapier, Frase, and Hootsuite. So you can write SEO optimized content, SEO meta descriptions, search engines-optimized product descriptions, and short and long-form content.

Chrome Extension:

The Copysmith Chrome extension and AI copywriting tools are the best choices if you’re looking for a means to make your writing skills better.

Copysmith technology has been shown to triple your content creation while saving time, enabling you to generate excellent content from anywhere at any time. This Chrome extension will lead to enormous growth for both you and your business.


Creating and releasing excellent content will help you save even more time each day. Create a seamless integration between your Copysmith workspace and your eCommerce backend, reporting, analytics, marketing automation, and other technologies.

Bulk Product Descriptions:

Copysmith is where the best product descriptions begin. It includes SEO and growth marketing best practices in our content-generating processes to give you an advantage over the competition right away.

Bulk Content Generation:

Now, you must upload a spreadsheet and sit back as Copysmith creates all the copies for you.

You can work more quickly and intelligently than ever, whether you need to generate ideas for a year’s worth of blog entries or have a website full of SKUs that need descriptions.

Teams and collaboration:

With the help of Copysmith Workflow Queue, you can delegate the creation of your content to team members or clients for review and approval, saving your team time and effort and accelerating the publication of your product descriptions.

Use Copysmith to reduce the number of meetings and the amount of time spent obtaining or analyzing feedback, and spend more time creating effective content marketing to spur growth.

Campaign Builder:

With the help of the Copysmith campaign builder, you can quickly create and deploy coordinated initiatives. Create your brand voice for your new product descriptions, landing page writing, meta tags, social media posts, and blog posts in record time.

Pricing of AI copywriting software :

Copysmith AI copywriter software platform enables teams working on eCommerce, creative agency, and marketing to produce, collaborate on, and deliver content marketing that converts. Copysmith offers three plans for their users.

Copysmith’s final verdict:

With Copysmith, you can write blog posts and ads with excellent conversion rates. With a few clicks of a button, you may also edit and revise content.

Any business that requires high-quality content quickly and without having to spend hours creating it from scratch will benefit greatly from using CopySmith AI. Businesses benefit from the time and money savings, and customers benefit from reading interesting material.

5. Wordsmith – AI copywriting software:

Wordsmith AI is one of the first generations of natural language generation different from other ai copywriting tools which use natural language processing.

Wordsmith AI was created by Automated Insights, a business intelligence firm. This incredible technology accepts structured data, utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze it, and then generates narratives from the data in multiple formats. Examples include summaries, headlines, and descriptive articles that elaborate on the input data.

A revolution in data management has been brought about by the artificial intelligence program Wordsmith AI. Wordsmith AI has simplified the process of producing everything from internal business memos to end-of-quarter presentations to collecting insights from your bank account activities.

Features of Wordsmith AI copywriting software :

To insert data:

The Wordsmith dashboard helps you to write any type of content and enter any data. In the Wordsmith editor, open Insert Data and enter the desired value, such as number, list, time, text, or date, and press Enter.

Add Synonym:

With the use of Wordsmith AI’s function, you can insert synonyms throughout your template for words, phrases, and even entire paragraphs. Synonym suggestions from Wordsmith AI can also be helpful.

Add Branch:

A drop-down menu of data variables appears when you click the Branch window. To describe your tales based on your data, use branches. You can create rules for your data using logic.

Show Logic:

You can use “Show Logic” as a nested branch for the parent branches. This option provides the reasoning behind the rule you are authoring.

Include a summary:

The descriptions can be used to provide straightforward explanations of complex logic. Additionally, you may add internal team notes or flag rules if you want to revisit them later.

Copy Reasoning for the New Rule:

Click the three dots in the top-right corner of the Branch window to get this option, which lets you replicate a rule within a branch.

Insert Template:

You can expand the project template you are using by using this option. You can alter a given template’s contents, which is the best benefit of converting and sharing templates throughout your project. These modifications are also reflected each time you insert that template.


The outline option, which you can find in the toolbar on the left side of your template, presents the template in a tree view with nested levels of branches and synonyms, as the name implies. Using the outline option, you may click on any section to get straight to that area of the template.

Data Tester:

You can use the editor to test your story using this method. You can therefore notice your mistakes there.

Spelling Check:

The Spell Check is accessible once you click the More tab. It functions similarly to other spelling tools. You have the option to add your spelling, pick one of the pre-selected suggestions, or ignore it.

Pricing of AI copywriting software Wordsmith:

One of the first natural language generation systems is called Wordsmith AI.

Wordsmith Pricing varies depending on the user’s demands to be accessed.

With a one-year user contract, it is priced at about $2000 per month. However, with the older versions, there is still a chance for savings on plugins of up to 50%.

Wordsmith Pricing options for maintenance services and setup fees have been included.

Wordsmith AI’s Tool: final verdict:

One of the first natural language generation systems in the world is Wordsmith AI.

A fascinating use of artificial intelligence is wordsmith AI. Even so, it still has a ways to go before becoming even stronger and more intelligent. In a perfect world, Wordsmith AI would produce detailed, comprehensive writing and human-like commentary at the press of a button.


With the use of AI copywriting tools, you may accomplish your business objectives quickly whether you work as a freelance copywriter, marketer, or agency.

Since the aforementioned AI copywriting tools are all based on the GPT-3 autoregressive language model, we have ranked them according to the standard of the content it produces, usability, and cost. Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to read a free sample or trial written by these AI copywriting tools.

Uninterrupted content creation for users is a feature shared by the majority of AI copywriting tools.

However, as a marketer, creating content on your own will only get you so far. Workflow management, in-app collaboration, plagiarism detection, and mass content creation are additional moving parts that you need.

You can collaborate with your team and clients in an effortless manner in this manner, increasing your productivity at work.

All Ai copywriting tools have their own worth. You can choose anyone according to your requirements. If you want to give some suggestions or cannot find the best ai copywriting tool then discuss them in the comments sections.

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