Best AI Tools For Small Businesses

Have you ever used AI tools for small businesses? Around 29% of small businesses now use AI technology. 37% of small businesses do not know how to use AI in the workplace. According to a poll of 1,467 CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), AI has had the greatest influence on their companies out of all the existing predictive technology.

Businesses are becoming more aware as the number of uses for artificial intelligence rises. According to a 2020 Capterra survey, 30% of small businesses use artificial intelligence and machine learning, and another 33% plan to do so within the next 12 to 18 months. It reveals that technology is no longer just for the largest corporations and is no longer seen as futuristic.

Read this article if you don’t know which AI tools are the best for small business owners. This article will review the five best AI tools for small businesses.

1. Grammarly:

Internal Communication is the key to every business’s growth, whether it is a small firm or a large firm. Small business owners use numerous AI tools for communication. Among all the artificial intelligence tools, Grammarly is the best communication tool.

Whether you have to write articles, emails, ad copies, or any other official letters, Grammarly helps you write them without any mistakes. You can enjoy all the features of Grammarly with the Grammarly mobile apps.

An Overview of Grammarly:

Grammarly, a digital writing helper, is a writer’s closest friend in this digital era. It is a practical communication tool driven by AI that will be very helpful to your content team. You may write well-organized, plagiarized-free content with the assistance of Grammarly.

In actuality, Grammarly has benefits that extend beyond your content development staff. This machine learning tool can help your team communicate more effectively and keep your brand’s content consistent.

Features of Grammarly:

Grammarly is the most reliable tool for all business owners. They can complete their official documentation with this tool. Here is a list of some of the distinct features of Grammarly.

Spell Check:

Your emails, ad copies, or marketing copies contain spelling mistakes, affecting your business processes. Grammarly offers spelling checks for its customers. You can get Google extension and Microsoft Word for their users. So when you type, Grammarly detects your spelling mistakes and gives you suggestions to correct them.

Grammar and Punctutaion:

You can write grammatically correct content with Grammarly. In the premium versions, Grammarly highlights grammatical and punctuation mistakes.


Plagiarism is the main problem in every type of writing. Whether you are a content writer, an academic, or a copywriter, you must produce plagiarism-free content. So, you can create plagiarism-free content for your small business.

Writing style:

You can adjust the writing style of your articles for small businesses. Whether you want to write formal letters or in a professional tone, you can select any type of writing style.

It also provides practical advice on how to develop your writing style. It will provide you with language and word usage suggestions. Additionally, the user can modify the parameters to address their unique requirements.


Grammarly has two sorts of features. A limited number of editing features, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling, are available in the free edition.

However, a premium version is available with more tools to assist you in raising the caliber of your work.

Pricing plans of Grammarly

2. Zendesk:

Zendesk is a popular tool for customer satisfaction services. Global corporations like Groupon and Zappos are among the vendor’s supposedly more than 40,000 customers. To keep clients satisfied, you may rapidly install it and start using it. Zendesk will save opportunity costs while boosting efficiency and profitability from repeat business.

Successful businesses are aware of how important technology and how business software is to help them adapt to the changing business environment. Zendesk, which was created to democratize customer feedback service software and make it simple to try, buy, and use, is based on an open and flexible platform that is simple to set up and completely customizable.

Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors may easily conduct business with their clients due to Zendesk. Our products help teams succeed and maintain company synchronization. Everyone will benefit from having more fruitful conversations as a result.


Zensdesk is the best tool for customer service logs. Zendesk has multiple features. Here we discuss some of the notable features of Zendesk.

Help desk:

The Zendesk help desk has multiple features. It gives you detailed views of the activity log of your website customer interactions. If there are any issues with the service, the agent can inform you through private messages. The help desk also provides automated time-tracking services, problem detection, and SLA management.

Ticketing system:

The ticketing system consolidates all customer experience and assistance requests from many sources into one spot, much like a common inbox. It can be challenging for your representatives to refer to previous problems or provide the necessary contextual information when a consumer can reach out to your business in various convenient ways. This feature resolves the issue by reducing the procedure for consistently replying to clients.

Self-service portal:

One of Zendesk’s help desk solutions, The Zendesk Guide, employs a clever knowledge base to give your agents and customers a self-service option. This serves customers roughly 73% of millennials who prefer to hunt for solutions on their own rather than waiting for a live agent’s response for a quicker resolution unless their question or problem is urgent and cannot be resolved using the resources at hand.


Its user-friendly interface, which enables you to access reports and analytics to understand more about your customer care and help desk system, is another one of Zendesk’s top benefits.

Making use of data-driven knowledge allows you to strengthen consumer interactions. The software transforms big data into pertinent and insightful deep insights using graphic elements and point-and-click features.

IT service desk:

In addition to running a client help desk, Zendesk also provides support for internal workers and handles issues like password resets or fixing a network outage through a single or several points of contact in its IT help desk. This streamlines the process of tracking issues, solving difficulties, and getting support for goods and services.


Zendesk offers the following pricing services for its customers.

Zendesk Pricing plans for customers servives and sales.

Previously known as Jarvis, Jasper employs artificial intelligence to create content automatically. Jasper’s machine learning software may produce any type of material for you. Jasper will write your material for your digital marketing, saving you hours of effort each week.

Features of the Jasper artificial intelligence tool:

 Grammarly Integrated:

The Jasper AI tool is integrated with Grammarly. So you can enjoy all the features of Grammarly on the Jasper AI dashboard.

 Long-form assistants:

Do you have to write long-form content for your small business processes? You can create content of the desired length with Jasper AI.

Over 26 languages are supported:

Do you want to create blog entries in flawless American English? Do you have clients in several nations? You can write your content in 26 different languages with the Jasper AI tool.

Plagiarism Checker:

Plagiarism can affect the revenue of your small business. As Google does not tolerate plagiarism for ranking. So you have to create plagiarism-free content. You can check the plagiarism in your content with Jasper AI-based tools.

Ready content recipes:

You can get ready content recipes from the Jasper deep learning platform that help you to create your content in a short time.

Ready content templates:

The Jasper ai tool gives you templates that help you create any type of content. Either you have to write the email copy or ad copy, or create a form for the hiring processes, you can easily get ready templates from Jasper.

Surfer SEO integration:

Search engine optimization is key to upgrading your ranking in Google. The Jasper AI platform is integrated with Surfer SEO. So you easily optimized your content in jasper ai.

Unlimited project folders:

This feature helps you to create multiple platforms for content at one time and save valuable time. So you can create as many folders in Jasper Dashboard as your need.

Write original unique content:

Duplicate content can significantly lower your website’s ranking. This is why bloggers and website owners try to guarantee that the writing they hire freelancers to do is original.

Because Copscaper powers this software’s plagiarism detector, you can determine whether Jasper’s artificial intelligence is writing original work or not. This option is only available as a plan add-on.


Jasper offers 5 days of free trials for their users. After that, if you like their services you can subscribe to premium features.

Tamr Data unification ai platform:

Tamr is a data unification platform that integrates many systems to compile raw data into a single, safe access point that is simple to use. Utilize machine learning to efficiently connect Tamr data scientists with new and antiquated AI apps while managing data at scale in the cloud.

Features of tamr machine learning software:

Tamr is a data integration solution that requires nearly 20% less human work. The biggest companies in the world, like Google, AstraZeneca, Toyota, Capital One, and Blackstone, use data analysis services from Tamr.

Customer Mastering:

Tamr’s data analysis and enrichment solutions quickly combine internal and external data sources to power analytical insights and promote business intelligence outcomes. Tamr’s comprehensive turnkey solutions blend data enrichment built into the workflow, deep learning designed for scale and accuracy, a low code/no code environment, and automation.

Patient Mastering:

To simultaneously enhance patient care and cut costs, there is a critical need in the medical industry for technologies that can significantly improve patient data quality.

Healthcare providers can create continuously updated reference records for people and households, including patient, hospital, and insurance records, using Tamr’s data mastering and natural language processing technology and update them on demand.

In a quick, scalable procedure, organized data silos from each source system are joined and matched across domains to produce durable IDs for people.

Spend Analytics:

With Tamr’s spend analytics template, you can divide up your current spending and transactions into different categories based on factors like cost centers, suppliers, and data sources.

Then, your team may grade and rate your spending by category, drill down to numerous levels of detail, and determine the difference between requested and actual spending.

To ensure that all of your decisions are based on reliable, curated data, Tamr allows you to monitor and classify new transitions in close to real-time continuously.

Supplier Mastering:

With Tamr’s customer data mastering and enrichment solutions, businesses can produce reliable views of mission-critical data for analytics and operations while streamlining supplier management throughout their organization.

Get accurate, full data analysis about the suppliers your business intelligence works with by combining internal and external datasets with outgoing and incoming expenses to create a comprehensive view of all activity with a source.


You can get the details about your required package by contacting Tamr officials through Contact us – Tamr Inc.


The secret to TimeHero’s effectiveness is timesheet creation for when to work on what depending on your current availability. If circumstances alter, duties are immediately rescheduled into the future while informing you of the significance and degree of risk.

If you connect your calendar, TimeHero will draft timesheet entries for scheduled tasks around your meetings and events so you can see exactly what you can do today.


Timehero is a timely app that manages all your clients and prepares time tracking sheets for them.

Automatic task scheduling:

Plan assignments and team projects with ease and speed.

Integration with Office 365 and Google Calendars:

To precisely schedule tasks around available time, integrate Google Calendars with Office 365.

Zapier Integrations:

Integration with over 1500 apps using Zapier to generate tasks or projects automatically.

Automated Time Management:

Individualized, always up-to-date plans for each user.

Project forecasting:

With everything scheduled, you can predict when something is due and when it will be finished.


You can enjoy the free trial of TimeHero. Time Heroes offers three pricing plans for their customers.


The seeds you plant for your firm are supposed to thrive, yet scaling up can be difficult. As technology develops quickly, many companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) to enable quicker, more effective growth.

However, not every AI is created equally. The effectiveness of your ability to scale depends entirely on the AI technologies you choose to implement for your company’s demands. Your business can expand as rapidly or as gently as it needs to with the right fit.

Here are some of the top business intelligence machine learning tools available to help you manage your company effectively. You can’t go wrong with any of the aforementioned machine learning tools because they are all excellent at what they do. The size of your company, your intended use case, a specific business operations issue you’re trying to solve, and your budget will all play a role in your decision.

Did you find your next business tool on our awesome AI tools list? Did your preferred machine learning tool not make a list? Share your response in the comment box.

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