10 Best books for Freelance Copywriters 2023 (Updated)

Here is the list of the best books for freelance copywriters that will help you to boost your copywriting skill.

Most writers find that getting orders as a freelance copywriter is mainly about luck. But it isn’t true, because getting success on this nice need skills and productivity. So if you’re also want to get success in your career. Then you may need to develop professional skills and productivity. So to develop these habits you need a good set of books.

Best books for freelance copywriters:

Copywriting is a competitive field with a lot of potential customers. Copywriters who aren’t performing well can find their careers under threat. And if you aren’t performing well, then your career is vulnerable as well. If you want to become a great freelance copywriter, you’ve got to find the right books.

Being a freelance copywriter is a lot of fun, but it does require certain tools and skills. So if you’re looking for free information on becoming a great copywriter, then this post is worth a read. Freelance writing is a great way to earn money and learn new skills.

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There is a lot of information out there on the subject. But most of it isn’t relevant to the issues we face as freelance copywriters. Therefore if you’re want to learn new skills and expand your knowledge. Then these are the 10 best books for freelance copywriters. Each one of them includes actionable advice and tactics that you can use right away.

Freelance writers need books that they can read regularly and develop as writers. It’s hard to get motivated when you’re working from home and can barely afford coffee. To escape this reality, I recommend you to read books on productivity, writing, and self-help. These books will help you to develop strategies for being more productive even as you work from home.

Here are some of the best copywriting books that would be very helpful for freelancers, bloggers, and affiliate marketers. These books cover everything from SEO and blogging to estate planning and marketing.

Copywriting Secrets:

A writer who has mastered what words to choose and how to arrange them to make others take action is the copywriter. In this book, Professional copywriter Jim Edwards reveals the secrets of this craft in Copywriting Secrets. It will teach you how to use the “Power Words” that attract readers and create sales.

Copywriting Secrets has enough information to make you an expert. It’s full of practical information on power words to get more clicks and conversions. And, it also gives a real-world guide to the reality of being a freelance copywriter in today’s marketplace.

This book is a step to step guide to teaches you how to write copy that turns browsers into buyers. Here the author also reveals the magic words and combinations of words that make your offers irresistible to prospects. It also explains how to design and structure your copy. So that it can get more readers, remembered, and acted upon by prospects who are looking for what you’re selling.

Atomic Habits:

Are you a person who wants to lead a more productive and successful life? You can learn the habit secrets in this book. Atomic Habits offers a new radical approach to changing habits, success, and happiness. It’s easily understandable because it’s written by one of the world’s leading experts on habit formation. The strategy in this book is proven to work among many people including expert freelancers.

James Clear’s proven framework for improving your life has been used by tens of thousands of people. Here is the book that readers have been raving about. This is the most popular and best-selling book for freelancers, bloggers, and business owners. Atomic habits are full of step-by-step guides, strategies, and actionable plans to achieve your habits.

The secret to habits is not motivation, it’s a system. This book will show you how to get those systems in place and how to live the life you truly desire. The author James Clear has written this book in a very informative, clear, and orderly manner. This is what makes it a joy to read and implement.

The Copywriter’s Handbook:

The copywriter’s job isn’t always about making clients that love your work. Sometimes it’s about getting them to pay attention to your work then converts into clients. You can do that by writing compelling copy that convinces your readers. In this way, your time and skills are worthy of the time.

To do this, you need to have expert knowledge about copywriting. And you can do this by reading the copywriting handbook. This book is the best guide for everyone who wants to improve their writing skills. Building a sales pipeline is easier said than done. But if you’re a copywriter then you need to know these 5 things mentioned in this book.

Whether you’re a freelance copywriter looking to improve your skills or a business owner and hiring copywriters. The Copywriter’s Handbook will help you create clickable and highly converting headlines. This will helps you to convert your potential customers into buying your products and services.

Freelancing for Dummies:

Freelancing for Dummies is the one resource that gives step by step guide and actionable plan for freelancing. It has all the details you need to start and run a successful freelance business. Whether you’re already a freelancer or considering leaping independence.

This book will show you how to master the ups and downs of self-employment and keep your business rolling along smoothly. It is one of the most popular and best-selling books on the market for freelancing. The author Susan M. Drake is a career coach and freelance writer who has written over a dozen published books on freelancing. These books include topics such as marketing, selling, and personal finance.

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Freelancing for Dummies is also for people who are considering becoming freelancers or consultants. The book gives specifics information on how to start up your business, what to charge clients. In addition, it also offers you tips on billing, record-keeping, getting a public appearance, and networking.


CA$HVERTISING is a book that shows you how to make jaw-dropping amounts of money by doing what comes naturally to you. Some of the ideas covered include developing your USP (unique selling proposition), using headlines that induce action, and brainwashing techniques. It is a great book for ad creators or business owners that like to create their own ads.

This book includes a proven and step-by-step create-a-campaign approach to get more conversions. It is packed with real case studies, proven ideas, and concepts you can put to use today. You’ll learn the secrets of long-time ads that worked and new cutting-edge strategies. It will be very helpful to take the world by storm and how to execute them.

Unlike other books for this industry, instead of focusing on the tactics of advertising. This book is written for people who want to create new products and services for customers. This is the book on advertising you need to read to get a huge boost in your business. It will teach you how to capture images in people’s minds and make them think.

The Lazy Genius Way:

The Lazy Genius Way book presents the ultimate strategy to stay productive. It helps to shed the negative energy of perfectionism and instead embrace your vulnerability. And it is the very 1st thing that makes you human. It will help you achieve your goals, whether you are interested in being lazy or genius about anything and everything.

As a 100% wholehearted woman who has embraced her own vulnerabilities. Kendra Adachi distills life’s biggest challenges into the simplest solutions in The Lazy Genius Way. With equal doses of encouragement and hope, she inspires you to reinvent your own productivity. She has devoted her life to empowering others to live in the same way.

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You don’t have to be a workaholic to recognize that there has to be a better way. With its thirteen core principles, you will learn the science behind this. The Lazy Genius Way will also show you how to define success on your own terms. It is the best guide to getting everything done and getting rid of everything else.


Contagious is a clear, concise, and compelling exploration of word of mouth. It provides original research that identifies the fundamental drivers of buzz-driven business growth. This is the must-read book for every company owner or entrepreneur that wants to bolster its word of mouth. It is a book about why some ideas and messages are irresistible while others fail.

This book is a practical, tactical guide for making your product contagious. It shows you how to get products in front of the right people who will tell their friends about them. Berger’s principles of the word of mouth marketing are based on nine principles that independent tests have proven work.

You’ll get great examples of how these principles worked in practice from a lot of popular companies in this space. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money. Contagious is also filled with case studies and small businesses that achieved big results by word-of-mouth. It will show you how to can achieve success more effectively.

Strategic Writing for UX:

Strategic Writing for UX is a book for freelance copywriters who are seeking to improve their understanding of user experience. This book will help you convert, engage, and re-attract users. And you can do this by adding analytical value to the content mentioned in this book.

Strategic Writing for UX provides strategies, patterns, and templates for copywriters. These are very helpful for them to complete their projects with confidence and complete them over time. It is also very powerful to measure the content’s effectiveness with processes that reduce analysis paralysis.

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From this book, you’ll understand how collaboration helps ensure that your products are useful, usable, and desirable. Strategic Writing for UX is a road map for the freelance copywriter. You’ll use frameworks from content strategy and user experience design to create compelling text. It will help you to converts, engages, supports, and re-attracts your users.

The Gig Economy:

There’s an entire economy of small side hustles out there. If you want a source of security, flexibility, travel to new places, to build a business for yourself. Then the gig economy is the book you need to this. This book is packed with research, exercises, and action plans.

It also provides you with strategies ranging from professional to personal. This also constructs a life based on your priorities and vision of success. The Gig Economy is the idea of people creating their careers by becoming their own boss.

This book allows freelancers to take control of their lives and live on their own terms. In The Gig Economy, you will learn how to make the most out of your specific line of work. Through strategies such as cultivating connections without networking, and taking more time off, you will learn how to live.

Small Business Start-Up Kit:

This book tells you everything you need to know about starting and running your small business. It covers forming an LLC, creating a business plan, and picking a winning name for your company. A small business start-up kit is also very helpful to manage your finances and taxes, hiring and managing staff, and promoting your business.

It features easy-to-understand language and concrete examples. This is the must-have start-up manual for the vast population of freelancers who want to start a business. This book presents all the information that a new entrepreneur would need in an organized manner. In addition, the pages are printed in color as well so that you can quickly find and understand the concepts.

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With Small Business Start-Up Kit, you get a written guide and easy-to-use software to walk. When you’re starting a small business, it can be tempting to jump into something without thinking it through. But, starting a business is really out of your control and there are risks involved.


Freelance copywriters need to be able to write eye-catchy and effectively. That’s why I wrote this article about the best books for freelance copywriters. Many people who want to become full-time freelance writers lack the necessary time for training on how to write well.

The books that I mentioned above in this post are a great resource for a freelancer. These books include copywriting, freelancing, and building your own business. So I recommend you to must read at least a single from every category and implement it in your life. Within few weeks, you’ll start seeing a positive change in your career.

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