Content Professor Review 2023: Features, Pricing, and many more

Looking for a content generator or paraphrasing tool that can speed up your writing process. Then this blog review. Here I’m going to give you a content professor review.

Content Professor is a handy little tool that helps you generate text by paraphrasing. It’s especially great for when you’re too tired to write something or when you don’t have the concentration to spin an article.

This is a new AI-powered paraphrasing tool that makes the tedious task of rephrasing and it also helps to write unique content for you.

Important Note

Content Professor is no longer avaiable to use. But, don’t worry we’ve a alternative for you. You can use Spin Rewriter, it’s far batter than Content Professor and their plans are also very afforadable too.
This is our most recommended tool if you want to spin, or rewrite content for any use. With it’s advanced ai technology, it 1st understand the intent of the content and then generate a unique peice of copy that isn’t on internet before. Plus, Spin rewriter also optimize it for SEO and remove grammer errors too.

Content Professor: Overview

Content Professor is a content generation machine. It’s a tool that helps to paraphrase a single article into hundreds of unique versions. With this tool, you generate multiple versions of your article. So you can submit them to article directories and blogs.

The desire of every writer to generate multiple versions for every article paves way for this software application. Today, you can discover various tools that are meant to produce versions of your paper. But this one-article rewriter manages all that for you.


  • Generate unique content with Copyscape passed
  • Enhanced keywords density for SEO
  • Contains 100,000 PLR articles in its database
  • Offers content duplicate checker to plagiarism checking
  • Content recycling with just a few clicks
  • Hundreds of different versions from a single input
  • No extra efforts required to create new content


  • Low originality and grammar errors
  • Very risky – if using for your main site
  • Not suitable for long texts or articles

A content Professor is a tool that can help you to create powerful variations of your article like other paraphrasing tools. What this tool does is, extracts the sentences from your article and then create more articles of different forms.

You can also set the limit of the number of words that will appear in the output. So you can get the short version article of your creation.

This means you can create more variations of your one and only article. This would be great if you want to write unique content but are having trouble doing so because you are limited to the same topic.

Content Professor is not a typical article rewriter or content spinning tool. It aims to deliver useful content which is free from plagiarism. This also grants academic writers the tools to produce custom formatted papers within minutes.

I also recommend you to checkout copyai, article forge review too.

This also saves you a lot your time. You can use this saved time to optimize other parts of this article and make it more SEO friendly, also there are much better in terms of ranking in search engines.

  • Brand Name: Content Professor
  • Founders: Not Available
  • Starting Pricing: $19.95/month
  • Free Trial: Yes available
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Product Use: Create content in clicks

Who needs Content Professor?

Content Professor is a well-known program, used for rewriting your own articles and content. It’s very good software for creating articles, assignments, research papers.

You can also generate unique content and mass articles in a short time. Also, this is a fantastic tool for those who don’t write well English. This software also has the ability to manage and organize your collections of articles.

Overall, this is a great tool for webmasters, bloggers, article writers, students, and also for those who are trying to improve their basic knowledge of writing in English.

Features of Content Professor:

Content Professor is the best-suited paraphrasing tool that supplies you with a smart article rephrase to go. The intelligent tool allows users to rewriter any written piece of content effortlessly.

In addition, there are also a lot of other features that this tool offers to provide safe outputs. Here are some of the most important features of this tool;

1. Fast and Easy to use

Content Professor is a simple and very easy-to-use application. This web-based tool is designed to support standards-based teaching and learning in the content areas.

The tool also gives you real-time feedback on your content for quick implementation into your documents. It is developed to help writers to assure their use of clean, fresh, and unique content.

2. Quality Content

Content Professor helps you to create high-quality original content without losing the continuity of your texts. It also checks and analyzes the grammar syntax, punctuation, spelling usage, readability score from your content. And it also allows you to track changes from one version of your document to another.

The Content Professor is a technological innovation in the field of paraphrasing. Significantly more effective and offers superior performance, while remaining, unlike any known technology.

3. PLR Articles Database

The Brand New Content Professor is the best bundle for bloggers and internet marketers. It contains over 100,000 PLR articles on the most popular categories like; health, Technology, Marketing, make money, and other favorite topics.

Content Professor is a huge repository of ready-to-publish high-quality articles. And you can use it to outsource your content writing project on freelance websites. This helps you to create articles for you, and easily push the new articles to your websites.

4. Duplicate content checker:

Content Professor also comes with an online duplicate content checker. With this feature, you can check the spin content on the web pages for duplicate content. It also detects how much your page is similar to existing web pages by comparing their text.

It will determine what percentage of similarity there is between the two pages and presents you with a report of these two web pages. This feature is very helpful to boost your search engine rankings by keeping your content unique and clean from copyright violations.

5. Smart Technology

Content Professor is smart summarization technology. It quickly automates the tedious task of extracting and paraphrasing information from longer web articles. In a few clicks, it automatically creates a shorter, higher-quality version with original content wherein no sentences are duplicated.

Overall, this is a great tool for college students, teachers, business professionals, and bloggers. It is a quick and easy way to help ensure that your use of other’s work is properly documented.

6. Synonym Dictionary

Content Professor writes great, unique content in the blink of an eye. You can copy and paste any text you like into Content Professor. And it will paraphrase the text using synonyms.

Any word or phrase can be used as a seed word to start the paraphrasing process. Nothing is done to the original content, no formatting is changed and order is not altered.

7. Web-Based Tool

The Content Professor is a web-based tool and does not require any installation. All you need for using this software is a computer with a Web browser and Internet access. A teacher or student, who is already online, creates content using the Content Professor tool.

What does Google think about Spin Content?

Content Professor is a brand new, cutting-edge software that uses sophisticated algorithms to spin language around with perfect synonyms, keywords, and structure. It allows you to easily create spins of an existing article and then import the added content into other sites.

With a content professor, you can create new content for your website in minutes. It’s perfect for making new pages, or bulk content creation tasks. You will get unlimited unique, never-before-seen content with zero grammar errors.

No doubt, this is a great tool with unique features and easy-to-use functions. But still, the content it generates is not as good that you can publish to your main site. If you do then it is a bad practice. Nowadays, search engines like Google are getting smart to smarter with Advanced Ai.

Therefore, to protect this type of content Google is releasing updates every day. There are a lot of sites that negatively impact with Google penguin and Penda update.

How protect your site:

To avoid this, I recommend you don’t use this tool to generate content for your main site.

However, JarisAi an Ai content writing tool that you can use to get content for your main site too. As this tool writer content its own using GPT-3 advanced Ai. Therefore, there is no chance Google will ever negatively impact your site.

Many people are also using Content Professor for backlinks building to their websites. But I think this isn’t a best practice. However, if you’re using it for building links for T3 and T2 sites. Then it was great.

Content Professor Pricing:

This tool offers two pricing plans one is totally free but comes with limited use. And 2nd plan costs you about $19.95 per month. However, you can also purchase its quarterly plan that will cost you only $9.99 dollars per month.

Content Professor is an amazing content creation tool that aims to help business owners and marketers with their article creation. After all, it is one of the best in the market today due to its unique features at such an affordable price.

Just head over to their official website to purchase any of their plans and start enjoying the outputs. And if you love this tool and find it helpful don’t forget to share it with others.

I recommend don’t use this tool for creating content for your main site. Google definitely knows about spin content, and I have seen a lot of people getting hit by Penguin and Panda.


The all about Content Professor review and how this tool can help you to generate content for you. We’ve discussed a lot of features of the Content Professor tool like content spin, quality of content, duplicate content checker.

If you want to generate different content copies from a single input. Then this is a great tool and it can do everything for you. It is a great software for those people who are students, ads managers, email marketers, and many more.

But there are some points where this tool might not fit perfectly. As I already mentioned, you can use this tool to generate content for your sites too. This is perfect for generating content for your teir3 and teir2 sites for getting backlinks to your money site.

However it isn’t good practice to this tool for publishing this content on your main site. Because one day Google will easily figure that it is spin content. Then your site can get a penalty from Google and all efforts will flow out like water.