Jasper vs ClosersCopy: Which Tool Reigns Supreme?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a big industry because of its immense potential. In today’s world, it’s important to have an assistant who can help you in many ways. Humans are great with their human qualities and are incredibly helpful at times.

However, AI could act as an actual buddy for us that can help us out in situations where we need extra help. It’s a known fact that many industries out there need artificial intelligence for their systems and processes. 84% of global business organizations use AI tools to beat their competitors.

You are probably into writing or marketing, so you are reading this article. Here’s a complete guide for the two most popular ai writing tools of today; Jasper and ClosersCopy.

Jasper Ai vs ClosersCopy – Quick Comparision

Talking about Jasper and ClosersCopy, the former specializes in long-form content, while the latter specializes in copywriting. If you are a writer, go for Jasper; if you are a marketer or business owner, you need ClosersCopy.

Here’s a quick comparison of Jasper and ClosersCopy…

PricingStarter Plan: $24 per month
Boss Mode: $49 per month
Business Plan: $499 per month
Free trial needs credit card details
Power: $49.99 per month
Superpower: $79.99 per month
Superpower Squad: $99.99 per month
Free trial is not available
Best forFreelance writers and bloggersSocial media marketers and small businesses
Prime FeaturesLong-form contentCopywriting
ProsSurferSEO Integration
Jasper Academy
Plagiarism checker
Great SEO techniques
Unlimited content production
ConsNot a great tool for marketingExpensive for beginners
Average quality content
Ease of UseNot beginner-friendly; need to watch tutorialsBeginner-friendly
Value for MoneyGreat value for writersGreat value for marketers
Customer SupportEmail, tutorials, Facebook communityEmail, tutorials, Facebook community

Each AI writing tool can be used for writing articles, lengthy content, and copywriting. But some are specialized for a specific task.

Here is the complete detail about both AI tools you must go through before buying any of these.

Overview – Jasper vs. ClosersCopy

What is Jasper?

Jasper, also known as the writing beast, is one of the most popular AI tools for writing long forms of content, including lengthy articles, e-books, scripts, and many other things that can be accomplished using this tool. It has several templates that help in accomplishing writing projects.

These templates prevent the writer or the user from blank page syndrome. It tells the writer what to include and in what order to include so that the end writing piece is organized and keeps the reader interested. 

The most amazing thing about Jasper is that this tool has integrations with many other writing softwares. It makes writing a piece of cake and ensures whatever is produced by the tool is SEO optimized and ranks on the first page of Google.

What is ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy, also known as copywriting robot, is the best content marketing tool. All starts with writing engaging emails, newsletters, meta descriptions, ad text, landing pages, and short descriptions. This software produces stuff that is not only high caliber but also interesting and alluring, which increases traffic and helps to boost sales.

In short, if you are a marketer who helps people expand their businesses or want to expand your business, you need to get your hands on ClosersCopy. The tool promises content that will convert, bring traffic to your sites, help you get long-term customers, and generate great revenue.

Content Quality –  Jasper vs. ClosersCopy

Any content’s quality is driven by various elements. The first is whether or not the particular writing provides sufficient information. The next is if the information is structured and keeps readers interested throughout. It’s critical to keep visitors on any website and lengthen their stay there.

The content’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the third important factor. The on-page and off-page SEO now determines how Google and other search engines rank articles and blogs. It is important to get your content ranked to get more eyes of the readers which will ultimately result in expanding your business.


Jasper produces high-quality writing. It consistently produces the most interesting content while never compromising on the beauty of the language.

By giving you a recipe, or layout, of just what you should include in your blog post, ebook, listicle, and other sorts of content, Jasper recipes bring it all to the table. You are prevented from putting off tasks by a blank page.

Additionally, the application connects with SurferSEO, an SEO tool. It ensures that whatever is published appears in Google’s and other search engines’ top results.


ClosersCopy also writes quality content regarding copywriting and short-form content. But compared to Jasper, it loses some quality and tends to lose the reader’s interest.

Pricing –  Jasper vs. ClosersCopy

You should be aware of all the credit options and costs for both tools. Contrasting the two tools based on your monthly word production and financial situation is critical. It will enable you to make the finest decision without breaking the bank.


The monthly cost of the starter package for Jasper is roughly $24. It allows the user to write 20,000 words. The Boss plan is the strategy that the tool is primarily used for. A credit of 50,000 words each month is available for roughly $49.

The team’s business plan is $499 in price. Note that this is the price if you opt for a yearly subscription with a 17% discount. Despite offering a free trial, registration requires credit card information.


ClosersCopy has named its 3 pricing plans as

  • Power: $49.99 per month
  • Superpower: $79.99 per month
  • Superpower Squad: $99.99 per month

It offers a 30% discount on its yearly subscription.

Templates –  Jasper vs. ClosersCopy

When we say “template,” we don’t simply mean that the tool contains pre-written information that you may utilize straight away. By templates, we mean that the tool offers designs for the most popular content kinds.

For instance, if we are discussing the template for a blog article, it already has room reserved for a catchy title, an intriguing introduction, a major body of information, and a convincing conclusion.

Sometimes AI technologies can also assist you when unsure of the subheadings you should include in your article. It will help you get in a flow while writing so that you can focus more on the content rather than the organization and structure of your writing.


Jasper has 50+ templates ranging from blog posts to YouTube scripts, FAQs, and other amazing features. Besides writing content from scratch, one can paraphrase or improve an already written piece. Major templates include:

  • Text summarizer
  • Blog introduction 
  • Content improver
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Blog post outline
  • Blog post intro paragraph
  • Blog post conclusion paragraph
  • AIDA framework
  • PAS framework
  • Product Description
  • Paragraph Generator
  • Creative story
  • Feature to benefit
  • Personal bio
  • Company bio
  • Sentence expander
  • Ads headlines and primary text
  • Real estate listing
  • Marketing ideas
  • Posts captions
  • Engaging questions
  • Quora answers
  • Email subject line
  • Video titles, descriptions, and scripts
  • Bullet points
  • Explain it to a child (that simplifies everything)


ClosersCopy comes with 63 frameworks that are the same as the Jasper templates. They are divided into 3 main categories, including

  • Sales AI
  • Blog AI
  • Story AI

These are further divided into many other frameworks. For instance, the Sales AI category includes AIDA Framework, PAS Framework, Email subject lines, Email opening, and Google Ads. Others include

  • Interview Questions
  • Explain Tool
  • Rephrase Tool
  • Improve Tool
  • Meta Description
  • Titles
  • YouTube Hook
  • YouTube Channel Description
  • Blogs Outline
  • Bullet Points to Paragraphs
  • Blogs Intro
  • Blog Conclusion
  • Instagram Bio (Emotional)
  • Social Media Captions
  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product Benefits
  • Sales Letter Opening
  • Problems and Solutions
  • Catchy Podcast Names
  • Product Reviews
  • Story Generation
  • Freestyle Long Form Content

Winner: Both

Integration –  Jasper vs. ClosersCopy

The content is worthwhile to read because AI tools are integrated with other tools and software. Together, the tools have a remarkable impact on the quality of the content and increase your chances of having it appear higher in search results. It helps especially when one is writing blog posts and want them to have more eyes of the audience than the competitor articles.


There is a SurferSEO integration in Jasper. While the material is being written, the SEO is maintained. It takes care of every aspect of SEO, from inserting simple keywords and changing their density in the article to establishing links.

Jasper incorporates Grammarly as well. Grammarly will run in the background while the tool is composing the content and flag any errors to ensure it is error-free.


ClosersCopy uses its SEO techniques and the database to create amazing content that converts, but it does not have any additional integrations of such tools. It is quite possible for the tool to lose some of the efficiency in a particular when it’s aiming for a large number of tasks, but such integrations can overcome it.

Winner: Jasper

Plagiarism Checker –  Jasper vs. ClosersCopy

Although AI-driven systems strive to write original content, plagiarism is still possible. Running a plagiarism checker inside the software after generating content will ensure that the tool hasn’t copied any information from another source.


Jasper makes it simple to develop and upload original content thanks to its integrated plagiarism checker. Copyscape supports it. But there is a thing you need to know before using the tool. The credits for the plagiarism checker are not included in any of the pricing plans. You have to buy these credits separately.


This plagiarism-checking feature is not provided by ClosersCopy. The software does not allow you to verify whether or not the produced content is original. You can utilize outside tools to verify it even though it is unnecessary because most of the content is original.

Winner: Jasper

Marketing tactics –  Jasper vs. ClosersCopy

While both softwares strive to help writers create better and unique content, if you own a business, you should determine which one best meets your needs. Marketing and advertising content is very different from informational content and publications. Former ones must be concise, clear, and distinct while also appealing.


Writing lengthy content, such as essays and blog posts, is Jasper’s goal. ClosersCopy is superior even when Jasper provides templates for writing cold outreach emails.


ClosersCopy was developed with branding objectives in mind. This AI technology excels at creating compelling content that the audience is compelled to read, whether for landing sites, advertising, captions, emails, or brief marketing content.

Several users have commented favorably on how this AI technology increased their sales.

Winner: ClosersCopy

Community Support –  Jasper vs. ClosersCopy

Community support is essential for any tool to grow and help its users through thick and thin. Email platforms have been extensively used for problem-solving. But now, it’s rare and quite formal, so the shifting of the recent tools on social media has a greater impact on connecting people.


Jasper has a large Facebook community that helps its users connect worldwide. The platform is free for everyone to ask questions from experts and other users who have been through similar problems. One can also share his experience of the tool’s usage so it might be helpful for others. Its presence on other social media platforms has made access easy for everyone.

The YouTube community is even greater. From short videos guiding basics to long videos guiding the in-depth use of the tool, everything is well-explained and comprehensive.


ClosersCopy also has a Facebook community where one can easily connect and share knowledge with other users of this AI tool. If an issue in the software prevents you from writing in a flow, you can Email the people who are maintaining the tool at the back end.

Though the software is easy to navigate, you can still get the tutorials if you have difficulty finding or using a framework. 


Jasper is a great tool for writing long-form content like articles and blogs. On the other hand, ClosersCopy has been intelligently developed for copywriting purposes. Based on your business needs, choose the AI tool wisely.

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