Jasper vs Copy.ai: A Head-to-Head Comparison

The global AI market is expected to be approximately $60 billion in 2025. Why is AI catching the market’s eye at this current moment? AI and robots are easily considered the new wave in technology nowadays and have been for a long time.

One major task accomplished by AI tools is writing these days. Here, we have researched and compared the features of two famous AI writing tools, Jasper.ai and Copy.ai. Ensure to read until the end to know which is best for you.

Copy.ai vs Jasper.ai – Quick Comparision

The majority of artificial intelligence tools operate similarly. They include built-in templates that you must fill out per the specifications of your content. The tool analyses the data you enter and provides you with excellent material.

While Jasper and Copy.ai operate on the same principles, they are not identical. Before purchasing any of them, you must know their benefits and downsides because they have varied pricing, templates, writing styles, and other features.

PricingStarter Plan: $24 per month
Boss Mode: $49 per month
Business Plan: $499 per month
Pro Plan: $49 per month
25% OFF if Paid yearly
Best forFreelance Writers, Bloggers Copywriters, Marketers
Prime FeaturesLong-form Content
50+ Pre-made Templates
Recipes (For Quick Writing)
Chrome Extension
25+ Language Support
Short-form content
89 Templates in 10 different categories
Use Free AI Tools
25+ Language Support
ProsSurferSEO Integration
Jasper Academy
Plagiarism checker
Free monthly credits
Affordable Plans
ConsExpensive than other tools in the marketNo SEO integration
No plagiarism checker
Ease of UseNeed to watch some tutorials to get familiar with the tool.Simple website layout, easy to navigate.
Value for MoneyGreat value for moneyGreat value for money
Customer SupportHelp Center on the website, Facebook support, Tutorials on the website, and YouTubeHelp Center at the website, Facebook support, Messaging system on the website, Training portal on the website

The main purpose of preparing this guide was to give you the details for both tools. Decide which tool is ideal for you after reading this article.

Overview – Copy Ai vs Jasper Ai

What is Jasper?

Jasper qualifies as a writing beast. Jasper is still the leading tool that enables you to produce lengthy blog articles without sacrificing content quality, even though copywriting tools are becoming increasingly popular due to the demand for persuasive marketing content.

Of course, everything has a cost, which is why it frequently appears expensive compared to others.

You won’t again complain that Jasper is expensive once you evaluate the product’s features. It provides several other features that combine to form a comprehensive solution that enhances productivity, management, and organization.

With Jasper, you can efficiently manage your activities and projects, plan your day, improve your communication with others, and accomplish much more without getting burnt out.

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What is Copy.ai?

Copy.ai is a tool focused on producing marketing content. From producing compelling emails, newsletters, ad copy, landing pages, and social media post captions.

Not only the content produced by this tool is of high quality, but it is unique and tempting, which brings great traffic and thus contributes to increased sales.

Copy.ai has a simple interface. The website is quite easy to navigate and use. It supports more than 25 languages, but this feature is available on the pro plan only.

Unlike many other AI tools, it allows you to check the tool and writing style out by signing up for free without adding any of your credit card details. You can enjoy the pro plan for 7 days for free.

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Content Quality –  Jasper Ai vs Copy Ai:

Several factors determine the quality of any content. The foremost is whether or not the specific piece of writing is giving us enough information.

The second is whether the content is organized and engaging the readers until the end. It is important to retain an audience at any particular website and increase website visiting time.

The third main thing is the SEO optimization of the content. These days Google and other search engines rank articles and blogs depending on the on-page and off-page SEO. 


Jasper does write quality content. It never compromises on the beauty of the words and yet manages to produce the most captivating content ever.

Jasper recipes bring it all to the board by providing you with a recipe, or layout, of exactly what you should include in your blog post, ebook, listicle, and other types of content. It saves you from the procrastination of a blank page.

Moreover, the tool integrates with an SEO Tool called SurferSEO. This ensures whatever is written gets on the top searches of Google and other search engines.


Copy.ai has made some compromises on the content quality when one tries to get lengthy content from it. Not only does it becomes less engaging, but our personal use of the tool has shown that lengthy paragraphs often need to be completed.

We tried writing the pros and cons of a product, and it gave 3-4 different results. The results with short content in bullet points were perfect, but the results with details needed some cons to be added to the content.

No doubt, its content quality is great when it comes to emails and other short marketing projects.

Winner: Copy.ai

Templates –  Jasper vs. Copy.ai:

By template, we do not mean that the tool has already written content that you can use as it is. In fact, by templates, we mean that the tool has layouts for the most commonly used content types.

For instance, if we are talking about the template of a blog post, it already has space left for an eye-catching title, an exciting introduction, the main content body, and a conclusive end statement. Sometimes, when you don’t know what sub-headings you should add to your content, AI tools can help with that too.


Jasper has over 50 templates. It includes: 

  • Text summarizer
  • Blog introduction 
  • Content improver
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Blog post outline
  • Blog post intro paragraph
  • Blog post conclusion paragraph
  • AIDA framework
  • PAS framework
  • Product Description
  • Paragraph Generator
  • Creative story
  • Feature to benefit
  • Personal bio
  • Company bio
  • Sentence expander
  • Ads headlines and primary text
  • Real estate listing
  • Marketing ideas
  • Posts captions
  • Engaging questions
  • Quora answers
  • Email subject line
  • Video titles, descriptions, and scripts
  • Bullet points
  • Explain it to a child (that simplifies everything)


Copy.ai has almost all these templates (a few are missing, but it has total +90 templates).

In addition, other templates can help you write case studies, cold emails, and even lyrics to a song. These templates include:

  • Blog post wizard
  • Discount and sales promotion
  • Sales landing page
  • Event Recap
  • Showcase or testimonial
  • Seasonal/holiday posts
  • Welcome emails
  • Coupon/discount emails
  • Giveaway emails
  • Event promotion emails
  • Cold outreach emails
  • Wedding vows
  • Motivational quotes
  • About Us copy
  • Job description
  • Rejection letter
  • Case study overview
  • Case study problem statement
  • Case study solution statement

Besides all these templates, there is still a template called freestyle. It fulfills the deficiency of all other templates that the tool lacks. Just explain what you are looking for and fill in the topic name of the content; Copy.ai will prepare your content copy within seconds.

Winner: Copy.ai

Pricing –  Jasper vs. Copy.ai:

You should know all the pricing plans and how much credit they offer for both tools. It is important to compare both tools based on the number of words you generate per month and your finances. It will help you choose the best one without burdening your pocket. 


Jasper’s Starter-level package runs about $24 a month. The user can write 20,000 words with it. The tool’s most well-liked plan is the Boss plan. Each month costs about $49 and provides a credit of 50,000 words. The cost of the team’s business plan is $499. Although a free trial is available, registration requires credit card details.


Copy.ai has only one premium plan. Although, It isn’t equivalent to Jasper’s Boss plan in terms of use and quality. But, It is more than enough for a beginner. It has unlimited word credit for just $49 per month. If you decide to pay for the whole year together, you will get a discount of 25%.

The monthly cost becomes $36, and the annual cost adds up to $432. But the plan also has other amazing features, like unlimited access to its never-ending templates, tools, languages, and email support specified for priority people only.

Unlike Jasper, it has a free plan, too, that gives a 2,000-word credit each month. Whether you use the credit or not, it will be refilled next month. It is a great choice for someone who writes once in a blue moon.

Integration –  Jasper vs. Copy.ai:

Integrations of AI tools with other tools and software make the content worth reading. The tools, while working together, had an amazing impact on the content quality, and you get more chances of ranking it on search engines.


Jasper has a SurferSEO integration. It maintains the content SEO at the same time while it’s being written. From adding mere keywords and adjusting their density in the content to building links, it takes care of almost every aspect of SEO.

Jasper also has a Grammarly integration. While the tool is writing the content, the Grammarly checker will run in the background and point out mistakes to make your content flawless.


Copy.ai does not have any integration with SurferSEO or Grammarly. If you want to check your SEO score or maintain grammar, you either need a chrome extension of other tools, or you can directly use the tools. 

Winner: Jasper

Helpful in Marketing and Advertising –  Jasper vs. Copy.ai:

While both tools aim at writing better content, you should know which one suits you the best if you are running a business. Informational content and articles are far different from promotional and marketing content. They need to be specific and short yet unique and attractive. 


Jasper aims to write long-form content, including articles and blog posts. Though it has templates for writing cold outreach emails, Copy.ai is better.


Copy.ai is made while keeping marketing purposes in mind. From landing pages, ads, and captions to emails and short marketing content, this AI tool is best at writing captivating content that the audience has no other option but to read. Amazingly, many users have given positive reviews in the sense of increasing their sales after using this AI tool.

Winner: Copy.ai

Plagiarism Checker –  Jasper vs. Copy.ai:

AI-driven systems write plagiarism-free text, but there’s still a chance for it to happen. To guarantee the tool hasn’t duplicated any information from elsewhere, one might run a plagiarism checker within the content after concluding it.


Jasper has a built-in plagiarism checker for this purpose, making it easy to ensure that you produce and upload unique content.


Copy.ai does not have this facility. You cannot check in the app whether the content produced is plagiarism free or not. Though there is no need for that, as most of the content is unique, you can use third-party apps to confirm it.

Winner: Jasper

AI Images –  Jasper vs. Copy.ai:

AI isn’t limited to producing some written content but has become advanced enough to produce images. The reason behind this is to ease the content creators in finding suitable images for their content and blog.


Jasper Art is an amazing feature that makes the tool all worth it. You just have to enter the type of media you want to create, keywords from the content, or the exact thing name and let the tool do its job. You will have amazing AI images to add to your content.


Copy.ai does not have this feature. It’s just limited to writing.

Winner: Jasper


Jasper and Copy.ai are both amazing tools writers use these days extensively. Jasper is for you if you want to create amazing long-form content for informational or educational purposes. If you want to create short-form content that is focused on marketing and advertising, Copy.ai is for you.

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