Legiit Review: Can You Make Fortune With This Freelancing Marketplace?

Over 1 billion people work as freelance contractors worldwide. Only 38% of freelancers who are freelancers identify as such. 86% of freelancers conduct their business from home. Sixty-seven percent of freelancers surveyed said they had become independent in the past three years, with over 60% of them living the digital nomad lifestyle. The majority of freelance contractors—94%—work in this field full-time.

All the above facts reveal how much popularity freelancing has had in the last decades. So, it enhances the need for platforms that give vast opportunities for freelance sellers and buyers. There are many popular platforms online, such as legit, Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancers.

Here in this article, we explore the features of the most popular freelancing platform of this decade, Legiit.

Legiit overviews:

Legiit is a platform for freelancers created by freelancers for freelancers to communicate without the inconveniences and uncertainties common to other freelance platforms.

Chris M. Walker, a digital marketer who wanted to create a freelance marketplace for SEO services and web-related niches only, was the original creator of Legiit. Legiit added a growing number of services over time, some of which were not directly related to SEO or web design.

As a result, anyone might start marketing their products or services on Legiit. While this has undoubtedly increased sales volume, it has also changed Legiit from the once-exclusive marketplace it was (and not in a bad way). Even more freelancers & buyers can enjoy working with one another in a broad range of services on a great platform that concerns them both.

How to create a Legiit account:

Register on legiit:

Go to the Legiit website by clicking on the link Register-Legiit. Now enter the details in the registration forms such as Full name, Email, User Name, and password.

Now choose the type of account that you want to create on legiit.

After choosing the account click the I’m not a robot and click I agree to the terms of services on legiit. Your account gets registered on legiit by clicking register now.

Verify email id:

After that windows displays which asks you to verify your email account. Verify the account by your email id.

Login to legiit account:

Enter your email address and legiit password to get a login to your legiit account.

Now when you enter into the legiit account the following windows display. Now if you want to deactivate your account enabled deactivate the legiit account. Select the time zone according to your choice. After that enter your address in the address bars.

Adding Social media account :

Now enhance the worth of your account with social media links. Mentions your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and youtube ids.

Sellers profile:

Mentioned details of the seller’s profile in the given in seller profile options.

Now add your services on the legiit that you want to sell. Be careful when writing seller descriptions because your customers view these details when they hire you. Mention the language in which you can work. Make your profile more attractive with introduction videos. Add short introductory videos that describe your services on legiit.

Billing Information:

Mentions details information in the billing section. Make sure that you mentioned each detail carefully so it does not affect the billing process in your projects.

Affiliate links:

Now in the affiliate setting, you get an affiliate link. You can send these links to your friends or family. When people joined with your affiliate links then you get payments for that


In the security section, you can change your password. And you can also set the security question for your profile. So if you forget your password or your account gets hacked you can recover it with help of security questions.

Withdrawal Account:

You can set the withdrawal account according to your feasibility. If you have a Paypal account then enter the details of your Paypal ids. If you don’t have that then enter details about the skrill or Payoneer account. You can directly attach your Payoneer account with legiit by clicking on ad Payoneer account.

Email setting:

The most prominent feature which makes Leggit prominent from other freelancers’ platforms is the email setting. You can customize it according to your requirements. You can customize Jobs, orders, services, transactions, users subscription, user welcome, and abandoned email settings.

Tags, sub-users, and my active devices:

Either you want to tag some important information to your profile, or add some sub-users to your profile you can do it with the legiit profile setting.

Distinct Features of Legiit:

Live Support team:

Legiit off full-time, qualified support staff members who are available to settle disagreements, help with technological issues, and generally help users.

In comparison to other markets, Legiit offers superior customer care, including email support and a full-service ticketing platform from Freshdesk.

This gives both buyers and sellers the assurance that they can get assistance if they do.

Support services to offers on legiit:

If you have even basic technical knowledge, you can work as a freelance tech support specialist on Legiit.

Maybe there are a few software applications where you excel.

Or perhaps you simply know enough about technology to be constantly consulted by friends and family.

Why not use your natural aptitude for technology to benefit others by providing aid to individuals all around the world?

File Conversion:

Consider all the folks that are out there who need to submit files in a certain format but are unsure of how to proceed.

Even something as straightforward as changing a Word document to a PDF might cause anxiety in some people. You would need a few minutes, but they might need an hour or more to figure it out.

There is a market for more challenging file conversions in addition to straightforward operations like Word to PDF conversion or JPEG to PNG conversion. Think of someone who has a lengthy video on their phone. They want to send it to someone by email, but the file size is too large. You might be able to assist them with compressing it.

You can offer support for file conversion on legiit and can easily send s your data into any format without any hassle.

Media Support team

Beyond file conversion, consider the additional ways in which the technologically illiterate could require assistance with media daily:

  • putting photos in the cloud to save space on your phone
  • Image resizing to fit social media profiles
  • adjusting the contrast, sharpness, and other aspects of an image
  • document transmission without a fax machine

All of these and more are ideal microservices you may provide to meet a particular demand for a certain audience.

Software Support team:

You can support software if you can read an instruction manual.

Now, you shouldn’t act as though you are an expert in every application and app there is. But even for the most straightforward jobs, which are quite comparable across all available platforms, individuals frequently need technical support:

  • I need to upload a file.
  • How can I modify my username?
  • The best way to export my settings?
  • How do I make a fresh profile?
  • People regularly ask questions like these about a variety of services. Many of them also have no one to turn to for advice.
  • So why don’t you let them ask?

Why don’t they just Google it, you might be wondering. However, some people find that reading helps.

So why don’t you let them ask?

Why don’t they just Google it, you might be wondering. However, some folks simply don’t think it’s worth the work to go through a help file or product manual. They would prefer to delegate the task to someone else.

Wi-fi and Network Troubleshooting:

It can be difficult to connect phones, laptops, and printers to a wi-fi network. Most of the time, all it takes is some patience.

However, some folks simply require you to hold their hands through the procedure, much like with software support. They need you to translate the user manual because it is to them like a foreign language.

Email and Calendar Synchronization:

The act of syncing all of your different email accounts and electronic calendars among a range of devices can annoy even tech experts.

So picture how difficult it is for the typical Joe. Particularly if they wish to share on the same device while maintaining separate access to their personal and professional accounts. With a phone, tablet, desktop, and laptop to sync with, they will likely need a full workday to figure everything out.

Or they may pay you to guide them through it and finish it in a far shorter amount of time.

Virus and Malware Removal:

Nothing turns antipathy to technology into outright dread like the possibility of malware. Viruses and hackers are a pain, whether they are on a person’s computer, website, or somewhere else, and individuals will spend a lot of money to get them removed immediately.

Malware typically has a greater destructive potential the longer it remains active. So bear in mind that demand for these services is now high.

Security Consultation and Implementation

If someone is going to pay to get malware removed, they’re also going to pay to prevent it in the first place (or from striking again).

You might offer to assess a customer’s current information security and make suggestions for how it might be enhanced. Of course, you can also put those solutions into rehearsing.

This might be as simple as assisting them in setting up a password manager or installing Wordfence on their website so they don’t use the same weak password for every account they have.

Powerful FB group

Legiit, an online marketplace for freelancers and small businesses, has a secret tool to support its users as they develop their professional and entrepreneurial endeavors.

It is what? the Facebook page for Legiit.

The Legiit Facebook group is a one-stop shop for any issues you may be having with freelancing, marketing, or any other related topics. And by “one-stop-shop,” I mean that you can contact other members for an immediate response! The Facebook group has almost 12k members, and everyone is really helpful. They are constantly available to assist and answer queries. The majority of them are freelancers themselves, so they are aware of the challenges involved in operating a business daily. You can use legiit facebook group to promote your services.

Between Monday at noon EST and Monday at noon EST on Tuesday, share your service in the Facebook group.

Legiit Round-Up – You can advertise your service on Wednesdays by placing it under the “Legiit Round-Up” post.

Chance to get features to mail newsletter:

You’ve come to the right place; legiit email ninjas will quickly set up your newsletter.

Legiit’ll create your list, and a sign-up form, and test the integration to make sure it functions properly.

If you require any additional assistance, please get in touch with the legiit support team. Legiit would be pleased to assist you with anything you require, from the simple setup to sophisticated automation with several tags, lists, and forms.

Legiit Pricing:

You can make your account on legiit free of cost. The costs are considerably less than those of rivals because the usual price for independent contractors is 15% and the fee for clients is 3%.

However, there is no cost to register here, and there are only a few tiny usage costs.

Legiit Premium:

Legiit Premium is an add-on that may be purchased for $27 per month. It has a lot of great features that can help you expand your business, which is one of its coolest aspects.

You may extend your fulfillment and customer support by using legiit

features like recurring charging, which can help you establish a reliable business stream.

Additionally, you can network with other vendors by joining the exclusive private Facebook page for Legiit dealers.

Legit merchants also enjoy the following advantages:

Superior Seller Seal and Verification Checkmark (increases your conversions)

There is a portion of the round-up dedicated to premium merchants only.

Legiit comparison with Fiverr and Upwork:

Like legiit, there are also many other freelance platforms that provide SEO services, content writing, blog rankings, search engine tools and many more.

Legiit vs Fiverr:

Fiverr is a whole community with its very own set of rules governing participation and performance on the platform. It invests a lot of effort into ensuring that users of its system may conduct transactions safely. Simple ways to enjoy your Fiverr experience include adhering to the rules (as a seller) and concentrating on evaluations (as a customer).

On Fiverr, there is a tonne of excellent talent, and many well-known companies hire freelancers for their projects. Prices for Jobs on the system range from $5 to $10,000 depending on the type of solution, seller ranking, and possibly other factors.

A soon-to-be-released genuine Fiverr alternative created by individuals who ARE FREELANCERS THEMSELVES!

Editors’ Choice:

Legiit is a site that leans heavily into the SEO field, unlike other freelance marketplaces. This does not preclude you from receiving other high-quality services that are not SEO-based on Legiit, either. On this site, you can find excellent programmers, graphic artists, virtual assistants, and video editors.

Even if Legiit has less competition and more traffic than Fiverr, selling services there is considerably simpler. Compared to other freelance marketplaces, opening an account on Legiit takes less time and is simpler.

Legiit Vs Upwork:

Upwork is the place to go if you need a project done by a professional. You get to choose from a large pool of qualified candidates who responded to your job posting. If you want high-quality outcomes, keep in mind that Upwork will cost you a little more than Fiverr.

Upwork reduces your selection to the very best applicants for your project thanks to its powerful algorithms. Before making a selection, you may use Upwork to go through the profiles, portfolios, and evaluations of the people and businesses you’re thinking about hiring. You can also do a video interview.

It stands out for its speedy completion of tasks, simplicity, and accurate cost of recruiting and paying its employees.

Editors’ Choice:

This is currently one of the top online marketplaces for independent contractors. Odesk was the previous name for it. Although it was formed in 2015 and has its headquarters in California, it is accessible from anywhere in the world. There are over 17 million registered and unregistered freelancers there. Owners of businesses have access to independent contractors who operate remotely.

Before employing a freelancer, clients might interview them, and agencies can follow the same procedure. The site offers a live chat feature that cuts down on the time needed to screen and hire freelancers. The website offers services like web building, SEO, graphic design, and social media marketing. A timesheet application is used to keep track of project-related time, and validated screenshots ensure accountability.

Legiit Review: Final Words

Legiit is a game-changer for anyone who needs to get more done, whether they are a business owner or a freelancer. Both buyers and sellers can profit from its simplicity of use and wealth of advantages.

As a seller, there is no competition for you if you are skilled in what you do and have a reliable system. Your business will benefit from recurring customers thanks to the algorithm.

Additionally, while ordering services on Legiit, customers can be confident they will receive more value for their money. You can work on your chores while living your best life thanks to specialists.

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