Quillbot vs Wordai: What is the Best Solution For You?

What is the main requirement for the search engine optimization of the blog and websites? Are the keywords optimized, have proper research, and have high-quality content?

Although all are important, content is more important than anyone else. In 2022, due to the revised policy of search engines, you will have to write top-notch content to rank a blog in the top search pages.

If you don’t have time to write blogs or you can’t find an excellent content writer, use AI tools to generate high-quality content. When we talk about AI tools that create or rewrite original content, the top two tools in this category are WordAI and QuillBot.

It’s hard to decide which tool is best among these. But here in this article, I will discuss the detailed features of both software and share my personal experience of using these tools. This will help you decide which tools are most suitable for you.

QuillBot and WordAI have the same features, but there are a few differences, such as WorldAi, which offers API access, while Quillbot does not.

Here we review these top two paraphrasing and rewriting tools and explore their features, which make them prominent among other paraphrasing tools in this category.

Quillbot vs Wordai: Quick Note

WordAI and QuillBot have many similar features. Let’s evaluate the specifications and costs of both instruments in brief.

What is QuillBot?

Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool that uses AI technology to generate unique and more valuable content than the original content. In contrast to other paraphrasing tools, Quillbot offers many other services too. It provides a summarizer, a plagiarism checker, a tone checker, and a grammar checker and expands the content.

What we like:

  • The free plan offered by Quillbot is fantastic.
  • Even without signing up, you can use this tool.
  • Quillbot is incredibly inexpensive when compared to the power of the tool.
  • With a simple user interface, this program is really simple to use.
  • It also offers many more writing tools, such as grammar and plagiarism checkers, citation generators, etc.
  • In addition, the grammar checker is free.

What we don’t like:

  • The accuracy suffers in various modes, including “creative” and “shorten.”
  • You occasionally need to utilize incognito mode (private browser mode) and reload the website to use the software.

What is WordAi?

WordAI is also an AI paraphrasing tool that rewrites the entire content in seconds. Whether you want to rewrite the content, summarize it,  paraphrase it, or shorten it, you can do it with WordAI.

In the WordAI editor, you can create unique copies of original content with zero plagiarism. Further, all the content has good readability according to your context.

What we like:

  • The WordAi user interface is simple.
  • WordAi does more than merely suggest synonyms for words. It uses artificial intelligence to comprehend the context and meaning of your material before rewriting it for the best outcomes.
  • WordAi is the only rewriting tool because it allows text formatting to be preserved even when the content is paraphrased. That is an excellent feature for a rewriter tool to have.
  • The originality rating of WordAi is superb. WordAi will determine a percentage score when you rewrite an article based on how far the new text deviates from the original. Additionally, it provides a parameter that lets you decide how distinctive your material will be.
  • Because it eliminates the need to rewrite numerous articles continuously, the bulk article rewriting tool is also useful.
  • Developers should have access to the WordAi API, which is fantastic.

What we don’t like:

  • No lifetime license — Unlike many rival content-spinning programs, WordAi only offers monthly and yearly options.
  • The most recent version of the program has undergone significant revisions, with many settings being deleted and everything being made simpler. With more options, users might enable or disable specific rewrite features; these features are now automatically used without your permission.
Prime FeaturesVery Economical and possess a free plan.
Has extensions for Google Docs, MS Word, and Chrome.
Generates High-Quality Output
Creates high-quality output.
Has access to an API.
The function that measures uniqueness is fantastic.
PricingMonthly: 9.95 USD
Semi-Annual: 6.66 USD
Annual: 4.17 USD
Monthly: 57 USD
Annual: 27 USD
Free TrialLifetime use with limited features3 Days
ExtensionsMicrosoft Word, Google Docs, and Google Chrome Do not support any extensions

Both tools have many similar features. Now here we discuss all features one by one. These feature reviews help you decide which tool is better than other tools.

QuillBot Features:

QuillBot dashboard

QuillBot is the best tool compared to any other tool. You can use it to summarize your text, expand it, or need plagiarism-free content. It has free Chrome and Word extensions. These extensions help you write any type of content, whether professional or personal, for blogs or website content. You can write without any grammatical mistakes.


QuillBot Summarizer

It’s more difficult to summarize text than to expand. QuilBot helps you summarize your text. You can summarize a long text into a few sentences within a few seconds.

Plagiarism Checker:

QuillBot Plagiarism Checker

Your blog’s ranking is impacted by plagiarism. With QuillBot’s plagiarism detectors, you can check for plagiarism. Furthermore, you get a thorough analysis of your article. It demonstrates the extent of content theft.

Paraphrasing Tool:

QuillBot Paraphrasing Tool

QuillBolt’s best tool is the paraphrasing tool. It helps you rewrite your content uniquely. Don’t worry if you lack a strong vocabulary. Quillbot rewrites content effectively and with good terminology.

QuillBot offers a free trial for its paraphrasing tools. You can rewrite up to 125 words in free paraphrasing versions. And to enjoy more features, you can purchase QuillBot’s premium package.

Citation Generator:

QuillBot Citation Generator

You need citations in your research work if you are an academic writer, student, or teacher. You can enjoy its benefits and write your research without references. Enter the website and author details, and you get the citation list automatically in any referencing style.

Grammer Checker:

QuillBot Grammer Checker

If you don’t have good grammar and want to find free tools to correct grammatical errors, use QuillBot Grammar Checker. It checks all your written text and highlights grammatical mistakes in the text.

WordAi Features:

WordAi is the best rewriting tool that takes the content and creates hundreds of copies in a few seconds. You must work, enter the text, and click “rewrite.” WordAi will generate its unique copy in a few seconds. 


Online rewriting tools are widely available, but they also offer a wide range of alternatives. You can take parts of many articles and rewrite them with WordAI rewriters. It will change the structure of the entire content and rewrite it uniquely. 

Saved Articles: 

You can save your content in short form. It helps you generate content and save it for later. You can use all of your spun articles at any moment because they are stored in the WordAI dashboard.


Due to the API, you can add WordAI to any workflow. So it saves time and helps you maintain it for a long time.

Price Comparison:

QuillBot’s Free version comes with limited functionality. However, you must pay for the premium function to receive more offers. The paid versions of QuillBot include three packages. Simply setting up package subscriptions is all that is required.

QuillBot pricing

WordAI provides a three-day free trial before requiring payment. Here is a pricing comparison page. It costs more than the Quillbot.

wordai pricing

Final Words:

We have dissected two top-class parsing and rewriting tools in this review. Both have pros and cons. Both tools have the same attributes when discussing rewriting and user interference. But when we talk about pricing, QuillBot wins because WordAI is expansive.

If we consider unique content generation, then WordAi wins because QuillBot sometimes shows plagiarism. But when we compare which tools have more features, QuillBot wins this category. Because it offers a plagiarism checker, a citation generator, and many more features.  

WordAI has the API, but QuillBot does not offer it. QuillBot has free versions, but WordAI has no free trial.

WordAi is simple to use, intuitive to use, and integrated to operate with all leading internet marketing platforms. In my opinion, WordAI offers information that is readable by humans. However, the material is not original. Yes, it will display a uniqueness score of 80 or 90 percent, but when comparing spun and original content, you can still tell that they are not all that distinct.

QuillBot has grown in popularity due to its unique free plan and affordable membership choices.QuillBot offers a free version for its users. You can upgrade whenever you’d like if it’s the best choice for your requirements.

I advise you to evaluate your needs first and then choose the instrument that will serve you best over the long term based on its worth.

What paragraphing tools do you intend to employ for your business?

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