Scalenut Review 2023: Tests, Features, Pricing, and many more

Do you want to rank your page on the first page of google? How do you write and optimize your content for betters ranking? Do you are spending hours creating a blog and deep learning? What tool do you use for the SEO of your website? Do you hire a copywriter to the improvement of your content ranking? But you can write long-form ai content without the help of a copywriter.

It’s time to use the AI deep learning model to produce high-quality content and boost the SEO of your website. Here I’ve reviewed Scalenut that solves all the ranking factors in a simple and scalable way. You can generate winning content with this SEO assistant.

When it comes to ranking in Google, content is the key to the SEO. Although Google changes its algorithm for ranking, still, good content is need for better ranking. Good and optimized winning content can help you to enhance the credibility of your content.

Quality content reigns. Your content research must be according to the audience’s needs. You require different software to produce content online and do keyword research. You can find various AI-powered content research tools to create SEO-optimized content for google rankings. But only a few AI-powered content research tools make their place in the markets.

Here we review the Scalenut AI tools for the content intelligence saas platform. It is not only the content research game but also the SEO Hub or SEO assistant.

Scalenut – Complete Overview

Scalenut help create long-form content in a short time. Whether you are a new and experienced copywriter, content writer, or blogger, you can use Scalenut to generate relevant content. You can find the outlines for your next blog ideas or create high-quality content with this AI writing tool. Ai competitive intelligence helps you to get a readability score word count for your blog. Scalenut’s smart ai tool increases the real-time quality score of your blog by SEO.

Scalenut is not only a content creator but an SEO assistant. It will combine artificial intelligence and human customization that will help you to write long-form content with SEO assistance in a few seconds. The Content Brief features of Scalenut will help you to review the content of top-ranking blogs. Furthermore, it also creates outlines for your website content blog topics.

You can create advertisement copy for your websites with the Scalenut AI writing tool. It also helps you generate video content, Product descriptions, blog intros, Facebook ad copies, landing page sub-header, and create long-form content for your website. You can use the built-in copies of every type of copywriting and content writing. You can increase the readability score of your blog with Scalenut tools.


  • An excellent user experience is the result of a well-designed user interface.
  • Write “What Google Loves.”
  • Adding the cluster builder is a good idea.
  • Scalenut has a scalable way to produce long-form content and even short-form content.
  • ¬†Scalenut smart AI tool produces material that beats your rivals.


  • You cannot customize the templates offered by Scalenut AI.
  • The AI-generated content sometimes repeats itself.
  • Calculating Key Terms takes into account the top 30 rivals.
  • Insufficient tutorials

What is the Scalenut?

Scalenut is a one-stop SaaS solution for novice and seasoned content writers or bloggers; it will produce engaging content using cutting-edge technologies.

You don’t need to do intensive research to find the data and headings for your website. You can create content for your website content with Scalenut’s Smart ai tool. This ai-powered content research helps you to write a blog in a short time.

When you enter your keywords in the search engines, the scalenut collects the relevant content from all the websites, social media, and videos.  Then creates an outline for your blog ideas and helps you to produce quality content for your websites.

Why choose the Scalenut?

This smart ai tool produces content and keywords for ranked websites. Why does Scalenut assistant gets preferred over other AI tools?

Because other AI tools generate content and outline for your articles, they don’t make some sense sometimes. Also, capabilities for planning keywords and the Scalenut SEO assistant set it apart from other AI copywriters. Scalenut ai works with competitive intelligence that understand user intent and create heading and Facebook ad copies according to the target audience. Let’s look at some pros and cons of Scalenut that tells you how it is best for you.


SEO assistant or SEO hub is an SEO assistant’s intelligent editor that helps you to create long-form content. It only needs the details of the target keyword and target area. Then it does extensive content research on keywords by Crusie Mods. And then generate the long-form content for your blog ideas and landing page sub-header. It considers all SEO parameters before creating SEO assistant grades.

How SEO Assitant works:

Input target keyword and target area: Add the target term you want to rank for along with the target location of users.

Get a thorough research study: SEO assistance gives an exhaustive content research report with a complete competitive analysis and insightful data.

Create long-form Content: Write with AI, AI operators, AI Connectors, copywriting platform content research, and templates by utilizing actionable insights and creating long-form content.

Benefits of SEO assistant:

You can create long-form ai with SEO assistance. SEO assistant creates the content research reports for your target keyword according to the target user location. It generates content ideas according to the target readers’ intents. Plus, it also grades helps you to write better and create winning SEO recipes for your blog.

AI copywriter:

scalenut Ai Templates

AI copywriter helps you to write short-form ai in more than 20+ Cases. You may use an AI copywriter to create whatever you require, whether it’s product descriptions, website content, winning SEO recipes, headlines facebook ad copies, descriptions LinkedIn ads, or social media postings.

How Scalenut AI copywriter works:

Choose content type: There are 20+ user cases to create content with an AI copywriter. You may use an AI copywriter to create whatever you require, whether it’s product descriptions, website content, or social media posts.

Input Brand & Description: Input your website or brand name and a brief description of it. Then AI Copywriter will do extensive research and generate writing copies for you. Now you can edit and save writing copies and generate full-fledged content reports.

Benefits of AI copywriter:

You may instantly generate new and unlimited content ideas with AI Copywriter.

Your clear advantage applies to complete blogs, email headers, Linkedin text ads, social media posts, and numerous other content types. There is no word count limits in Scalenuts AI writing. You can generate unlimited content ideas with an AI copywriter.

You can also get full-fledged content reports with Scalenut copywriter.

Topic Cluster:

Create a complete content marketing strategy with pertinent topic ideas and a single targeted keyword in a few seconds. Topic clusters provide a scalable way to produce all content ideas for your website. The SEO research report displays target keywords. You can use these keywords to generate both short-form and long-form ai blogs. So, you don’t leave any content gaps that your rivals can use to outwit you.

How do Topic Clusters work?

Build Topical Authority: Make yourself the center of your niche so your users won’t go elsewhere. They’ll even return for more and most likely bring a friend along.

Increase Visibility: It works on long tails and low search volume keywords and produces content that boosts SEO ranking. Furthermore, you can collect all details on a single targeted keyword.

Boost SEO: It works on ranking factors and SEO parameters of your website search engines and boosts on-page SEO. You can find the content by setting the target user’s location. Scalenut creates top-ranking blogs and identifies target keywords for your blog.

Benefits of Topic Clusters:

Unlimited content ideas: You can identify target keywords hub for your niches. This hub will help you to generate content ideas according to user intent and create an exhaustive research report. So when you write all aspects of your blog niche, your users remain bound to you.

Boost on-page SEO: Topic clusters generate the targeted keywords of your niches. So, when you write the content on display target keywords, it increases the audience of your blogs. And also, search engines enjoy reading and boosting the SEO of your websites.

Talent Network:

Talent network features of Scalenut enable you to write the marketing content for your website, blogs, landing page hero text, sub-header text Google, and other types.

How Talent Network works:

Choose long-form editor: To find the relevant content select the content type and write target keywords. Then Scalenut ai writing tool collects real-time feedback for your blog intros and writing.

SUBMIT BRIEF: After that, submit the brief and collects the information for writing content.

Review: Once you complete the articles, review articles and finalize these articles.


Talent networks help you to produce content that enhances the credibility of your websites.

Cruise Mode:

scalenut Cruise Mode

Do you want to rank in SERPs? Cruise Mode offers Creativity, Optimization, and Speed are essential components of content development. So, you can increase the rank of your blog with Cruise mode.

How Cruses Mod works:

You need to follow the five steps, and your blog gets ready in five minutes.

1. Write the Context of your blog: Write brief descriptions of your blog in the AI writing of Cruise Mode.

2. Write the title of the blog: Select the title for your blog. You can get the idea for the title from top-ranking blog topics or AI-generated headlines.

3. Heading and questions: Choose a title for your blogs right now. You can select headlines from the AI-generated suggestions in the content brief. Use Google, Reddit, or Quora for assistance with questions.

4. Selection of writing Points: Now choose the writing points for the headings. You can select the writing point from an AI-generated article or add your points.

5. Finalizing articles: Now you can finalize the article after reviewing it. You can download the blog or export it to AI tools.


Within five minutes, you may start a blog using Cruises mode. It enables you to quickly and easily generate editable blog headlines, intros, and whole blogs.

With the Cruise, you may generate a rough draft of your blog, which you can edit and turn into a finished product.

Chrome Extensions:

scalenut chrome extension

You can produce high-quality content with the chrome extensions of the scalenut. It helps you to write insightful and high-ranked content in a simple and scalable way.

How do Scalent chrome extension work:

After downloading the Scalenut Chrome Extension, you should go through these steps.

  1. Launch any editor, such as Gmail, and start a new email. Identify the main things you want to cover in the email and list them.
  2. After choosing all of the text, click the Scalenut Chrome Extension icon that displays.
  3. A popup to log into Scalenut will appear. Click on Login and enter your email address to register.
  4. After signing in, return to the editor to take advantage of various use cases on any platform.


Through the chrome extension of Scalenuts, you can write short-form ai and long-form content in a short time. It helps you automatically create content and gives suggestions to rank it on Google.

App Integration:

You can connect your favorite apps for content creation and SEO assistance with Scalenut accounts.

How App integrations work:

  1. From your Scalenut account, connect the integrations you want to test.
  2. Whenever you write content, use the connectors to plan and optimize it.
  3. Increase your website conversions steadily as you ascend the SERPs.


You don’t need to go to different websites for different purposes. Through app integration, your can integrate your favorite apps with Scalents accounts. That enhances the incredibility and pace of your writing.

What do Other People say?

Scalent AI is the best copywriting platform for content research. You can see the reviews of various websites and consultants that use Scalenut for short-form ai and long-form content. You can get reviews of this app on social media.

Benedict T, an SEO Consultant, considers Scalenut ai the best AI writer.

While Carlos U at Capterra considers it a powerful smart ai tool that produces long and short-form ai content.

Dawood A, the DMCA Specialist at CROWD believes that scalenut is a powerful and writers-friendly AI writing tool.

Scalenut Alternatives:

You are familiar with the renowned content intelligence saas platform; jASPER ai. Scalenut is the alternative to this ai tool.

Scalenut vs Jasper Ai

Check out Jasper Ai if you’re a copywriter having trouble writing and looking for an online solution to assist with your writer’s block. It is a practical answer that helps people put their problems behind them so they can focus on their businesses rather than their writing. With the help of Jasper, the world’s most intelligent AI-powered assistant, you can organize, write, and optimize your website content. The AI Copywriting capabilities of Scalenut are also available in Jasper.

Surfer SEO VS Scalenut:

Utilizing artificial intelligence, Surfer SEO aims to change website optimization for search engines. As a result of their tremendous popularity, they have become the standard for regular bloggers.

A single, AI-driven platform called Surfer SEO makes it simple to optimize both new and old pages. Not to mention, it makes everyone’s projects ready in a flash, making life as an SEO professional lot more manageable!


A copywriting tool called Scalenut AI Copywriter uses machine learning to raise the writing standards of its users. The fact that this service is inexpensive is its best feature. Within minutes, you’ll be able to produce well-written, professional-looking material. It works by providing templates for you to quickly and easily write your content.

SEO assistant helps you to find the targeted keywords for your blog. Scalenut does entire competitive mapping boost SEO and produces inbuilt editor grades. Also, it targets users’ locations and gives real-time feedback for your blog rankings. Scalenut ai generates actionable insights and provides a winning SEO recipe. Scalenut also gives the target word count for your article.

Grab the free trial right away. I hope you enjoyed reading our Scalenut review. You can ask any queries in the space below the article’s comment section.

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