Spin Rewriter VS Wordai: Content Duplication, Performance Tests

Quality content is a requirement for every blog. But if you suffer from writer’s block or want to generate content to improve the ranking of your blogs or websites, then use AI tools. These Ai tools not only helps to create quality content but also provides you with keyword and generate unlimited unique content for you.

When we talk about content rewriting tools, the top two tools that come to everyone’s minds are Wordai and Spin rewriters. These rewriting tools are the best article spinner and generate hundreds of articles for you in a few seconds. 

If you don’t know which article spinner is best for you, read this review post. We’ll go through both tools’ features, how they work, how much they cost, and their benefits and drawbacks in this review article.

Wordai and Spin Rewriter: Quick Comparision

Wordai and Spin Rewriter are AI tools that generate or rewrite content. With these AI tools, you can create content and make multiple copies of already written content.

Spin Rewriter, an article rewriting tool, is becoming more and more well-known in content marketplaces. Spin Rewriter uses an emulated natural language to generate automatic content for blog posts and websites. It has many distinct features, and also it updates regularly to make it according to new requirements. 

Wordai is a famous paraphrasing tool that uses artificial intelligence and generates plagiarism-free content in a few seconds.

Wordai helps to paraphrase the content in a few seconds. It also provides suggestions for the best words and sentences, but it never changes the context of your original content. With the help of artificial intelligence, it first understands the sentence and rewrites it as human-readable content without losing its meaning.

PropertiesSpin RewriterWordAi
ProsLow Pricing
More Videos Tutorial
Provide Stockphoto Integration
Have Copyescape extensions
Easy to use
Generates High-Quality Output
ConsComplex user interference
No Desktop application
Slow in bulk orders
No lifetime license
No desktop application
Pricing30 days money back Guarantee30 days Guarantee
Free Trial5 days3-days

Let’s look at the reviews of Spin Rewriter and Wordai and compare their features.

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What is Spin Rewriter?

Spin Rewriter was first introduced in 2011 by Aaron Sustar of SmileyTech Solutions, creating unique content by rewriting it.

The Spin Rewriter is a magnificent tool that spins articles without losing their originality. The spin rewriter worked on the sentences, paragraphs, and words and indicated their synonyms so that the original meaning and context of the text remained the same.

Spin Rewriter also offers multiple article rewriting options. The “Rewrite multiple articles” option allows you to generate numerous articles simultaneously.

You can enjoy the features of Spin Rewriter by signing up for an account. You can enjoy the free five days trial of Spin Rewriters; after being satisfied with their services, you can pay for their subscriptions.


WordAi is an artificial intelligence program that can compose and generate text to complete phrases, enrich the existing text, rephrase concepts in novel ways, increase the overall quality of material, and even enhance readability with the help of sentence splitting.

Despite WordAi’s assertion that there is no duplicate content, users have complete control over the generated text and can edit it however they see fit before publishing.

Additionally, WordAi’s capabilities can be extended by anyone to make the most of the program’s potential for increased productivity, lower content costs, and better workflow.

What is the Difference Between Spin Rewriter and Wordai:

Let’s review the features of both rewriting tools and explore which tools work better at reasonable pricing. 

You can use both spin rewriters simply and without any difficulty. You can try their free versions first, and if you are satisfied with these tools, you can subscribe to their premium versions.

Both products offer free trials, so there are no fees associated with the trial period. You must, however, commit by giving them your payment information before they may activate your account.

Wordai and Spin Rewriter tools offer PayPal and all the standard credit cards as payment options.

To reduce risk, Spin Rewriter and WordAi provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Both systems will direct you to their main dashboard when you join up, where you may start the paraphrasing procedure.

However, the rewriting process is handled substantially differently by each tool.

Working Process of Both Tools:

Both tools have simple working procedures. Let’s discuss them one by one.


WordAi is another technology that uses rewriting to produce original, readable, spun articles free of plagiarism.

Entering the article into the WordAi tool and choosing the appropriate action are the only two things you need to do.

Complete sentence rearrangement, text enrichment, sentence rephrasing, overall quality improvement, sentence splitting, and clarity improvement are available options.

You can generate unlimited spinner articles by following these three simple steps.

  • Step# 1: Enter the text in the Wordai dashboard that you want to rewrite.
  • Step#2: Click on the rewrite option to create unique content. 
  • Step# 3: Enter Done! once you get the desired result.

Spin Rewriter:

Step #1: The first step in Spin Rewriter’s three-step process is to paste an article and select the “rewrite article” option.

Step# 2: The tool takes it from there and creates a spun article without any duplication. The second stage is to choose phrases and words that fit your tone, writing style, and content.

Step # 3: The last step is to use the tool to create new articles from the original content.

Spin Rewriter may produce up to 1000 unique articles from just one you can publish.

Content Duplication:


WordAi works from scratch, claiming no duplicate content in the rewritten article. Plagiarised content affects the ranking of your blog posts, and sometimes your website gets banned due to duplicate content.

WordAi provides 100% unique content and ensures that its rewrites are plagiarism free. It only takes ideas and rewrites them in their own words, reducing the chances of duplicate content in the article.

Spin Rewriter:

Spin rewriter claims that it generates 100% unique content. So the rewritten content is plagiarism free. But before publishing an article, you can check its plagiarism with any plagiarism checker tool.



Compared to Spin Rewriter, WordAi generates more text that is legible by humans. So WordAi is the way to go if you want a straightforward rewriting tool that you won’t need to watch over.

Spin Rewriter:

The Spin Rewriter is the tool you need if you like more control over the rewritten text and several other parameters.

Spin Rewriter modifies sentence structure and synonyms when necessary to produce high-quality material at the level of words, phrases, and paragraphs. This tactic ensures that spun text is nevertheless very readable. Artificial intelligence has that kind of capability.

Turnaround Time:


Wordai speeds up your writing process and rewrite1000 words articles in seconds. So, through this rewriting tool, you can improve the efficiency of your work. You get more orders completed in a short time and earn more. 

Spin Rewriter:

The Spin Rewriter saves time because it can quickly rewrite an article in just a few minutes. However, it will take a little longer if you decide to make multiple articles from the pasted one.

Although writing takes a lot longer than research and editing, Spin Rewriter can still save a lot of time when used in this manner before publication.

Manual Editing Features:


WordAi includes a wide range of features that combine well to produce original material for people.

You can still manually modify the articles, though. All your revisions are made to increase the article’s uniqueness and readability since the bar keeps updating in real time with the uniqueness %.

Other than that, there is no editor where you can make more modifications or have superior editing abilities other than that.

Spin Rewriter:

Since no rewriting tool is flawless, manual editing will almost certainly always be necessary.

Spin Rewriter makes the manual editing process easier by allowing users to edit the content that they rewrite from the original content.

You get to observe both modified and newly implemented terms. Before exporting it or posting it to your website, you can read the entire article from the Spin Rewriter editor.

Pricing Comparison:

Word Ai:

WordAi offers a fairly straightforward pricing structure. First, you can sign up for a free three-day trial, which allows you to fully explore the features and capabilities of this product.

Following the trial period, you can select from three different price options:

Spin Rewriter:

There are three pricing tiers available for Spin Rewriter. Remember that Spin Rewriter offers a five-day free trial before you even think about the pricing options.

You can select from the following pricing packages once the trial period is over:


The field of content development is where AI is progressing most quickly. Due to new intelligent technologies, it’s now possible to create content efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively. Many people make promises, but few keep them.

Furthermore, your vast experience earned over years of commitment and hard work is still unaccounted for. However, WordAI is our choice if you have to choose between it and Spin Rewriter as a tool to expedite the writing or rewriting process.

Greater customization is possible with WordAI, giving you more control over the quality of your reworded text. It’s our top choice due to that and its other intuitive qualities.

However, only use writing assistance tools to support your brilliance.

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