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Do you dream of increasing the rankings of your blogs? What are the different SEO tools that you use to improve the Onpage SEO of your blog? There are numerous tools available online that give SEO services. You are familiar with the Surfer SEO tool and Scaleunt AI. But as the value of SEO content increases rapidly, so its demand to develop new SEO tools.

Strell is a new SEO optimization platform that uses keyword analysis and provides unique SEO content for your blog. You can write articles with the help of a content brief that Strell generates after reviewing the online content.

Yet, if you are unfamiliar with Strell, look at this review article and determine how you can use it to boost your blog rankings. – Complete Overview is an all-inclusive platform for content optimization that helps content marketers and SEOs generate and optimize content to increase their organic search traffic. Both individuals and companies that are content authors, editors, SEOs, SEO executives, and affiliate marketers use Strell for content optimization.

Anyone who wants to rank higher in Google for organic traffic and writes text for the web is the ideal candidate. platform generates SEO-friendly content with the highest level of topical relevance.

Currently, Strell has two features. A content audit can help you optimize already-written material. A content brief can help you start from the beginning and create properly optimized content. Automatic article summaries and subject suggestions get generated by Strell based on the article’s context. Because each term is distinct, there is no universal rule governing word count or keyword density. looks at high-ranking pages to make suggestions for your articles and landing pages based on what is currently working.


  • Improve current content for higher ranks.
  • Use content intelligence to write more effectively and quickly.
  • Evaluate your competitors quickly.
  • An NLP-based algorithm service helps you use keywords in your content naturally.
  • Integration with WordPress and Google Docs.
  • Create flawlessly and optimize material consistently.
  • lets you know what the top organic competitors are up to. ​
  • Determine the precise number of keywords to use in the title, H1, H2, H3, body, and paragraph.


  • It has fewer features than its competitors, such as and Surfer SEO.

What is the is an all-inclusive content optimization platform that helps content marketers and SEOs produce and optimize content to increase traffic from organic searches. ​

Why choose

Whether you want to create SEO-optimized content or boost the organic search traffic of your blog or website, use Strell. It helps you write SEO content and provides NLP technology that tells you how to use keywords in your content naturally.

Who can benefit from

Marketers, copywriters, affiliate marketers, SEO experts, and freelancers. Anyone that produces online content and needs organic growth can use Strell.

  • SEO professional: On-page SEO is superior in terms of return on investment. If your on-page optimization is excellent, you might not need to take any additional steps to observe an improvement in your rankings and traffic.
  • Marketers: Check to see if the content created by your web marketing or SEO company is Google-friendly. Create KPIs that management can understand even if they are not SEO specialists.
  • Agency: Use Strell to make it simple to convince potential customers to hire you. Utilize the page scoring to show your clients your success after following the tool’s advice to improve your SEO content.
  • Affiliate Marketers: By making high-converting pages search engine friendly, you may increase traffic to those pages. You’ll be stunned by the sharp increases in traffic and rankings possible with a few modest page changes and no further link building.
  • Copy Writer: Now, everyone can publish material online as easily and successfully as an SEO specialist. By demonstrating to your clients that the content you’re providing has been thoroughly optimized for search engines, you may raise both your credibility and your rates.
  • Freelancers: Strell is the best tool if you want to accomplish more tasks for less money. To earn your clients’ trust and highlight the value you bring to the table, give them optimization reports they can understand.

Pricing and plan:

Strell offers five plans for their customers. You can use it free version, which can use NLP features. Other plans are Starter, Basic, Pro, and Growth.

  • Starter: You can get the starter plan is $14.99/month, in which you get 15 credits and NLP support.
  • Basic: You can get the basic plan is $39.99/month, in which you gets 45 credit, NLP support, and 3 team members.
  • Pro: You can get the pro plan is $79.99/month, in which you gets 110 credit, 10 team members, and NLP support.
  • Growth: You can get the growth plan is $119.99/month, in which you gets 160 credit, unlimited, and NLP support.


The Strell technique identifies your on-page SEO-based gaps with over 90 data types analyzed for each query. Take this practical information to boost your content’s position in search engine rankings. ​

How Audits in Strell work:

  • Step 1:Enter your primary keyword phrase in step one.
  • NOTE: We suggest against using more than one keyword in a search query. It is important to focus on the main keyword when optimizing your page and include other relevant subtopics in H2 and H3 tags. Strell advises using those words in the H2 tag’s Keywords.
  • Step 2: Type in the Page URL.
  • Step 3: Pick a location or city
  • Step 4: Select Your Favorite Device
  • Step 5: Enter a language.

Now search the result for your article’s rankings. Here is the list of different factors that appear when you search for your article on the audit dashboard.

  • Content Scores: Better results are achieved with higher scores. It aims for a content score of at least 85 or above to get the best outcomes.
  • Quick fix: Check if the H1 and title tags include the main keyword.
  • Words: Do you ever wonder how long a piece of material should be? Everything is explained in depth here, including the number of words in each paragraph, the body, and the H1, H2, and H3 tags.
  • Title Tags keywords: The most important aspect of best on-page SEO is the title tag. Use the main keywords in the beginning or middle of the title case.
  • H1 Tag keywords
  • H2 Tags Keywords
  • Main Content Keywords
  • Exact Keywords
  • No. of elements
  • Character
  • People also ask
  • Top competitor title

At every point, there are three options; your count, ideal count, and action required. You can check all the values and enter or modify your article according to suggestions in the action required columns.


  • It identifies the errors in your article and provides suggestions to increase your article’s SEO rankings.
  • Compare your article with the top 10 results related to your topic.
  • It will tell you how many words you need in your title, headings, and body content.
  • You need to add or subtract these factors from your article for SEO optimization.

Content Brief:

Make the laborious tasks automated. Writing well will benefit your organic visitors and search engine crawlers, so use content research and briefs to help you. Use NLP jargon if you can. Filling in the holes in the content doesn’t need to take days; it just needs a few hours. ​

How it works:

  • Go to the content brief section on the Strell website.
  • Enter the primary keywords, language, location, and device on which you want to create articles.
  • Now click enter, and within 40 seconds, the window will appear to you. On the left-hand side, you have to enter the content, while left-hand side, there is a content brief and a link to the competitor’s website. You can also manually set the competitors for your articles.
  • Now you can write or paste your content into the editors. And enter the title in the title section.
  • Now Strell gives you an analysis of your content optimization.
  • The suggestions in the word section help you improve your articles’ structure and create SEO content.
  • While the keyword suggestion tells you how to use different keywords in the title, H1 headings, H2 headings, and body content.
  • The keywords occur in three colors: red means overuse of keywords, green shows keywords used in correct ratios, and peach shows you have to use keywords more in your content.
  • If you over-optimize your content, Google will flag it.
  • The brief section tells you how competitors use the keywords, and people also ask for sections.


  • It saves the time that you use for research.
  • You can generate SEO-optimized content with the content brief.
  • Content Brief creates and scales the content for you in a short time.
  • It provides you with examples for every keyword, so you can easily use keywords in your article.

What other says:

Elijah William shares their experience in the next words. For content marketers, Strell is a crucial tool. It has everything you need to produce top-notch content. Strell makes it simple to conduct thorough research, create and publish material of the highest caliber, and prepare everything for ranking. Things get better each week. strongly advised!”

Doung M shared their personal experience in the next words. “Strell is vital for helping me scale up my on-page SEO efforts. The content brief makes it simple to compose written briefs that are search engine optimized, and authors value the app’s straightforward advice. Strell is the most qualified person to handle the SEO tasks of today. Superior, quick, scalable, Simple, and svelte. “

Alternatives to Strell:

Strell VS Surfer SEO:

To examine how well a URL performs in terms of SEO, you can utilize the SEO audit tool provided by Surfer SEO. When you enter a keyword (or keywords), the tool provides detailed optimization suggestions.

For example, obtaining backlinks from websites that your rivals’ websites link from, including pertinent internal links, using long-tail keywords, reducing your time to first byte (TTFB), increasing your load time, optimizing your page structure, and more. Strell is better than Surfer SEO in pricing and plan.

Strell vs. ClearScope:

A tool for both keyword research and content improvement is called “Optimize” is the feature that makes it popular. This function rates the “content relevancy and comprehensiveness” of your content.

Put another way, the tool looks for important LSI keywords in your content that Google judges closely linked to your target term. And based on how well your content is optimized for SEO, Clearscope assigns you a letter grade. In terms of pricing and plans, is better than any Clearscope.

Conclusion: is a search engine optimization platform that helps you write SEO content for your blogs. On this tool’s dashboard, you can create articles for your websites, marketing copies, and all other types of content.

The inability to write is no longer a barrier. You may develop highly relevant, SEO-optimized content in a matter of hours with the aid of AI-generated content briefs from top organic competitors. Start with the recommended word count, add suggested NLP phrases, use the primary keyword precisely in titles, headers, and the body of the text, monitor your progress with the content score, and aim for the highest score possible for the best SERP rankings.

If you have not used Strell till now, get through the free trials of and enjoy all the features of SEO without submitting any credit card details.

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