Surfer SEO Review 2023: Will Your Content Rank?

What techniques do you use to SEO-optimize your content? What SEO tools do you use to boost your blog’s ranking? Do you think SEO tools help to generate organic traffic to your blog and website?

Numerous SEO tools exist on the market. Some are preferred for their quality work, while others are preferred for their affordable prices. Here we also explore the features of such SEO tools that offer quality content at affordable prices.

Do you ever use Surfer SEO for content optimization? Are you ready to use it shortly? If you cannot decide whether Surfer SEO is better for you or not, then get through this review article.

Here we discuss the Surfer SEO features and their benefits and compare them with those of their competitors in the market.

SurferSEO – Complete Overview

Surfer SEO is an automatic tool that helps produce SEO-friendly blog entries and content. It functions by examining the page’s content using more than 500 signals from various channels.

Surfer SEO eliminates guesswork by concentrating on what is necessary for your site. It does this by utilizing three key features:

  • Content Editor
  • Content Audit
  • Content Planner
  • SERP Analyzer
  • Keyword Researcher
  • Grow Flow (New)

You have to find the right SEO-friendly keywords for your blog posts.  You have to use various keyword research tools to find a specific keyword. Or you have to do specific keyword research with the Google console, which requires time and massive effort. But you can do it easily with the Surfer SEO keyword research tool.

Entering your target keyword into Surfer SEO’s keyword panel will provide you with a full statistics report on the average word count, which gives you an overview of the network in its simplest form. You simply need to look at the first page of search engine results.

After that, you can use this information to improve your running blog.

Make the most of Surfer’s capabilities to create fascinating, in-depth articles that Google and your readers will like! With just 30 minutes of Surfer optimization, you can quickly reach the top!

Surfer SEO is a comprehensive tool that enables website owners, companies, and business people to ensure they’re producing well-thought-out, optimized content for their websites.

Just become part of the 10,000 users of Surfer SEO and use the free tools for keyword analysis and content creation.


  • Utilization is simple.
  • Support for content organization and content writing.
  • An SEO Audit on the Move
  • Semantic examination
  • Genuine LSI keywords:
  • It has several viewpoints.
  • It used ranking criteria.


  • There are not many queries.
  • Some recommendations may even make the text harder to read.
  • The performance of the keyword tool is not the best. Even yet, we consider this function one of Surfer SEO’s underdeveloped areas.

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a cloud-based, data-driven tool for on-page optimization and analysis that SEOs, content creators, businesses, and agencies use to assist in improving organic search rankings with logical, step-by-step on-page recommendations.

Initially created by Michal Suski and Tomasz Niezgoda for internal use within their SEO agency, Surfer SEO is now used by over 10,000 users and continues to gain popularity over time.

Why do you have to use Surfer SEO?

I adore utilizing Surfer since it gives me the best opportunity to scale on-page optimization. The Content Editor makes it simple to create SEO-driven briefs, and authors value it because of how simple the recommendations are. You should try Surfer if you want to execute current SEO.

What are the Features of Surfer SEO?

Grow Flow:

Grow Flow, a growth management tool from SurferSEO, introduces pertinent keywords, suggests internal links, and assists you in writing a high-ranking post to increase traffic and engagement to your website.

How does Grow Flow work?

Surfer SEO Grow Flow feature

To get the advantage of the newest features for growth management, you have to activate a subscriber subscription. If you don’t have a subscription, log in to the surfer website with search engines. Enter domains carefully, as you can’t change them in the future. Now, growth flow analyzes the blog domains.

When the analysis is completed, it directs you to a page with possible tasks for you to finish. You won’t need to worry because there is video instruction for each task to guide you through the beginning process.

With the growing flow, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Add Missing Relevant Keywords
  • Add Internal Links
  • While Writing an Article for Publishing


Grow Flow offers various advantages for your website. It offers you quick and simple remedies to your writer’s block because it is automated.

You get potential content keywords to employ with Grow Flow. Because they are in front of you, you don’t need to spend much time on keyword research.

Grow Flow also does an excellent job of ensuring that your content remains in the SERPs. As long as your Google Console Search account is active, everything is just a click away. The simplicity and ease of use of Grow Flow are other fantastic advantages. Furthermore, Grow Flow is merely an extra feature that you can use for free while still in the testing stage.

On the other hand, Grow Flow’s restriction to a single domain is a potential drawback.

You cannot register many domains under one account. Also, to use Grow Flow, you must connect to Google Search Console. You can utilize other Surfer SEO features if you don’t want to link with the site.

Content Editor:

SurferSEO content editor

The Surfer content editor is a powerful tool that creates SEO-optimized content. It specifically searches the first page of content for LSI keywords. This enables you to incorporate them into your writing.

Additionally, the content hierarchy of the first page of results is examined by this feature, which comprises word count, the quantity of graphics, and the typical number of paragraphs.

How the Surfer’s content editor works:

Step 1: Enter your location and mention a target keyword.

Step 2: Establish On-Page Rules

  • Decide your competitor
  • Change the On-Page SEO Rules Based on Your Competitors.
  • Give Your Content Writer Instructions in Writing (s)

Step 3: Share the content editor link with your writer(s) (s)

Benefits Of surfer SEO content editor:

You will be able to use the Surfer Content Editor tool effectively for your job now that you are familiar with it. Because it is so simple to use and comprehend, learning it is a breeze.

You’ll also like how it has a simple design and an easy-to-use layout without a cluttered screen.

If you frequently write in Word and Google Docs, you will probably quickly become familiar with this SEO tool. Formatting the text and adding images, links, and other elements is quite simple.

You’ll be able to write faster and better because everything you need is simply displayed there. You can use it to strengthen your current articles and create brand-new pages.

SEO Audit:

Seo audit tools help you to analyze the existing content with your keyword research. So, you can edit your text according to your keyword research.

Their content audit feature examines your URL and the SERP for its primary keyword, then provides you with tons of suggestions for improvement:

How SEO AUDITS works:

On Surfer, how do you build SEO audits?

Audits can be run both from the homepage and the specific Audit tab.

Step # 1 Choose the URL you want to audit.

 The Surfer’s Audit will make recommendations based on the specific page you enter in the dashboard. Try using Surfer Content Planner for Domains to generate a domain-wide inquiry.

Step # 2: Pick the area you want to attack.

When executing your query, select a nation or city from the list. Surfer will then simulate a query made from that location so that you get results specific to the area. SERPs can differ depending on the city where a keyword search is generated.

Step # 3: If more options are required, use them.

You can specify whether to incorporate the sentiment for NLP entities and can pick between mobile and desktop crawlers.


Reuse the previous material: Check to see whether a little time and work may help that 2019 blog post rank higher.

SEO mistakes detected: Get a detailed list of things to do based on what is currently effective for your target keyword research.

SEO White Label Audit: Increase organic internet traffic without revealing the tools you employ for your client’s website.

A focused SEO audit will help you rank higher.

Obtain suggestions that are continually updated to enhance the content structure.

You should only contrast oranges with oranges. Select web pages with excellent content that address the same search intent as yours. You will then have the most reliable data possible. Boost the performance of your website’s SEO while increasing organic search traffic.

Content Planner:

A content planner is a prominent tool of surfer SEO that uses machine learning to identify each topic’s search intent.

Determine whether your potential customers are considering making a purchase, are ready to buy, or are just looking for general information. Take advantage of these insights to determine the kind of content you require and to rank the pertinent keywords in importance.

How this features works:

First, type a keyword into the search window.

When you select “Create Content Planner,” you will see something similar.

You can view any keyword in greater depth by opening any boxes. The monthly search volume and the KD score for each keyword are included.


Traditional keyword research is too laborious and preoccupied with a small number of terms.

SERP analysis gives the most effective content creation ideas for your primary keyword. You get more suggestions for your articles and landing sites, and the keyword’s scope increases.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of things that surfer content planners can discuss! You’ll have it all in a matter of seconds, at most a few minutes!

Surfer SEO is the only tool of its kind available today. You will receive a thorough content plan from Surfer for several months.

If that’s not thrilling enough, you can follow the creation of new content inside the dashboard and watch as your website dominates its niche with excellent and pertinent content.

Free Outline Generator:

Finding pertinent information, researching, and drafting a blog post plan are typically the initial steps in the writing process for content marketers. But let’s face it: creating high-quality content takes time, so you need a quick tool to speed up the procedure. With surfer outline generators, your research, writing, and brainstorming activities became much easier.

With a surfer SEO outline generator, you can get an AI-generated plan with original paragraphs in three steps.

STEP 1:Sign up for Surfer

An automated 7-day trial with a money-back guarantee will begin for you.

STEP 2:Decide on a target keyword.

After that, choose your area and press “Create Content Editor.”

STEP 3:Visit the Content Brief section.

Choose one of the several pertinent and distinctive heads or paragraphs to include in your writing!

Surfer Keyword Research Tool:

With the 100% free extension Keyword Surfer, you can view search volumes right in the search results. The quickest way to access search data and conduct keyword research in Google Search is via Keyword Surfer. It’s free forever.

You can find search volumes, keyword recommendations, related terms, visibility metrics, and on-page information by entering your target phrase and pressing enter.

Surfer SEO Google Docs Integration:

Evade irritating formatting problems and install surfer SEO google chrome extension.

Say goodbye to copy-pasting and save hours.

You risk having format problems when you copy and paste your information onto a different platform. It not only irritates you, but it also slows you down. You can write in Google utilizing Surfer’s dependable recommendations by using the Surfer Chrome Extension!

Connect, click, and then begin writing.

Use the side panel in the Surfer app to quickly connect to Google Docs after creating a new query! fewer tabs, less confusion, and an improved end-to-end writing process!

The Google Chrome plugin for Surfer makes user administration simple.

When working with Google Docs, your copywriter can utilize the plugin without having a Surfer account. Send them a link to the document so they can get to work!

What Others Says:

Wolszon the team ledaer o iCEA share their experience with Surfer SEO in the above words.
Adam Colbert use the Surfer SEO and considers it a  game chnager for agency.

Best Surfer SEO Alternatives:

Surfer is an SEO tool in the business & commerce category that may be used to help optimize new and existing content for search engines, such as blog posts and articles. There are over 100 Surfer SEO alternatives, including websites and apps for different operating systems such as SaaS, Mac, Windows, and Google Chrome.

ClearScope the Surfer SEO Alternatives:

One of the earliest tools for content optimization was called Clearscope. Bernard Huang, one of their co-founders, is well-known in the SEO community.

ClearScope helps writers to produce long-form content that readers and Google admire. The outcome enhanced readers’ enjoyment and increased organic traffic.

The “optimize” component of Clearscope, which uses AI to optimize materials, is its strongest point. SEO-optimizing tools may save time and do away with any guessing when determining what your readers want to hear from you.

Send your manuscript to Clearscope to receive actionable feedback on the depth and relevancy of the material, as well as LSI keywords to use. Additionally, you’ll notice a content score indicating how well your blog post is SEO optimized.

Yoast SEO the Surfer SEO alternative:

Yoast SEO is the top WordPress plugin if you’re seeking on-page optimization and content optimization tool. It checks several parameters, including keyword density, keyword volume, metadata, URL slug, links, and images, to make your material more readable and SEO-friendly. It also resolves several technical search engine optimization concerns that may otherwise harm your site.


A cloud-based on-page optimization tool called Surfer SEO SERP analyzer enables you to assess and contrast your pages with those that are already ranking on the SERPs.

This tool gives you a data-driven analysis of exactly what’s lacking from your page, site, content research plan, content length, related keywords, keyword usage in the SEO industry, content strategy, and more—instead of making educated guesses about what Google loves to rank.

Given the potential for increased revenue and site traffic, we believe the Surfer SEO software is worth the price.

In short, Surfer SEO makes content optimization simple for Google searches, helping you to rank higher. The features and advantages of this SEO tool make it a great investment for anyone serious about SEO.

We have several suggestions for fantastic blogging tools that will help you succeed, and Surfer SEO is a superb option that will save you time and raise your ranking.

If you’re serious about SEO and want to rank better on Google, Surfer SEO is a tool that can assist you in achieving your objectives and for competitor analysis.

Before choosing a monthly or yearly membership, Surfer SEO offers a free 7-day trial that allows you to test out all of the features.

I sincerely hope you liked reading my SurferSEO review. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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