10 Best Paraphrasing Tools For Thesis & Academic Work

If you are a person who has to write a lot of content that requires research. You know how much of a pain it is to write original content from scratch. But here are some of the 10 best paraphrasing tools, Software & websites that can help you.

Creating content for your business can be a challenge. You can find yourself writing the same things over and over again in your content.

No matter how good a writer you are? The plethora of content that you will come across online is bound to have better words, phrases, and ideas. Thankfully there are tools that can help you with this challenge.

Best Paraphrasing Tools:

There are numerous tools that can help rewrite your text. But here I have listed down the 10 Best Paraphrase tools that are dominating the market. I closely examined these 10 tools and then wrote a review about each one individually.

1. JasperAi (aka Jarvis):

Whenever you’re in a pinch for time and you need to get high-quality content quickly. JasperAi is always 1st and final go-to tool for you. This is an AI-powered content generation service that is constantly being updated with new features. This makes it more efficient in creating content.

jasper ai

With Jasper, you can’t just rephrase the content. However, you can generate unique content without copying from other sites. You can even write a complete article with this tool in one sitting. In addition, there are tons of pre-made templates to write content including the Jasper paraphrasing tool.

The biggest problem for most people is to get fresh ideas for their content. Jarvis.ai helps accomplish this by using its Long-form Assistant to create unlimited content. You can generate hundreds of blog post ideas in just a few minutes.

Jarvis.ai (also known as ConversionAi) uses artificial intelligence to craft high-converting copy for your advertising campaigns, blog posts, landing pages, email campaigns, and more.

I went from being a copywriter to a content marketer. As a result, it was hard to find a copywriting AI service that can write quality content for my clients. Fortunately, I found Jasper.ai which has been a huge help in my business. I no longer have to worry about hiring a freelance writer and paying him for every article. Jasper.ai has transformed my business and has helped me achieve my goals.

To be honest, when I first heard about Jasper, I didn’t believe it was real. But after seeing the results for myself. I can confidently say that this is the future of marketing. Don’t just take my word for it, try it out for yourself with a 5-day free trial and see the results for yourself.

What does JasperAi offer?

  • Soft and quick 24/7 customer support
  • Long-form content for long blog posts and articles
  • Unique and to-the-point output within a few seconds
  • Offers 10,000 bounce credit with a 5-day free trial
  • 7 days a money-back guarantee with a full refund.
  • Generate content in multiple languages and accents
  • Facebook community of 30k+ members for any help
  • Pre-made templates to easily generate effective output
  • Live 101 training and boot camp to easily understand the tool

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2. Spin Rewriter – Online Paraphrasing Tool:

If you’re looking for a tool to paraphrase and edit your long articles, I found the perfect solution in this Spin Rewriter. The tool has ENL semantic technology, which is the most advanced technology you can find in a paraphrasing tool today.

Spin Rewriter

With this tool, you can produce quality content with a single click. This makes it the best tool for paraphrasing out there.

I know that Spin Rewriter has been around for a long time. But I wanted to wait until I try it out for myself. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured. This can help you to get some of my smaller tasks done with better speed and accuracy.

Spin Rewriter helps to quickly generate unique content that you could use for different projects. You’ll also like that Spin Rewriter is integrated with other SEO tools. So I could track and optimize your content in one place.

Whenever you need to write unique content for your blog or clients. You can always use this tool. It is very easy to use. All you do is paste your content into the editor and then click the “spin” button to get rewritten content. You have a few options to choose from, including the level of uniqueness.

In the free version, your spun content is only unique to a limited extent. You can also use the bulk paraphrasing tool, which allows you to spin content for multiple articles in one go. The interface is very well done, and you can see the changes as you type.

What does Spin Rewriter offer?

  • Convert content from one language to another with a few clicks.
  • You can generate 1,000s of high-quality unique sentences in seconds
  • Rewrite your article from scratch and spin it with the best synonym without changing the main idea.
  • Produce unique, 100% spun articles in seconds for maximum keyword density and to help you rank higher.
  • Spin Rewriter uses ENL semantic and Ai technology to rewrite your content to sound human, and like it was written by an expert.

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3. QuillBot – Best Paraphrasing Tool:

If you’re looking for a tool that would help me automate the process of writing. Then this is what you need. QuillBot is an AI-based writing tool that helps you rewrite and edit your content using advanced natural language processing.


This AI technology generates unique, relevant, and readable content. And the best part? You get to try out this cutting-edge content generation tool at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring writers in person!

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QuillBot is a great way to save time while boosting your content’s quality at the same time. This powerful paraphrasing tool can help you refine your content in 7 different ways. And it even allows you to save time by integrating with Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

In short, this is a writing tool from the future. It will help you write better content by providing you with suggestions for synonyms, phrases, and sentences. It’s also capable of providing you with a summary of your content’s main points. You can even ask it to paraphrase your content.

QuillBot is also helpful to write sales letters, landing pages, blogs, emails, reports, and more. Overall, it is a comprehensive writing collaborator tool that uses AI to help you paraphrase or rewrite paragraphs while refining your content.

What does Quillbot offer?

  • Create unique articles in seconds saving you both time and money.
  • Get consistent, high-quality articles that pass Google’s readability check.
  • With the Freeze feature, you can prevent specific words or phrases from being replaced.
  • Review your work for grammar mistakes and generate a better-finished document making it professional.
  • Increase your productivity by using integration with your Google Docs and MS Word and also track your documents.
  • The advanced algorithm ensures that each of your articles is 100% unique and free of grammar and spelling errors.

4. WordAi – Sentence Rephrasing Website:

If you’re a writer and you often have a hard time coming up with different ways to say things. This is where WordAi comes in. WordAi is an artificial intelligence tool that rephrases sentences and paragraphs into different variations.


This tool can help you to get different ideas for your content. While the tool does a great job of rephrasing the content, it can also change the meaning of the article. The best way to use WordAi is to use the paraphrasing tool.

The WordAi tool is incredibly popular in the content-spinning world. It is very easy to use and will give you the desired result without any hassle. You can write content and then spin it with the click of a button. WordAi is a good tool to use when you have a lot of content to spin and you want to save time and energy.

You’ll be so impressed with the product once you try this tool. The tool is very easy to use, even for a beginner who has never done article spinning before. I personally think that the tool is great value for the money.

What does WordAi offer?

  • Save time, analyze, and discover relevant keywords and phrases for use in content
  • With the most accurate grammar check and correction, it ensures error-free typos and spelling mistakes in writing.
  • WordAi can handle 10x to 1000x more articles per day. You just input and sit back and let Ai do the spinning.
  • Multilingual tools and can be used by students, who are learning English or people living in countries with different languages.

5. Wordtune – Best Rewriting Tool

Wordtune is a useful online tool that can be used to paraphrase an article or a text. It is basically an online paraphrasing tool that helps you to derive new ideas by paraphrasing existing ideas.


Wordtune is working for a while now that is used for content paraphrasing. This offers you to write new blog posts in a professional English accent. I must say that you’ll be extremely impressed with what its extension can do.

This is very easy to use and has a Google Chrome extension as well. I could use the Google Chrome extension to add Wordtune to Google docs, Gmail, Slacks, and many more. I used Wordtune for paraphrasing an article and it did a pretty good job.

It does a great job of rewriting my sentences in a more impactful and persuasive way. The only thing I don’t like about Wordtune is that it removes some of my unique phrasings.

Word Tune tool provides a simple and convenient way to paraphrase your ideas. You could integrate this tool directly into your Google docs. In addition, you could also integrate it into your Gmail account, slack, or any other site. Overall, this tool is really handy and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to paraphrase their ideas.

6. Clever Spinner – Content Rephrasing Software:

If you are looking for an affordable and highly efficient paraphrasing tool, look no further than Clever Spinner. This tool is affordable and can help you save time and energy spent on content creation. It is very easy to use and you can try it out for free.

Clever Spinner

Clever Spinner is cutting-edge software that rephrases paragraphs and text without redefining the main content. This is a great tool that can help you save time and energy while writing your content. This is a great tool to write a lot of content for your business or clients.

If you have to rewrite a bunch of paragraphs for the blog posts every day. Then this tool makes the job so much easier by rephrasing all of them. It is very quick and easy to use. You just have to paste the content into the box and it spits out 2-3 alternative sentences.

Spinning content is a must for any serious content marketer. There is no way around it. And I have tried a lot of spinning tools. They were either too expensive or they didn’t work.

I also tried free ones and usually, they had tons of bugs or the spinning wasn’t as good as I wanted. That’s why I was super happy to find Clever Spinner. It works like a charm, it is very easy to use and it is a very affordable paraphrasing tool.

What does Clever Spinner offer?

  • Content will be well-researched, carefully reviewed, and ready to publish.
  • Save time, save money, and create content that’s 100% free of plagiarism.
  • Now you can rewrite great articles, in minutes, with the push of a button.
  • Create more readable content, which in turn helps the search engines find it.
  • Ai quickly generates a more readable and keyword-focused version of your content.

7. Chimp Rewriter – Best paraphrasing Software:

Chimp Rewriter is the most comprehensive article rewriter available. It’s not just about rephrasing sentences or synonyms. But it’s also about reading the whole article and then rephrasing it. It’s just awesome!

Chimp Rewriter

I initially wasn’t sure what to expect by trying out Chimp Rewriter but, after trying it out I was impressed by how easy it is to use. Many content creation tools just offer a way to generate new content and leave it up to you to do the rest but Chimp Rewriter is different.

Instead of just spitting out the same old content this tool actually helps you create the content you’re looking for. It takes the grunt work out of content creation so you can get back to what’s important, your business.

This rewriter tool converts whatever you throw at it into readable, quality content. The best part is that the content created is highly readable. This makes it a perfect tool for anyone who is serious about taking article rewriting to the next level. 

It uses a technology called Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate unique content by combining ideas from various sources. It is a perfect choice for those who are looking for professional-grade content automation.

With Chimp Rewriter, you can forget about your content creation woes and focus on what is important for your customers. The software supports multiple languages including English.

8. Spinner Chief 6 – Best Rewriter Tool:

Spinner Chief is a Cloud-based thesaurus and spin tool that is easy to use and can be used to increase your SEO results. This is the least expensive copywriting tool and has been around for years. It has a very active forum in case you run into any trouble using this software.

Spinner Chief

If you’re looking for a tool that can produce unique and high-quality content your website content in order to get more SEO juice. I found Spinner Chief 6 and I’m so glad I did! It’s helped me meet my deadlines and is a breeze to use. This is a paraphrasing tool that can help you create thousands of unique articles from any content.

After using Spinner Chief for a couple of months, I can say that the service has been a great help to me. I’m able to use it to quickly and easily create articles in minutes. This is a great way to boost your website content and make more money.

I used to use a different article spinner, but it became unreliable and too slow, taking a long time to process. I tried many different alternatives, but this one is the best by far. It is very easy to use, and the whole process is automatic. This means I can quickly create content for my blog with no hassle.

9. Content Professor – Free Paraphrasing Website:

If you’re a student or a writer and constantly writing blogs, assignments, and papers. Doing this manually will take a lot of time and energy. But with Content Professor, you can spin my articles and save time and energy!

Content Professor

The best part is that you can choose to have your articles spin in Spintax format. So you’re still able to write my own unique content. In addition, you can also protect certain keywords in your articles. So that your rank highly in search engines if I use those keywords.

Using this tool, you don’t have to worry about plagiarizing. Because it offers a completely free plan and doesn’t need a credit card. You can copy/paste your notes and spin them into a unique and quality post.

Content professor is a go-to tool for all of my paraphrasing needs. With it, you can write unique and 100% unique content for your clients and your projects too. You’ll surprise, by how simple it is to use, yet how advanced it is at the same time. You can use it to write unique content or you can use it as a paraphrasing tool, the choice is yours.

10. Paraphrase Online – Free Website

Paraphrase Online is a free online Paraphrasing tool that helps you to rewrite the content. It allows you to paraphrase online and helps in making your document plagiarism-free. Paraphrase Online is a web-based service that can be used by students, journalists, and professionals alike.

Paraphrase Online

You can use this tool for; generating unique content, removing plagiarism, improving writing skills, or just making fun of everything. It doesn’t use any synonyms or help you with the sentence structure. But using this paraphrasing tool makes sure that your rewritten content is completely unique.

Paraphrase Online enables you to paraphrase and rewrite the content with transparency. It rephrases the content without actually changing its meaning. You can easily rewrite short sentences and paragraphs by making certain changes in the sentence structure of the content.

This tool also helps to produce effective, informative, and eye-catching content that is free from grammatical errors. You can rewrite sentences easily with this free paraphrase tool. It is a student’s time-saving tool and saves the efforts and energy of teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing means restating someone else’s sentences in your own words. It is nothing but rewording, rephrasing, reworking, and rewording someone else’s writing. It is a good way to check your ability and create content fast.

What are Paraphrasing tools?

Paraphrasing is the best way to protect your content from plagiarism. It makes your content unique on the internet and avoids copyright claims. Paraphrasing tools help in rewriting the content without changing the main idea. You can use these tools to make your content look more epic or increase your word count.


One of the most important things, you can do when writing a document is to make sure that it is written clearly and concisely. So that it is easy for your users to consume. 

Paraphrasing is the act of rephrasing written or spoken material from someone else. It is a great way to get a general idea of what someone says while using fewer words. It is also a great way to improve your vocabulary and learn how to express your thoughts more precisely.

Software is used to improve your writing skill and make your content unique and plagiarism free. Here I’ve discussed the 10 best paraphrasing tools for unique writing content without changing the meaning.