Jasper ai Review 2023: My 253+ Days Experience

If you’ve any touch with writing, then I’m sure you must have heard of Jasper.ai. Today, I’ll review Jasper ai and share my experience after using it for 253+ days from now.

According to SimiliarWeb, Jasper.ai has an estimated 9.9 Million users per month to its website and this number keeps increasing day by day.

In fact, Rogenmoser (Founder of Jasper) shared, Jasper.ai has done $45 million in revenue in the last year (TechCrunch – 18 Oct. 2022) and has raised $125 million at a valuation of 1.5 billion.

Now, you’ll be curious to know what problem this tool is solving that it’s getting this much momentum. Here, I’m going to show you How Jasper can help you to skyrocket your business.

Jasper.ai Review – My Quick Take

Jasper is an ai tool that helps users to generate content on any topic within a few seconds. To do this, it uses GPT 3, GPT 3.5 and its trained model to analyse input. In return, it comes up with output in the form of text.

Let me share my experience;

Before jasper, I was hardly able to write a single piece of content in one week and one more day to fact-check, proofread, edit and publish content.

With Jasper, I can quickly write and publish 1 article within a day. All I’ve to do is to give proper prompts and fact-check the output.

Key Take:
Keep in mind, don’t take this tool as it’ll give you a complete blog post/article in 1 click. I personally use this tool as an assistant – means, as Jasper writes I fact-check, proofread, remove repeated sentences and then edit it in my flow.

However, I’ve also used its boss mode feature to write a complete blog post in one click for a website. But, more on this later in this article…

What I Like:

  • Pre-made templates for quick output
  • Boss mode to write with on commands
  • SurferSEO integration for SEO optimzed content
  • 70k+ member Facebook group community
  • Free 5-day trial with 10K words
  • 7-Day money-back guarantee

What I don’t like:

  • Expensive compared to other tools
  • Sometimes, it repeats content from its previous generations
Long-form editorYES available
Plagiarism CheckerYES available
Chrome ExtensionYES available
Accuracy Level98% accurate
Free trialYes, Full website in a single run
Ai Image GenerationYES available
Chat – like ChatGPTYES available
Team ManagementYES available
Price$59 for 50K words (Minimum Plan)

Jasper.ai (aka Jarvis) – In-Depth Analysis

Creating quality content is a tough job. As a content creator, you may be overworked and concerned that the content you produce isn’t of high quality.

Let’s face it – good content takes time, resources, and money. But, what if there was an easier way?

It’s Jasper.ai…

What is Jasper.ai?

Jasper ai homepage

Jasper.ai is the magic wand that you’ve been searching for. This AI-powered tool writes quality content for you in just a few clicks. You’ll have more time and money to put into your marketing strategy, and better content to boot.

The best part? Jasper.ai makes it easy to create content that will captivate your audience. It’s the secret weapon used by the top companies and copywriters out there.

Jasper.ai model has trained with billions of words, phrases and pages. So, it can create to create unique, original content from scratch. Today, a lot of people content creators are using Jasper.ai to create content.

Conversion.ai to Jarvis.ai & Then Jasper.ai:

Jasper.ai was originally launched as Conversion.ai. The company continued to add new features, ultimately leading to a rebranding as Jarvis.ai.

Jasper history

However, this name change was short-lived as Marvel lawyers filed a case against the company, stating that the name Jarvis belonged to the character in their Iron Man movies.

Rather than engaging in a lengthy legal battle, the team decided to pivot and rebrand to Jasper.ai.

Don’t know what’ll be the next time 🙂

Jakes apart, but this change has been successful, as the platform has continued to experience fast growth and gain popularity in the writing and marketing industries.

Key Take:
Jasper.ai’s journey from Conversion.ai to Jarvis.ai, and ultimately to Jasper.ai, serves as an interesting case study of the challenges and opportunities that come with rebranding.

Is Jasper FREE?

Jasper.ai isn’t free, but if you access it via MohsinZox, there’s a special offer just for you. Jasper.ai is giving all MohsinZox users 10,000 words of FREE credit. You can get your FREE credits here.

In addition, when you sign up for FREE and create your account then Jasper will you some additional Free credits. To claim these credits, you’ve to complete some simple tasks like joining 101 training.

Here’s what I’ve claimed so far… 🙂

Jasper welcome bounce

While there are other cheaper tools that claim to offer the same features as Jasper, they often generate low-quality and irrelevant content.

Trust me, once you start using Jasper.ai, you won’t want to go back. I’ve been using it for a while and know first-hand the value it provides.

If you’re worried about the money, keep in mind – Jasper.ai FREE trial.

Pricing – How much does Jasper.ai charge?

Jasper.ai is confident in its product and pricing, which is why they offer only two plans: Boss Mode and Business. Both plans come with monthly and yearly subscriptions, and the pricing is straightforward.

Jasper ai pricing

The Boss Mode plan is priced at $59 per month and you can generate up to 50,000 words. With this plan, you get everything that Jasper.ai offers, including voice commands to help you write faster and more effectively.

Here’s the in-depth breakdown of Jasper’s price over words…

$5950,000 words
$99100,000 words
$279300,000 words
$600700,000 words
Custom Price700,000+ words

Jasper has recently added a new plan “Business” – Starting at $499. This plan includes a custom word limit and other premium features, making it a great option for businesses.

If you buy the yearly Boss Mode plan is that you’ll get two months for free over the monthly plan. This means you only have to pay for 10 months if you choose the yearly plan.

Why Jasper cost this much is a whole new debate. But, If you want to see the in-depth analysis, then read my article about Jasper pricing

Who’s Jasper.ai for?

Jasper.ai is a versatile tool that can benefit a wide range of professionals, including

Regardless of your industry or niche, Jasper.ai is an all-in-one writing tool that can aid you in creating content that builds your brand and attracts your audience. The tool’s features are designed to make content creation easier and more efficient.

How to use Jasper.ai?

It’s time to see that real magic, I’m going to take you insight into Jasper.ai. Here, I’ll show you how to use Jasper to write a blog post.

Let’s start writing…

How to use Jasper to write a blog post?

To write a blog post with Jasper, you’ve to 1st start a jasper subscription or sign up for a FREE trial.

Once you are done with 1st step then you’ll be brought inside the Jasper Dashboard. This is where we’re going to write.

1. Getting into the Documents:

Once you get into the Jasper dashboard, you’ll have complete access to all features incl. Jasper Boss Mode.

Now click the Templates – Here, you’ll find a number of different templates. I’ll about these templates later in this article.

But for now, let’s focus on blog post writing. For this, click the documents – 1st option in the template section.

Jasper Documents under templates

Key Take:
Documents – is a content editor like Google docs, but it has more advanced features including Boss Mode. Like Google docs, you get a blank page along with an ai assistant to write content.

As, you click the document tab, it’ll take to you the next page. Here, you’ll see two options, Freeform with any template and Workflow (New feature).

Jasper boss mode options

Let me know let you what these options are for;

If you start with Freeform with any template, it’ll directly take you to the document where you can write according to your own way and commands.

But, I’ll show you workflows – as it’s a very effective and newly added feature.

2. Starting with workflow:

To start with it, just click the drop-down arrow and pick and template. I’m going to start with the Blog post, then click the start from the workflow.

Jasper blogpost workflow

Now, as you click the start from workflow – it’ll create a new document and takes you inside the editor.

As you enter inside the editor, you’ll see all the features under one page incl. templates, workflow and content editor with ai assistant.

Jasper editor view

I know this will be very confusing to you. Let me explain them one by one…

I’ve highlighted all the options in yellow, orange and green colour… Here’s what these are…

As we picked blog post workflow, so let’s only focus on it.

3. Writing a blogpost using workflow:

To make it simple, I’ve removed the both yellow and green boxes. Here, you’ve to input your blog post title (*), audience, and tone of voice.

Jasper blog workflow editor

Once add the input, just hit the Generate button and it’ll come with intro text and automatically add to the content editor.

I’ve added the Title – How to start Freelancing, Audience – freelancers, and Tone of voice – Friendly.

Next, it’ll take you to the 2nd step.

Here, you’ll generate the blog post outline. The cool thing is, it’ll automatically pick the title and tone of voice.

Jasper blogpost workflow step 1

You just have to click the generate button and it’ll write an outline.

Now, it’s not necessary that it’ll come up with an effective outline. But, the results will be pretty good.

Jasper blogpost workflow step 2

Still, if you don’t like the input, you can ask him to regenerate an outline again until you are completely satisfied.

Key Take:
I highly recommend you search your keyword on Google and analysis your all competitors. After analysis, comes up with your own outline keeping in mind your competitors… Believe me, this will give you huge benefits in long run!

As you done with the blog post outline, it’ll take you to the next step that’s Paragraph generator.

Here, you’ve to fill up the outline headings with paragraphs, so it can assemble a complete blog post.

This step is very simple, it will automatically pick all the outline headings and add make the paragraph steps accordingly. So, if your outline has more topics, you’ll have more paragraphs for each heading…

Jasper blogpost workflow step 3

As you done with 1st heading, you just have to repeat this process for the remaining headings… Nothing complex. 🙂

Next, Let’s take a look at the content editor

4. Exploring Power mode:

To use this, we’ve to 1st switch the workflow mode to power mode. To do this, just click the “eye icon” at the top centre as shown in the below picture.

Jasper editor options

As you click this “eye icon”, this will close templates and workflow and you’ll only have a content editor along with jasper ai assistant.

jasper editor power mode

Again, here you’ll have two options, blog post metadata and content editor.

This is what’s inside the content editor…

If you remember, when we picked the workflow option. There was another option – that’s Freeform with any template. So, if you clicked on this option, you’ll be taken directly to this content editor page.

Now, let’s discuss; how you can use Jasper to write content and what’re the best prompts for this.

To write content using jasper ai assistant is very simple, you just have to give clear commands.

For example;

Jasper commands in power mode

There is no hard and fast rule for these commands, so feel free to test and learn from your own input.

Once you find one that works best for you, then you can use it to write future blog posts.

Key Shortcuts

  • Contiue Writing – Place your cursor at the end of the line and hit CMD/CTRL + J, it’ll start writing from there.
  • Run a Command – Place cursor at the end of the command and hit CMD/CTRL + ENTER “OR” CMD/CTRL + SHIFT+ ENTER to keep command in place)
  • Rerun Again – Hit CMD/CTRL + / to regenerate output with batter version.
  • Use “***”, If you getting same outputs again and again – this stop jasper to read content above these asterisk and you’ll get new output.

That’s how you can use jasper to write s blog post.

Want to learn more? Then read my article on Jasper for Dummies – How to Use Jasper?

This is just one use of Jasper, there are unlimited ways how jasper can help you. So, let’s see some of its features to speed up your writing…

Features of Jasper.ai:

Jasper.ai has totally changed the way how we write and research content.

With its advanced AI, Jasper is a real-time saver – making it the best assistant. Not only does it save time, but it also writes content in any category that’s tailored to your audience.

So, let’s see the features of Jasper that make it a market leader – To make it easier, I’ve also added Quick Jumps if you want to quickly want view certain features only.

1. Jasper Projects:

If you’re like who has to manage multiple websites at once? Then, the jasper project feature will be the best solution for you. With this, you can easily manage multiple projects under one account.

To add a project, just go to the projects tab at the top left and click on “+ New project”. Then, add the project name and description and hit save the project.

Projects in Jasper

Congratulations 🎉, you’ve created your 1st project – it’s that simple.

What’s great about this feature?

It’ll keep all the information on all your projects separate, making it easier for you to focus on one at a time. This way, you’ll also avoid any confusion – juggling multiple projects at the same time.

In addition, this will also help you to track the progress of each project. You’ll know which project is costing more credits and how you can manage it.

PS: You can also assign a particular project to a team member or hire a freelancer using Fiverr and Upwork.

2. Jasper Templates:

Jasper’s pre-made templates are a game-changer to get accurate outputs and save time.

In the templates section, you’ll find a variety of different templates organized in categories. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and get started right away.

Jasper templates

Key Note:
Some templates are used in more than one category. So, I’ll only explain that template once.

Here is the breakdown of all these templates;

2.1) Ads:

For those who c

Jasper Ads templates

AIDA Framework – AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) framework to create engaging and persuasive copy that captures the audience’s attention to take action.

Commands – This template generates command-based stories about anything.

Content Improver – This analyzes and improves existing content by enhancing readability, correcting grammatical errors and many more.

Facebook Ad Headline – This generates catchy and compelling headlines for Facebook ads that grab the audience’s attention and encourage to take action.

Facebook Ad Primary Text – This generates persuasive and informative ad copy text for Facebook ads that provide value to the audience.

Google Ads Description – This generates concise and informative descriptions for Google Ads that highlight the key benefits of the product or service.

Google Ads Headline – This generates attention-grabbing headlines copy for Google Ads that can increase CTR.

PAS Framework – PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solve) framework to create persuasive and effective copy that identifies the audience’s problem, agitates their pain points, and offers a solution to their problem.

2.2) Blog:

Jasper blog templates

On-Shot blog post – This generates a short and concise blog post that includes all the necessary information on a specific topic.

Topic Ideas – This generates a list of topic ideas for a blog post based on the specified niche or category.

Blog Outline – This generates an outline for a blog post that includes an introduction, main points or sections, and a conclusion.

Intro Paragraph – This generates an introduction paragraph for a blog post that hooks the reader’s attention, introduces the topic, and sets the tone for the rest of the post.

Paragraph Generator – This generates individual paragraphs of content that can be used to create blog posts or other types of content.

Conclusion Paragraph – This generates a conclusion paragraph for a blog post that summarizes the key points made in the post, and provides a final thought.

Listicle – This template generates a list-based blog post that includes a number of items related to a specific topic.

FAQ Generator – This template generates a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers based on the specified topic or product.

SEO Meta Data – This generates metadata such as the title, description, and keywords for a blog post to improve its SEO and increase its visibility.

Explain it to a Child – This generates simple and easy-to-understand explanations of complex concepts, ideas, or topics that can be easily understood by a child.

2.3) Boss Mode:

Jasper boss mode templates

Documents – This generates long-form content, such as a blog post, or book. Here, you get a blank page with an ai assistant to write long-form content.

Content Summarizer – This generates a summary of a longer piece of content, such as a blog post or article. It concludes the key points and ideas of the content in a shorter, more digestible format.

2.4) eCommerce:

Jasper ecommerce templates

Product Description – This generates a description of a product that includes information on its features, benefits, and usage, as well as any other relevant details.

Feature to Benefit – This converts the features of a product into benefits for the customer, highlighting how the product can solve the customer’s problems or meet their needs.

Amazon Product Description – This generates a detailed description of a product for listing on Amazon, including information on the product’s features, benefits, and usage.

Amazon Product Features – This generates a list of product features for listing on Amazon, highlighting the unique selling points and key features of the product.

One-shot Landing Page – This generates a landing page that is designed to convert visitors into customers in a single step, with a clear call to action and a focused message.

Product Meta Data – This generates meta data such as the title, description, and keywords for a product page to improve its SEO and increase its visibility.

Tone Detector – This template analyzes the tone of a piece of text, detecting whether it is positive, negative, or neutral.

2.5) Email:

Jasper email templates

Email Subject Lines – This generates attention-grabbing and persuasive subject lines for email marketing campaigns, designed to increase open rates and drive engagement.

Feature to Benefit – This converts the features of a product or service into benefits for the customer, highlighting how it can solve the customer’s problems.

Personalized Cold Emails – This generates personalized emails that are tailored to the recipient, using information such as their name, company, and industry to make the email more relevant and engaging.

Persuasive Bullet Points – This generates persuasive bullet points that highlight the key benefits of a product to grab the reader’s attention and persuade them to take action.

2.6) Frameworks:

Jasper frameworks in templates

Before-After-Bridge Framework – This follows the before-after-bridge (BAB) formula to create a persuasive copy that identifies the audience’s problem or pain point, presents a solution or benefit, and provides a bridge that connects the two and motivates action.

Note: Other templates are already explained above…

2.7) Google:

Jasper templates for Google tasks

Google My Business – Event Post: This generates a post for a Google My Business listing that promotes an upcoming event or announcement, providing information such as the date, time, and other details of the event.

Google My Business – Offer Post: This generates a post for a Google My Business listing that promotes special offers, highlighting the value proposition and encouraging customers to take advantage of the offer.

Google My Business – Product Description: This generates a description for a Google My Business listing, highlighting the key features, benefits, and unique selling points.

Google My Business – What’s New Post: This generates a post for a Google My Business listing that shares a new update, such as a service, offer, or feature, and encourages customers to take action.

2.9) SEO:

Jasper seo templates

SEO Meta Data for Homepage – This generates metadata such as the title, description, and keywords for a website’s homepage to improve its search engine rankings.

SEO Meta Data for Product page – This generates metadata such as the title, description, and keywords for a product page to increase its SEO visibility in search results.

SEO Meta Data for Services Pages – This generates metadata such as the title, description, and keywords for a services page to improve its search engine optimization (SEO) and sales.

SEO Meta Data for Blog Post – This generates metadata such as the title, description, and keywords for a blog post to improve its search engine ranking and traffic.

2.10) Social Media:

Jasper social media templates

Creative Story – This generates a creative and engaging story, using prompts and inspiration to help spark ideas and develop a narrative that captures the reader’s attention.

Engaging Questions – This generates thoughtful and engaging questions that can be used to spark conversation and encourage interaction.

Personal Bio – This generates a personal bio that highlights key accomplishments, experiences, and qualities, providing a concise summary based on your background and expertise.

Personal LinkedIn Post – This generates a post for LinkedIn that highlights a personal accomplishment, or experience, to increase the interaction with other professionals on the platform.

Photo Post Captions – This generates captions for photos, using language and formatting that is designed to grab the viewer’s attention.

Pinterest Pin Title & Description – This generates a title and description for a Pinterest pin, using keywords and other optimization techniques to improve its visibility in search results.

Quora Answers – This generates informative answers to questions on Quora, providing valuable insights and advice to your community.

Text Summarizer – This generates a summary of a longer piece of text, such as an article, report, or document, using natural language processing techniques.

TikTok Video Captions – This generates captions for TikTok videos, using language and formatting that is designed to grab the viewer’s attention and provide information about the video.

Tweet Machine – This generates tweet ideas and content for Twitter, using prompts and inspiration to help spark ideas and develop tweets that are engaging, informative, and relevant to your target audience.

2.12) Video:

Jasper video templates

Mini VSL – This mini video sales letter (VSL) template write content for short videos like TikTok and Reels.

YouTube Video Description – This generates descriptions for a YouTube video, providing information about the content of the video and its key points.

Video Script Hook and Intro – This generates a hook and introduction for a video script, designed to grab the viewer’s attention and introduce the topic of the video.

Video Script Outline – This generates an outline for a video script, including an introduction, main points or sections, and a conclusion.

Video Titles – This generates catchy and attention-grabbing titles for videos – designed to generate interest and increase CTR.

Video Topic Ideas – This generates a list of topic ideas for videos, based on the specified niche or category for your new video.

3. Jasper Boss Mode:

Jasper Boss Mode is the rocket mode of Jasper ai assistant. With this feature, you unlock all the power of Jasper, including Commands, Templates and many more.

jasper boss mode

This allows you to write commands directly in the editor and produce high-quality content within seconds as we did in the “Exploring Power Mode” heading.

You know – What’s more interesting?

You can integrate the Boss Mode content editor with SurferSEO and CopyScape. This gives you the ultimate benefit while writing the blog post. Because you’re also SEO optimizing the content while keeping an eye on the plagiarism score.

This helps you not just write content but also optimize it to get a higher ranking in Google.

Key Note:
With Boss mode, you can also use voice commands to write content faster. Simply speak into your device and Jasper.ai will do the rest.

So, the use-case of Jasper Boss mode is unlimited. Whether you need a blog post or a social media post – Boss mode is the go-to option for you.

Wanna try Jasper Boss Mode? Sign-up for a 5-day FREE Trial Now.

4. Jasper Chat:

Jasper Chat is an innovative feature that allows you to talk with Jasper ai in the form of a chat. It is similar to ChatGPT but more advanced and accurate.

Jasper chat

With Jasper Chat, you can get answers to your questions quickly and efficiently. Plus, with its ability to learn and improve from its own generation makes it smarter and more accurate.

Unlike ChatGPT, Jasper Chat can also connect to the internet to get information. To enable this, you just have to toggle ON “Include Google search data.” from the bottom right.

When this feature is turned on, Jasper ai will go to the internet search the relevant information and provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date responses possible.

7. Documents:

Jasper Documents is like a PC folder where all your documents from the content editor are automatically saved. With Jasper Documents, you can access your previous long-form content at any time.

Jasper documents

One of the best things is its very user-friendly. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, which makes it easy to find and access the content you need.

This is especially important for those who generate large volume of content using Jasper boss mode.

In addition, you can also delete any document. If you no longer need a document, you can simply delete it.

The deleted documents are then sent to the trash, where they will remain for 30 days. After that, they will be permanently deleted.

5. Jasper Recipes:

Jasper Recipes is a game-changer for content creators. This unique feature provides access to pre-made Jasper commands for various types of content, such as blog posts, social media posts, and more.

jasper recipes

With these recipes, you can generate high-quality content quickly. You don’t have to try multiple commands to generate the best output.

Instead, you can simply choose a recipe that best suits your needs and let Jasper do the rest.

Jasper Blogpost recipe page

In addition, Jasper allows users to create and share their own recipes with the entire Jasper community. This is a great way to showcase your expertise and help other users save time and effort.

Want to learn more, then read my article on Jasper.ai recipes and how to use them.

6. Jasper Art:

Jasper Art is another exciting feature that allows you to create realistic images and artwork. With this tool, you can generate beautiful and unique images that are sure to impress.

Jasper art

Using an openai model called DALL-E, Jasper.ai can create images that are incredibly lifelike and visually appealing.

This feature is perfect for those who need high-quality images for their blog posts, social media content, or any other kind of content that requires visual elements.

What’s the best part? It’s incredibly easy to use.

All you have to do is enter a few details, such as the type of image you want to create, and Jasper.ai will do the rest. The AI-powered tool will generate a stunning image that you can use in your content.

8. Chrome Extension:

Jasper.ai is designed to help users create high-quality content quickly and easily. To make the content generation process even more efficient, Jasper offers a powerful Chrome extension.

Being a Jasper user, this Chrome extension is my must-have tool for my day-to-day writing tasks. It allows you to use Jasper right within your browser.

With the Jasper Chrome extension, you can;

All you need to do is install the extension and then click the Jasper icon that appears in your browser. Here, you can access all features from your browser.

How does Jasper.ai works?

Jasper.ai uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with its model trained using billions of web page directories, to learn and respond like a human.

Plus, the Jasper model is trained in such a way it can learn from its own input and outputs. So, it constantly keeps learning and improving itself – the more content it produces, the more powerful it becomes.

The tool uses natural language processing technology to analyze millions of words and phrases and then generates unique content based on the user’s inputs.

Now, depending on the input – this content can be anything blog posts, social media updates, full-length articles and many more.

Jasper.ai is designed to save users time and effort by streamlining the content creation process. Instead of spending hours researching and writing, users can simply input their ideas and let Jasper.ai do the rest.

If you want to see the in-depth analysis, then read my article on how does Jasper Works?

Is Jasper.ai worth it?

As an ai writing assistant, Jasper.ai is a worthwhile investment for any professional or business that needs to produce high-quality content on a regular basis.

The tool’s powerful features, such as Boss Mode, SurferSEO integration, and Jasper art, make content creation faster and more efficient.

With Jasper.ai, you can produce engaging, SEO-optimized content in minutes, which saves you time and money. While Jasper.ai cannot replace human writers, it best option to overcome writer’s block to create quality content.

Want to learn more, then read my complete analysis on Is Jasper.ai Worth it?

Jasper.ai Alternatives:

Jasper is undoubtedly a powerful content creation tool, but it’s not the only one out there. There are many Jasper alternatives available, each with its own set of unique features and capabilities.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top Jasper alternatives:

1. Writesonic:

Writesonic is an AI-powered copywriting tool that can help you generate content quickly and easily. Writesonic is great for creating ad copy, blog posts, and social media content.

Want to learn more, then read my complete analysis of Jasper vs Writesonic.

2. Copy.ai:

Copy.ai is also an AI-powered writing assistant that can help you create high-quality and engaging content quickly. Copy.ai is great for creating blog posts, product descriptions, and social media content.

Want to learn more, then read my complete analysis of Jasper vs Copy.ai.

3. Anyword:

Anyword is an ai writing tool that can help you generate high-quality content quickly and easily. Anyword is great for creating ad copy, product descriptions, and much more.

Want to learn more, then read my complete analysis of Jasper vs Anyword.

4. Frase.io:

Frase.io is an ai content optimization tool that can help you to write and optimize your content for SEO. Frase.io uses AI to analyze your content and provide recommendations for how to improve it.

Want to learn more, then read my complete analysis of Jasper vs Frase.io.

5. Peppertype:

Peppertype is another ai-powered content creation tool that uses GPT-3 to create content. Peppertype is ideal for creating high-quality and engaging content quickly.

Want to learn more, then read my complete analysis of Jasper vs PepperType.

6. CopySmith:

CopySmith is an ai copywriting assistant that can help you generate content quickly and easily. Copysmith is great for creating blog posts, ads, and social media content.

Want to learn more, then read my complete analysis of Jasper vs CopySmith.

7. Rytr.me:

Rytr.me is also a great ai content-generation tool that can help you write product descriptions, ads, and much more. Rytr is great for businesses and individuals looking for an efficient content creation tool.

Want to learn more, then read my complete analysis of Jasper vs Rytr.

8. ClosersCopy:

ClosersCopy is a newly started ai copywriting tool that can help you write better sales copy. ClosersCopy can help you increase your conversion rates and drive more sales.

Want to learn more, then read my complete analysis of Jasper vs ClosersCopy.

While each of these Jasper alternatives has its own unique set of features and capabilities. But in my point of view, Jasper remains the best option for creating high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

Can Jasper.ai replace human writers?

No, Jasper is an AI-powered tool that can act as an assistant to help you write content, but it still needs human input to fact-check and remove repetitions.

Currently, Jasper is far away to achieve a human level of writing. However, this tool is constantly learning from its output, and mistakes and developing its own unique style.

Let’s see when we can replace a human with robots

Although the current version of Jasper.ai is a great tool for detecting user inputs and responding appropriately, it still requires human oversight to produce top-quality content.

Yes, it’s true that these tools can generate an unlimited number of unique content within seconds, making the content writing process much more efficient.

But at the end of the day, a human touch is still necessary to correct, remove unnecessary content, and address grammatical errors.

However, if take these tools especially Jasper.ai as an assistant then you can definitely boost your content writing speed by 10x to 20x.

If you want to see the in-depth analysis, then read my article on Can ai replace human writers?


According to me, Jasper.ai is a revolutionary tool that has made content creation faster and more efficient than ever before. It is an all-in-one writing tool that can benefit a wide range of professionals.

This tool is specifically designed to make content writing easier using its features like Boss Mode, Chat and Art.

Along with its features, Jasper templates, commands, and integration with SurferSEO and CopyScape make it the most powerful writing assistant – write and optimize content in one place.

I highly recommend you try this tool once in your next writing journey. With its easy-to-use interface, commands, and extensive set of features, Jasper.ai is undoubtedly one of the best content creation tools on the market.

Jasper FAQ’s

Who owns JasperAI?

Dave Rogenmoser is founder of the Jarvis, he created this tool with the help of a team of senior ai researchers. He is also the founder of UseProof, a company that helps companies to increase their website conversions.

Is Jasper.Ai free?

No, Jasper is a premium ai content writing assistant. To use it, you need to 1st buy starting at $59 for 50K words or sign-up for FREE Trial.

What does Jasper ai do?

Jasper.ai is an ai powered content writing assistant that helps content writers write content 10x faster. It has pre-made templates, recipes, and workflows to make the writing process faster.

Does Jasper generate plagiarized content?

No, Jasper doesn’t generate plagiarized content. It provides original pieces of content using advanced ai and its own trained model.

How much is Jasper per month?

The minimum jasper plan (Boss Mode) starts at $59 per month or $49 if you pay annually. With this, you get all the premium features of Jasper.

Is Jasper good for academic writing?

Jasper can be a helpful tool for academic writing as it can assist in generating ideas and content quickly. However, you’ve to carefully check and proofread jasper’s output to ensure accuracy and quality.

Which is better copy AI or Jasper AI?

Both Copy AI and Jasper AI are great ai writing tools, but slightly different. Copy AI specializes in creating marketing copies, while Jasper AI has a wider range of features that can benefit a variety of professionals.