Jasper Review 2023: Tests, Features, Pricing, and many more

If you’re a small business or a blogger this is a skill you will use a lot. Jasper.ai is a tool that is designed to do a lot of the work for you. To find out if it can help you, you need to know how it works. Here, I’ll discuss the javris.ai review and different functions of the tool and how it can help you.

If you are thinking of buying the new Jasper.ai, you are probably wondering what it’s like. Or maybe you’re thinking about when you might be able to get your hands on it. Or you may want to know about the new features and what the future holds.

This review is designed to answer all of these questions and to clear everything.

In addition, I’ll also do some tests with this tool and show you some interesting features. Lastly, you’ll also get a detailed list of the pros and cons of Jasper.ai. This will help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Jasper.ai: My Thoughts

Jarvis ai

Jasper.ai is really a gaming-changing tool for me. Initially, I was hardly able to write a single piece of content in one week and one more day to fact check, proofread, edit and publish content. And outsourcing this much content costs me a lot of money.

Now with Jasper, I can easily write and publish 1 article daily without much efforts. In this way, I’m also able two focus on other projects too. This helps me grow my revenue by 63% within 5 months.

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In addition, this tool just costs few bucks so no worry about running out of money. I like Jasper Boos mode which costs just $119/month which is insane comparing what it offers. However, the Jasper Pro plan is also great which costs just $109 with no content limit.

Jasper.ai has proven that it can write captivating content targeting your exact audience. These can be Blog posts, Landing pages, Marketing emails, Ads copy, Product descriptions, Social media content, eCommerce or B2B content, and many more.

JasperAi (aka JarvisAi) - The Detailed Analysis

Making content is hard work. If you’re like most marketers, you’re probably overworked and understaffed. And you’re worried that your marketing content isn’t strong enough.

You know that good content is critical to getting your message across. And that content creation takes time (and money). But you’re at the end of the line with time, money, and resources.

Jasper.ai helps you create powerful content quickly. Like magic, Jasper.ai automatically generates engaging content for you. This saves you time and money. You’ll have better quality content to use for your marketing.

This is an ai tool that will create compelling content that will entice your audience. And all of this for a fraction of the cost and work you’d normally do to create content.

Jasper.ai is the new ai content creation tool that everyone is using. It creates captivating content that is used by a wide range of top companies and copywriters.

This is the first Artificial Intelligence powered content generation tool that helps you create unique content in minutes. Jasper helps you create content that is indeed written by humans, but better than humans.

Jasper.ai is a unique contribution to the field of content generation. It is a unique tool that uses ai to analyze billions of words and phrases to generate content from scratch.

Is Jasper Free?

No Jasper isn’t a Free tool, but if you’re going to Jasper.ai via MohsinZox. Then, Jasper is offering 10,000 words of FREE credit to all MohsinZox users. You can get 10K credits here.

If you analyze other free tools that offer the same services that Jasper offers. Then you’ll get to know these tools generate very cheap and irrelevant content that nobody cares about.

However, once you use this tool, believe me, you’ll never ever forget to get it. Because I’m using this tool for a while now that is why I know the value it offers.

Jasper Pros:

Jasper Cons:

Conversion.ai to Jarvis.ai:

Jarvis ai writer

Jasper.ai is an artificial intelligence-powered content writing software that writes content for you. If you are running an online business and struggling with hiring decent writers or coming up with decent content, this amazing tool is for you.

Jasper.ai is started as an ai content writer for writing short-form content. This includes blog intros and conclusion, bullet points, Emails, and subject lines, Ads copy, etc. This is a completely hands-free tool that creates and optimizes content for you.

Along with this, there is also a word limit that you need to pay for every word. Although, these words doesn’t cost you as much as traditional writer cost. But still, there is a cap which creates some un-satisfactory in mind.

Later on, they’ve launched their long-form content writer tool only for Pro plan users. They’ve also started to offer unlimited content generation with no word cap. This update has changed everything altogether.

Within few months, a lot of content creators including content writers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, business owners, corporate companies, and many more as started to use this tool.

At this time, Jasper.ai is known as the conversion.ai tool. ConversionAi was the 1st name of this ai content writer tool.

But later they’ve rebranded Conversion.ai website as Jasper.ai. Now, we know conversion.ai as Jasper.ai.

Along with this, they’ve also launched their Boss Mode plan on 29 June 2021. This plan comes with additional functionality, and advanced commands.

Jarvis boos mode

In addition, in boss mode, you will be using this tool via your voice commands. Therefore, you don’t need to even type or lift your finger to the keyboard. This update was also a game-changer for both company and users.

Who is perfect for Jasper?

A salesperson, copywriter, blogger, B2B marketer, content marketing specialist, or other professionals with a need to create unique content.

Jasper can be used by you to create content and build your brand. It helps you in a large and important aspect of your business. This tool is very helpful for everyone who needs content for their business.

No matter, which business you’re in, this tool is the all-in-one writing tool for every niche. It helps you in creating content that attracts your audience and builds your brand. Your content will be popular and increase your traffic.

jarvis ai review

More importantly, your content will be useful and people will find value in it. Jasper.ai is a powerful content creation tool that will help you create unique content that is relevant and compelling.

Jasper can be used to create B2B content such as reviews, tutorials, and business tips. It can also be used to create content for you to use in your marketing, such as blog posts, social media posts, and web content.

This ai driven content creation tool will quickly generate highly engaging, unique, and useful content for you. It will help you in creating content that is highly relevant to your business. And the quality of the content is amazing. It’s one of the best organic ways to increase your traffic and attract your audience.

This ai tool can even be used for generating unique and engaging headlines and lead pages. It’s an all-in-one solution for any kind of content generation. It’s also a great tool for checking whether or not your content is useful and attracting an audience.

How much JasperAi charge?

Jasper.ai is a cloud-based content creation platform. The pricing plans are simple and affordable. In terms of pricing, they are very confident about their product and plans.

Unlike other tools, they don’t offer any FREE plan to start with. However, if you’re going through our partner link they’ll give 10,000 words of FREE credit. You’ll also get Five days to utilize these free 10k words to test this tool.

Currently, Jasper is offering three different plans and users can choose anyone from. They’ve named their plans Starter, PRO, and Boss Mode.

Jarvis pricing plans
  1. Starter: The Jasper Starter plans cost you $29 per month and $24 per month (with the yearly plan). In this plan, you’ll get 50+ templates for short-form content copies. These templates include blog outlines, intros and outros, headlines, descriptions, bios, and many more.
  2. PRO: JasperAi PRO plans cost you $109 per month and $90 per month (with the yearly plan). In this plan, you’ll get Jasper most popular long-form assistant, Videos Scripts, Book writing along with starter templates.
  3. Boss Mode: Jasper.ai Boss Mode plans cost you $119 per month and $99 per month (with the yearly plan). In this plan, you get everything that Jasper offer including Starter and PRO plans features. In addition, you’ll also get voice commands to write faster and effectively.

Every plan comes with both monthly and yearly subscriptions. If you buy a yearly plan then you’ll get 2 months for FREE over the monthly plans. This means you just have to pay for 10 months only if you go with the yearly plan. You can even start with the cost of a single word.

The tool is easy to use, and you can create great-looking content in minutes. You can create content that will get into Google’s index quickly and draw the attention of your audience.

Can this tool replace humans?

There is a lot of buzz around AI-powered tools. When it comes to content, this is especially important. With the help of AI-powered tools, businesses can keep up with the demand for content. While at the same time creating more effective and better content.

Jasper.ai tool can be used to create content like a human writer. But still, you need a writer to write great content from this tool. Jasper.ai uses Artificial Intelligence to detect sentiment, keywords, and syntax in a piece of text.


In order to achieve a human level of writing Jasper.ai would need to understand the intent behind the text, learn from its mistakes, and develop its own style. The current version of Jasper.ai is a great tool for a writer to use to detect a customer’s mood and respond appropriately.

No doubt, you can generate an unlimited number of unique content within few seconds with these tools. But still, this ai content writing tool is far away from humans. Because you can generate an entire article with this tool. But you need a human fact check this content, proofread, and grammatical errors.

These tools can write content but a human needs to be there. So that he can correct, remove unnecessary content, remove errors, and many more. However, it’ll boost your content writing process from 10x to 20x and also reduce the writer’s costs too.

How does Jasper generate content?

When the word artificial intelligence comes up in conversation, most people can’t help but be scared. Well, while many still fear that robots will steal their jobs, more and more people are beginning to see the potential of artificial intelligence.

Jasper.ai is a cloud-based artificial intelligence content creator designed to create unique pieces of content for your business, all without you needing to lift a finger. It uses the GPT-3 artificial intelligence technology based on neural networks that can ‘learn’ each time it creates content.

After producing thousands of pieces of content it learns how to make more relevant and interesting content using information from multiple sources. This includes social media trends, trends in your industry, and local trends in your area, current news, sports scores, and much more.

gpt 3 technology

Jasper.ai is a natural language generation engine. This is a cloud-based AI that understands your business goals and your customers. Then combines that with the latest advances in Natural Language Generation (NLG), AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning to produce truly unique content, each and every time.

It works by taking a set of parameters and a source of content. Then it outputs a piece of content based on the parameters and the source content. The engine has a deep and large knowledge base. And it’s constantly learning to help it improve its ability to write content.

Jasper uses an advanced machine learning algorithm to analyze millions of words and phrases and generate content. The content is so compelling and well-written that it’s often used by top companies and content marketers.

What JasperAi can do?

The world is evolving rapidly into the digital age, where most of our interactions are through technology. Technology has enabled many people to work from home or wherever they are.

One place where technology has made its way into is our writing, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. AI writing tools are evolving every day to help companies produce large amounts of content without breaking the bank.

What JarvisAi can do?

Jasper.ai is also a great and all-in-one tool in this ai content writing technology. It uses artificial technology to analyze millions even billions of web pages from the whole internet. This tool also has a billion of pages database on almost every niche.

With this technology, before writing content it scans billions of pages and then comes with a unique article even entirely different strategies and words. The tool works on the basis of using this word-cloud technology to create unique custom content.

Everything belongs to advanced artificial technology with the help of GPT-3 technology. This is one of the new content generation technology that will help you create compelling content in minutes.

In addition to the millions of pages, it also has a database of billions of words and phrases that help to generate new terms after analyzing millions of pages. This magical technology helps to generate unique content even better than any human writer.

How does Jasper work?

Jasper.ai uses its own proprietary AI to analyze the millions of words and phrases to generate content for you. The AI that works with Jasper is called NLP. NLP is a natural language processing technology.

Typically it is used to process a natural language document, such as text documents. NLP is used by computer programmers to analyze text and to create programs from the results. It is also used by marketers to analyze marketing documents and understand where the biggest opportunities are.

In addition to being a top content creation tool, Jasper is also a top content analysis tool. As of now, over 3,000,000,000 words and phrases have been analyzed, which means that you can use Jasper to analyze a million words in less than a minute.

Jasper also saves you time on content updates, because the AI uses what the user writes to improve the overall content quality. Content generation is important because it will attract new customers. This is also very useful to keep the visitors staying on your site longer.

Here is how you can use this tool to write a powerful content copy that your users will love;

Step1: Choose a Plan

Jarvis pricing plans

Jasper is a great tool to start writing content in a short time. This tool is as powerful it can almost generate articles on every topic under the sun. But to start using this tool, 1st you need to buy a plan according to your need.

It offers three plans;

  1. Starter: Starter plans include 50+ templates to write short-form content like blog intro, descriptions, bios, and many more.
  2. PRO: PRO Plan includes everything of starter plans, plus a long-form assistant. You can write long articles, blog posts, videos scripts, or books with this plan.
  3. Boss Mode: Boss Mode includes everything of starter and PRO plans. Plus, it offers advanced Jasper voice commands and many more.

These are three subscription plans that Jasper.ai offers. These plans are very affordable and you can use them for the long term. But it is recommended to buy a PRO plan unless you just need to test. Because PRO Plan includes 50+ templates of starter plan and the most powerful long-form assistant.

This long-form assistant will help you to speed your writing process. In addition, this will also reduce the efforts to input, edit and proofread every output. It is a powerful content creation tool that will help you write great content in a short time. But like I mentioned earlier, the quality of content is much more important than the time.

So using Jasper to write a long form that can make a good impression on your visitors would make more sense than using it to write a short form that doesn’t offer much information.

Step2: Choose a Template

Jarvis templates

Once you pick a plan that fits your need. Next, you need to choose a template from over 50+ premade templates. This template depends on the type of content you want to generate.

These templates include;

  • Blog post intro and outro
  • Product descriptions
  • Creative Story
  • Facebook Headline
  • E-Mail subject line
  •  Instagram Captions & Hashtags
  • Google SEO descriptions
  • Quora Answers
  • and many more.

It is very important that you must you a template that exactly fits your need. Otherwise, you may end up getting irrelevant results and you may quit. Therefore it is necessary to 1st define the task before start Jasper to write for you.

It will not just enhance the content but also write content where you don’t need to edit anything. All you need is to copy (CTRL + C) this content and paste (CTRL + V) where it fits. Everything will extra fast and efficient.

If you want to write a blog intro then you will have to go blog intro. But if you want to generate Quora answers then you will be Quora Answers template. In the case of amazon products, you can choose Product descriptions.

Step3: Input Product related information

Jarvis input boxes

Once you have a plan and a template, you can start creating content. Next, we’ll ask Jasper.ai to start writing for use. Jasper.ai helps you to create content quickly.

Like magic, it automatically generates engaging content for you. This saves you time and money. You’ll have better quality content to use for your marketing.

To generate content 1st we need to input some information regarding our template. The briefer you explain to Jasper, the more efficient results it will give you.

So explain it a little deeper let’s start with an example;

In this case, I’m going to choose the AIDA framework template for an Athletics Greens brand. With this template, this tool will give output in the form of Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

To get output 1st it’ll ask me to input the Product/Company name, Product Description, and tone of the content. Now I’ve input these details in the required boxes.

Step4: Generate content with Jasper

Jarvis output

Now I’m going to use Jasper to generate the content. I’ve started the process by defining my task.

To generate content, I need to input some information regarding the product. The more detailed you explain, the more likely you will get better quality of results. Jasper.ai is an ai based content writing tool that understands your input and then starts writing content.

For the Athletics Greens example, I’ve just selected its name, description, and tone of the content. Then I’ve started the process by inputting the information in the required boxes.

Next, asked Jasper to start writing for me based on the input data. Depending upon the input and template I picked for this example.

The result from Jasper is surprisingly awesome. You will not believe how fast and accurate results I got. You can see the image below, it’s my generated content output. Out of all results, the only thing I was expecting to get was some random results.

But instead, I got quality content separated into four different paragraphs. Every paragraph is covering every point of the AIDA framework. This is helpful for a person to read and use for his marketing activities.

Step5: Jasper Long-form Assistance

Jarvis long form assistant

If you’re a member of PRO plans or Jasper Boss Mode. Then this is the time to enjoy the premium long-form assistance. It will help you to speed up the writing process.

With the long-form assistant, you’ll be able to write content with just commands. You can write long content without worries about word count. This content could be;

  1. Books
  2. Recipes
  3. Blog Posts
  4. Info Articles
  5. Review posts
  6. and many more

PRO plan will include complete access to a long-form assistant and unlimited words.

Boss Mode will give you long-form assistant access, unlimited content, and voice commands. With voice commands, you’ll write content without even lifting your fingers and 2x faster.

Long-form assistant is an all-in-one solution for every type of content creator. By just giving a command and a topic. I’m able to write content faster and easier, it’s truly amazing.

So if you’re a PRO member or have Jasper Boss Mode. Then you can just input a topic related to your product, and then just ask Jasper to write for you. It will only enhance the content but also write content where you don’t need to edit anything. This will make the writing process faster, easier, and more efficient.

Features of Jasper:

Jasper.ai comes with a lot of unique features and new functionalities. This is what makes this tool is the all-in-one solution for everyone who needs content. This tool is designed to help you write content quickly and easily. It will do everything to make your life easier and more efficient.

Jasper can help you to write content in any type of writing. It can be used for writing blog posts, books, product reviews, and many more. Almost any form of content.

Jasper is also designed to be used for marketing and advertising. It writes eye-catching content that encourages customer engagement. So that it will be more likely to be used for marketing and advertising. It writes content in a fast and easy way.

Once you give it a topic and start writing. I’ll start writing content for you. In less than a minute, it’ll be done. So whether you’re a writer, blogger, product owner, copywriter, or advertiser. This tool will help you write content quickly and easily.

Easy to use and scale up your content marketing:

Jasper is writing content for you, one of the best ways to write content is using this tool. This comes offers a clean and interface with easily readable text. It will also help you build a large community of people who eagerly wait for your upcoming content.

Once you’re done with the initial input, it’ll be automatically creating content for your blog or website. So you don’t need to worry about writing content manually again. If you’re not a tech-savvy person, then you should be fine.

The tool is designed to be used by newbies too. So if you’re a newbie, then you can start with it. The biggest advantage of using Jasper is that it will save you time and money.

You can write content without any effort. It’s the cheapest tool for getting quality content. So you can write content even if you’re not a tech-savvy person. All you need is a Laptop, Internet connection, and Jasper plan depending upon your content needs.

Write original content with SEO optimization:

While everyone wants to rank higher on Google, having the right content can take you a long way. Jasper Ai specializes in creating content that is specifically designed to help you rank higher and attract more backlinks.

If you’re trying to figure out which type of content to create or take ownership of for your SEO strategy, check out Jasper Ai. To stand out from the crowd, the Jasper team has created this tool to keep in mind the customer’s needs.

Now, it can write all types of content with SEO optimizations for search engines and social media sites. So you can effectively drive leads and website visitors without having to spend hours on the internet doing research.

Finish your first draft 2-5X faster:

Jasper.Ai is a cloud-based AI content writer tool. AI content writing is faster and more accurate than traditional manual methods. It’s also flexible enough to be used in all sorts of different fields, from business websites to fiction and non-fiction.

The key feature that sets Jasper Ai apart from other systems is its cloud architecture. This helps Jasper to write or outline content within a few seconds. If you’re a user of Jasper, you can review the content so that you can make any changes.

The system is designed to work in collaboration with other AI tools and with humans. It is designed to create content based on user input. It is also designed to work with humans to create content.

Boost ad conversions with better copy:

The world of sales is constantly changing with new products being released and old ones being redefined. It’s also a constantly evolving playground where JasperAi. The artificial intelligence software is used by some of the world’s top brands to help with their copywriting.

With Jasper, your copy can be more persuasive. Because it uses advanced ai to write more engaging copy for you. This also helps to increase the chance of converting more users into leads.

Using JasperAi to write copy has been proven to increase website conversions by up to 150%. This is because Jasper understands how to get your audience to read more and engage more with your content.

End writer’s block with ideas from a robot:

End writer’s block is a time-sucking condition that can affect us all. It can affect the quality of our work and even lead to a lack of motivation to create when we do have the capacity to produce.

After a long day of writing, the only thing that can distract us is the thought of something else to do. Fortunately, Jasper can help. It is an AI computer system that reads billions of web pages to write content for you.

Think of Jasper by AI as the ultimate writer’s block robot. Whether you’re looking for inspiration articles or review content for your blog. Jasper has the perfect mix of intelligence, creativity, and accessibility that will help you get unique content within a few seconds.

No barrier with Jasper multiple language support:

With Jasper, you can write content in other languages. So you can create content for the customer in their native language. It also helps to involve the customer’s in the content creation process.

Jasper also has support for different languages. The languages supported by the tool include English, French, German, and Spanish. The tool is designed to make your life easier in every way. It also works to write content quickly and easily.

Support for different languages is something that most content marketing tools don’t have. Most of the tools will just give you English as the default language. So if you’re a writer from another country who wants to write in English, you’ll have to manually edit the content.

Manual editing is unnecessary and will take you more time than you would like. So use a content marketing tool that supports multiple languages helps to speed up the process.

Companies Acquired by Jasper:

Jasper.ai is the fastest-growing ai content writing tool that is now used by thousands of people. To achieve this success, they’ve acquired and merged other companies with their tool. This way they’re able to enhance and speed up the writing process.

Below is the list of companies that have been acquired by Jasper;



Headlime is an AI-powered marketing copywriting application. This platform uses artificial intelligence to help you write sales copy that converts visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

With Headlime, the AI writes marketing copy in your voice, saves you time so you can focus on other parts of your business. This tool makes this process simple by helping you have an effective marketing strategy, beautiful imagery, and well-thought-out copy.

It provides marketers and businesses with a smarter, easy way to create compelling content.  This artificially intelligent technology can be used to transforms your text into unique and engaging marketing material.

The template-based technology enables users to create hyper-targeted marketing messages for Facebook, email, and print. It allows users to create marketing messages without writing a single line of code. This significantly reduces the time and money needed to create messaging that connects with customers.

Recently, this tool is acquired by JasperAi (aka ConversionAi) altogether. The reason behind buying this company is to make Jasper more advanced and efficient in every field.


shortly ai

ShortlyAi has a clean, blank canvas design, so you can focus on writing a great piece of content. It’s a tool designed to help you write better than you ever could. It’s not about the time you save, it’s the creative possibilities that ShortlyAi unleashes.

With your almost-finished text in mind, it constructs sentences and paragraphs to help you create content better than you ever could.

This is a revolutionary ai writing tool that turns your thoughts into instantly publishable articles. It is cutting-edge software that can offer you a variety of benefits. It is cutting-edge software that can offer you a variety of benefits. This is an AI-powered program with an emphasis on writing.

ShortlyAi is a groundbreaking article creator. From its clean, blank canvas design to its powerful features and support for almost any niche or style of writing. This is a complete redefinition of how to produce great content quickly.

This technology is also acquired by Jasper and they’ve merged it with Jasper. In this way, they are able to enhance the writing experience for their users. This helped them to bring Jasper where he is currently.


No more struggles of writing content manually. Almost anyone can use Jasper. If you’re struggling to write more content, this tool is the best solution. It can be used for multiple content types from website content writing to eBooks.

Jasper.ai is an excellent content writing tool. It can be used by all types of businesses. This AI content writer tool is a good bet for any business struggling to match the speed of its competitors.

Just like anything else, the goal of content marketing is to attract customers and increase brand awareness. The best way to attract customers is to create content that will entice them to buy from your brand.

In order to increase your brand awareness, you need to create highly memorable content. So that the readers will remember your content and eventually buy from you. This tool is designed to help you write content quickly and easily.

This way, you can concentrate on the other things instead of writing content manually. You can start using Jasper now without any experience. The tool is designed to work with newbies too. So if you’re a newbie, you can start using this tool.

Jasper.ai does an excellent job of creating fresh, unique content. The excellent compliance checks and the turnaround time of 48 hours make it a useful content writing tool.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jasper.ai

Dave Rogenmoser owned the Jarvis.ai tool company. He has created this tool with the help of a team of senior AI researchers. He is also the founder of UseProof, a company that helps companies to increase their website conversions.

No, Jasper is a premium content writing tool. You need to buy a plan before using this tool. But if you sign-up using my partner link. Then you’ll get 10,000 words of FREE credit that you can use within a few. Once you like this tool then you can buy a premium plan.

Jasper.ai is an ai powered content writing platform that helps content writers to writer extra fast.  He use NLP to analyses billions of web pages and its own database. Then based on this observation, he writes unique content that has published anywhere else.

No, Jasper doesn’t generate plagiarized content for you. It provides original pieces of content that are generally better and longer than humanly possible. You can use Jasper multiple times for same content and you’ll see different results every time. This means you should never see the same text again.