Best Ai Content Generator for Freelancers – Free & Paid

Here I’m going to review the best ai content generator tools for freelancers. Some of these software’s are free and some paid depending upon their features.

Being a content writer, it is very difficult and time-consuming to start writing from scratch and take it to complete an article. Unless you’ve expertise and deep knowledge in this niche.

As content writers (especially freelance), we need to write in different niches and topics. It is near too impossible to get expertise in every field under the sun.

Therefore, you need to do long research and read out articles from the web to write an article on this topic.

This is why you need to switch to the best content writer software that can do everything for you. A content writer’s tools can do research, outlining, writing, and meta-description in one place.

Here are some of the most popular and trusted products of their field;

Best Ai Content Generator Tools:

Online content generators have become an integral part of the blogging world. They’re fun, easy and very useful indeed. You can try them out using any tool mentioned below.

There are a lot of AI content generator tools that will generate the content for you. As content marketing is proven to be a good way to gather more leads. Then it becomes necessary that you get such tools to make your work easy.

The Ai content writers can create high-quality sales content at the speed of light. If you have a website, E-Mail list, or any marketing campaign for your business. Then Ai writer software can be a great step towards modern technology.

When it comes to generating content for your blog, the possibilities are literally endless. With the right system and app, you can put together a blog post any time you want without spending hours sitting at your desk.

However, there are a lot of things that go into choosing the best blog post writing tool.

After going through dozens of articles on different marketing strategies and testing relevant tools. Here are the top picks for best Ai content writing. These tools will be an effective way to produce quality content at a great deal of cost savings.

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1. JasperAi (aka JarvisAi):

Jasper Ai is an automation tool that helps you turn text into content. It can make your life easier by converting online copies of websites. It is an all-in-one conversion tool that converts textual content (messages, URLs, or posts) into dozens of different formats depending upon your needs.

Jarvis ai

You can use it to give your website a unique, modern look or boost engagement with old, classic content. It has a huge library of templates and a very intuitive user interface that allows you to quickly create your desired content.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop functionalities, it allows anyone to quickly build conversion-friendly content with just a few clicks.

It also gives you the chance to transform unoptimized website content into something suitable for search engines like Google.

Using AI combined with manual editing and optimization processes gives you the chance to turn your blog into an engine of growth for your business.

What I Like

  • All tools in one place
  • Modern Design and clean interface
  • Increased conversion
  • Can write Niche specific articles
  • Pre-Made Templates

What I Don’t Like

  • Bit tricky for 1st use
  • Little Expensive

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2. Writesonic:

Writesonic is an online content generator and scheduler that makes it easy to create content for your business. This helps to quickly create content (or generate content) based on your interests, passions, or worlds.

It is a text generator tool that helps you create original and interesting articles. There are tons of different templates and easy-to-use features that you can use to create amazing content for you.

It creates amazing content for a blog or any marketing campaign. This tool is for anyone who wants to write high-quality content on blogging or other topics.

This is an amazing tool that provides you with a list of topics you could write about and a schedule for completing each topic.

Writesonic provides original content at the speed of thought. Using this tool, you can create blogs, articles, press releases, and announcements in minutes. And this content will be fresh and relevant that’s always updated automatically with their built-in algorithm.

What I Like

  • Clean and modern technology
  • Conversion friendly writer
  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy and Quick writer

What I Don’t Like

  • Content needs improvement


Copy Ai is the world’s first artificially intelligent content generator and marketing copywriter for small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can create unique, engaging, 100% human-readable content to promote your online business in just a few seconds.

Copy Ai is more than meets the eye. This application produces effective and honest marketing copy in seconds by analyzing your screen, your competitors, and your niche market.

Just launch the app and write a short intro about your content. Next, choose the industry you are targeting, and within seconds, it will produce content that is unique, professional.

Copy Ai creates awesome articles, product descriptions, blog posts, bios, sales copy, and more automatically. It also provides you with multiple formats in which it can write new articles.

There are you tons of different template from choosing a topic your blog to finalizing the article. The options are limited only by your imagination.

4. Kafkai:

Imagine, you’re just getting continuous quality written content for your blog or business that is SEO friendly. Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, that’s what Kafkai will give to you!

With this tool, you don’t need to spend hours and days researching, planning, writing, and editing your content. Because it does everything for you within one click. It also avoids poor quality or duplicate content.

Kafkai is a new generation of AI systems. Kafkai can write articles in different languages and publish intelligent content for the users. It can learn how to write from the user’s writing style and other writers’ writing styles.

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For everyone who wishes to get time back and leave the writing to a professional. It is a ready-to-use tool to write and edit your articles and even books for you.

It takes any input (a keyword or a sentence) and creates original content or headline for you. You can give it the keyword that relates to your niche and it will create relevant content.

In addition, you can set specific topics and keywords to generate content only within these particular topics. This will also increase your chances of ranking in multiple search engines and getting organic traffic.

5. AutoWriter:

Imagine having a smart content writer and marketing copywriter who can not only duplicate your unique voice and vocabulary. But it also automatically create original content to add real value to your site.

With, you’ll never have to write every article your own or outsource it. It is the modern and easiest way to write content in just a few seconds.

Whether you’re an agency creating blogs and social media posts, or an entrepreneur looking to build a content strategy.

AutoWriter is a great tool to kick-start your content. With this tool, you can write better content faster without the hassle of outsourcing.

It is a writing assistant that helps you to create unlimited articles and content for your blogs, eBooks, and many others automatically. It focuses on many things while delivering well-researched and formatted content in your own voice and style.

6. CopySmith:

Copysmith is an Ai and content generation engine developed to help marketers and copywriters. The system uses many techniques, including brainstorming, theme identification, and translation.

CopySmith helps users generate natural-sounding paragraphs from a single seed paragraph. This is particularly useful for marketing copywriters who already have all of the ideas in place. But they need assistance in creating readable text.

Use this tool to get content ideas, blog ideas, and good descriptions for products. This tool is powered by AI and trained on a high-performing copy. It will help you drive growth at unprecedented quality and speed.

This AI-enabled Content Generator helps you to grow your audience, engagement, and sales. It automating the creation of unique, human-like marketing content at a large scale. You just need to push a button and let it start writing for you.

It can generate massive amounts of high quality product descriptions, descriptions for a complete catalogue, structure your next blog post and many more. It will save you hundreds of hours to focus on what really matters to your customers.

7. ContentBot:

In the past few years, content has become more and more important for marketing campaigns. Generating high-quality content can be time-consuming and expensive.

There are many tools available that make it easy to create enticing content. But this still leaves a lot of questions about content quality, uniqueness, and trustworthiness.

Contentbot makes it possible for you to create content every day and discover topics related to your niche. By collecting unstructured text, data, and images.

Contentbot analyses it to figure out what it needs to share with its audience. Once it has a good idea of what you want to deliver to the audience. Then it creates unique and appropriate content within this topic.

Then, you can SEO to optimize your content for search engine ranking. Otherwise you need to pay to search engines like Google that to get the targeted traffic to your site.

8. ShortlyAi:

If you’re organizing and writing content for your website, blog, or eBook. Then you will struggle to get your thoughts down in an organized way. Here ShortlyAi comes in place.

From generating small paragraphs of content to creating long, detailed articles. ShortlyAi helps you to take your writing to the next level.

ShortlyAi is a new online tool that helps you creatively write and achieve better writing results. With the power of machine learning and natural language processing (NLA), it gets better with each use. The artificial intelligence behind Shortly AI is almost limitless.

This AI is trained in several languages, which means that it can generate content in a variety of different formats and languages. Using this tool, you can get your thoughts quickly and easily onto the page, and have fun creating content with it.

You just have to pick a topic, then write or dictate your first few sentences. Then ask ShortlyAi to write and it will generate content for you at the push of a button.

Next, you can edit your content yourself, or let ShortlyAi continue writing based on your sentence using its AI technology. You can continue to push your writing to new heights with just a few clicks of the button. Once you have your content, press write more and it will generate more.

9. Article Forge:

Article Forge is a new AI writer tool, can create thousands of unique articles in just seconds. While making sure that your articles are on-topic and human-sounding is fine.

It is a content generator tool that uses advanced Ai and deep learning technologies to write completely unique and quality articles in under 60 seconds. Whether you are looking to build your authority or brand.

Article Forge can offer the boost your business needs to succeed. This is a spam-free tool that creates completely unique, on-topic, high-quality articles with a single click of a button.

The advanced Ai behind Article Forge allows you to actually teach it how to create an article that is relevant to your business.  It uses Ai super powers like natural language generation, which leverages deep learning to write natural-sounding sentences from scratch.

By using algorithms to analyze your paragraphs and structure your writing. Therefore, it comes up with original content that is high quality every single time.


This is all about what are best ai content generator for freelancers and bloggers. These are most powerful and popular tools that are currently trending in the market.

Ai content is becoming more important as search engines begin to realize the value in structured, labeled content. Ai softwares helps you generate tons of content in just few seconds. The more you understand about it, the better ideas you’ll generate.

The best way to get started with this new tool is by choosing one for starter pack. You can then tweak and improve it as you go along. 

Above this post, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best AI content generation tools. So you can leverage your creativity to help change the world.