5 Best AI Voice Generators: Tested & Compared

Artificial intelligence grabs the attention of marketers and businesses. Almost 37% of organizations and trades improve their work through artificial intelligence. Google’s ranking of blogs and websites get improved by  AI voice generators. Is the AI voice generator worth it, or just a myth?

The popularity of AI voice generators can be observed by the fact that, in 2023, there will be 8 billion AI voice generator assistants. And recently, 3 billion AI voice assistants are working on different websites.

Do you use AI voice generators? Which AI voice tools do you use to generate speech voices for your text? Does speech-to-voice sound work for you? Can you use an AI voice generator for YouTube videos? Are voice generators expensive or do they have any free versions?

If you are searching for an AI voice generator and can not decide which tool is the best for you, read this review article. Here we compare the best AI voice generators and their features and pricing. So you can select an appropriate AI voice generator after reading this article.

What is an AI voice generator?

Voice generators are ai tools that use artificial intelligence to translate text into audio. The majority of generators make use of artificial voices to model actual human voices. Input text can be read aloud by them since they produce a voice that sounds natural.

Who can use AI voice generators?

The most recent advancements in speech synthesis and artificial intelligence make it possible to add audio to files through software without using expensive recording studios or equipment.

AI voice generators are helpful for multiple tasks, including reading written materials or electronic books, impersonating celebrities, dubbing motion pictures, adding audio to courses, and more. You can utilize a variety of AI voice generators for text-to-speech applications like transcription and dictation. Making the best choice might be challenging with so many possibilities.

Here’s where we step in. Here in this article, we revealed The top 5 artificial intelligence voice generation tools.

Best ai voice generators in a Nutshell:

Here in this article, we have reviewed the top 5 ai voice generators that beat their competitors in quality and price.

NameBest forPricingWebsite URLRating
Play.htA Customizable Cloud-Based AI Voice GeneratorFree: Limited Features
Personal: $14.25/month,
Professional: $29.25/month
Premium: $79.25/month
AI Voice Generator & Realistic Text to Speech Online | Play.ht4.9/5.0
SpeachloCreating the human-sounding voiceovers.Get all the features for a one-time fee of $47Speechola – Text to Speech Converter4.7/5.0
Notesvibesnatural-sounding voicesPersonal:
Commercial: $90/month
Corporate: $4000/year
Free Text to Speech Online | AI Realistic Voice Generator (notevibes.com)4.6/5.0
Murf.aiAuthentic Studio-Grade AI Voice GeneratorFree: Limited Features
Entry level: $13/month
Proplan: $2/month
Enterprise: $83/month
AI Voice Generator: Versatile Text to Speech Software | Murf AI4.5/5.0
Lovo.aiVoice-over crafting
Free: Limited Features
Personal Plan: $17.99/month 
Freelancer: $49.99/month
LOVO AI | Free Text to Speech Online with Natural Voices4.5/5.0

1. Play.ht:

Do you think amazon Alexa is the only text-to-speech engine? There is also many other text-to-speech software that exists in the markets. Play.ht is most popular among them.

Play.ht offers you a text-to-speech (TTS) software solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and can be shared, edited, and modified by anybody around the globe.

Play.ht is a cloud-based text-to-speech program and artificial intelligence voice generator that produces text-to-speech content without the involvement of a human.

Play.ht is a significant leap in the fields of speech recognition and artificial intelligence because it allows anyone to speak any language they choose without having to learn how to do it.

Play.ht features:

Play.ht offers several useful features for professionals, such as integrations with the Chrome extension, WordPress plugin, API access, and JS code snippet.

Have a look at some prominent features of Play.ht.

BTech-To-Voice Over-Editor: These features give you access to the Play.ht dashboard. So, you can customize the voice sound according to your requirements. You can focus on a few words and change their tone in the voice generators of your writing or blog post. You can instantly change the text to speech with Play.ht.

Unlimited Revisions: With this tool, you may adjust the text, alter the emotion, choose the tones, and be creative by, for example, emphasizing the voicing tone if you want a Pronounce word in a particular way. As a result, you can experiment with it and use your imagination.

The number of edits you make before producing the ideal voice-over recording is up to you. So, there is no restriction on what you can do. Simply set your mind to it and start to work.

Voice modulation and selection: You can select the languages or voice generators in Play.ht. Its built-in language is English, and you can set it according to your requirements. There are more than 570 AI voices and 57 languages for the voice generators in the Play ht. And each voice is the clear and easy extent everyone can easily understand.

Time-Saving: It can manage the multi-voice features at once. When you record voices with human voices, it takes a long time. So, you can record realistic voices in a short time and save time. You can generate speech for your blog post in high-quality audio files.

Commercial and Broadcast Rights: It’s awesome that you even have commercial rights in Play. The audio you produce is exclusive to you. The result is that they grant you complete commercial rights without charging you anything more.

You even have features for broadcast rights, which can assist you in obtaining all of the rights to your voiceover in both audio and video. The entire commercial is the same, yes. Additionally, you get full broadcasting rights, allowing you to use the audio for podcasts, audiobooks, and audio versions of online publications.

Play.ht Pricing:

Play.ht offers three pricing plans to its customers. You can subscribe to any of them according to your choice.

Pricing plan for play.ht that save 25% amount on yearly packages.

The Play.ht is also free to test-drive. There are 600 words and three downloads in the free version of Play.ht if you wish to give it a try. I believe it’s sufficient to determine whether upgrading to a paid plan is worthwhile.

2. Speachlo – AI voice generator:

Speechelo is the world’s first truly human-sounding voiceover program that can provide textual copies. You can quickly and easily create the greatest audio transcription without any problems. It offers customers more than 30 voice patterns through more than 25 texts, yet you can select the tone you like most.

Speachlo features:

If you don’t have a microphone or hesitate to record your voice for your videos, Speachlo is the best AI voice generator for you. With just 3 clicks, you can instantly convert any text into a voiceover that sounds 100% human! It also helps you to find the appropriate voice tonne for your recording. Here is a list of some prominent features of Speachlo.

Affordable: You don’t have to buy expensive ai voice generators. Spaeachlo offers you to record voices like human voices. You can record background sounds for your videos, business videos, educational lectures, or blog posts at just paying $47.

Efficient: Do you hire voice-over artists to record the sound for your text? Then you don’t have to wait for voiceovers because you generate voices with AI text-to-speech software. Speachlo ai helps to convert your text to speech in only 10 minutes.

Human-Like Voice-overs: Do you don’t finds any human voice-overs for audio files? Then don’t worry. Speechelo gives you human-like voiceovers for your videos. Where A voiceover is a sound that is breathing or halting. Spoken voices are adjustable in frequency, pitch, and volume. Also, you can change the relevance of a term in an article according to the context.

Language Identification: You don’t worry about the video captions. Speecleo can recognize the language in the audio and provide captions for it.

 Multiple Language Support: Sppeclo offers text-to-speech in 23 languages. Its built-in language is English, but you can choose other languages for voice recordings.

Royalty-Free Music Tracks: There are 40 background music tracks in The Speechelo. You can use various music tracks to produce voiceovers that have a distinct voice. Different genres of music are featured. You can set different moods with these songs.

Unique A.I. Software: Speechelo, in contrast to other inexpensive software options, creates the most human-like tones and voices, making it the best option for replacing natural-sounding voices.

Every content maker will enhance the number of viewers globally by utilizing this powerful A.I. program because the audio quality is not negotiable.

Vocals For Males And Females: You may use Speechelo to convert your text into speech in both male and female voices. You can create voiceovers using both male and female tones.

Additionally, the application allows for three tones, which might assist your voiceovers in sounding less overly computer-generated voice. The three tones might be happy or grave. They’re also typical.

This enables the content makers to set the tone that keeps viewers’ attention for longer.

Speechelo Pricing:

Speechelo offers only one payment plan for their customers. You can get a lifetime deal of speechelo for just $47.

Speechlo offers only one package with no monthly fee.

3. Notevibes – Web-based voice generator:

Notesvibes is the best ai tool in the ai voice synthesis technology. Like Speecheelo, it is also a speech synthesis software that converts text to speech.

The Notevibes text-to-speech program converts typed text into audio files that may be downloaded and listened to, just like other text-to-speech programs.

Additionally, it offers the same voiceover quality, language options, complex editing tools, and other features as standard text-to-speech software.

Due to its feature that lets you stress a certain section of the script, Notebvibes differs slightly from other text-to-speech programs. You can also adjust the volume, pace, and pitch for particular pieces.

Notevibes features:

Notevibes is a cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface that quickly turns text into speech. You can add pauses, alter the pace and tone, emphasize certain points, and use voice control and voice inflections. You can download the converted audio in MP3 and WAV formats.

Easy Interface: You can use every feature of Notevibes with a single click. You don’t have to use long coding or complex procedures to use the Notevibes. You can easily get used to every feature from the Homescreen. The home screen has a sizable edit board, language selection, download format adjustment, stop, text conversion, play preview, and download buttons.

225 voice-overs: Others ai voice generators produce the artificial sound. But with notevibes, you can generate natural-sounding speech. Ai voice generators help you with 225 voice-overs so you can use the voice of your choice.

Dialogue Creators: You can create dialogues with human emotions for your videos, ads, and content. Dialogue creator’s features help you to generate dialogues for your choice.

File Storage: You can save your videos in the Notesvibes for 14 days. After 14 days your video will automatically be deleted.

Advance editors: Unlike other text-to-speech programs, Notevibes provides sophisticated editor features that set it apart from the competition. The sophisticated editor in Notevibe can add a pause, change the volume, pitch, and tempo, and emphasize a certain section of the script.

Download Audio files: You can download the audio file created from the converted text in MP3 and WAV formats. The download option is also present on Notevibe’s home screen.

Notevibe Pricing:

Users of Notevibes have access to a free version with a character limit of 5000 that allows them to test the app’s capabilities. With that, you may select from 25 different languages and more than 225 voiceovers to create any voiceovers for the Notevibes testing.

Notesvobes offers three premium packages for their customers. These are the personal, Commercial, and corporate packs.

Notesvibes offers three packages for thier customers in afforable prices.

4. Murf.ai:

Murf AI is a text-to-speech application powered by artificial intelligence that enables you to put in any text and get real-time voice synthesis for your entry. This can alter the way you record and edit voiceovers and enable you to produce faultless, realistic audio for your ideas or screenplay in a matter of minutes.

Murf.ai features:

Murf’s popularity has grown partly due to how lifelike the end product appears. Artificial intelligence automatically adds voice changes and emphasis to the English language. Compared to other text-to-speech systems, its audio characters don’t sound as robotic, and the output is produced swiftly.

E-learning narration: You can use Murf.ai to create video lectures in a short time. It helps create courses and covers text-to-speech for E-learning, educational, and training videos.

Google Slide Voice add-on: Murf.ai has the Google Slide Voice sound add-ons. So you can create voices in Google Slides.

Voice Changer: You can use Murf AI voice generators to convert your voiceovers from a straightforward recording to a professional-quality AI voice.

Pitch, tone, and tempo can all be adjusted to fit your presentations. Murf AI employs natural language processing and machine learning technology to produce custom voices tailored to your project.

Voice Editing: To edit and smooth audio files and speech styles, it is not necessary to listen to them again. AI technology has simplified voice editing, so you can get a professional ai voice in just a few minutes.

The size of the same audio file can be changed, or different voices can be mixed with just a few clicks when using the editing voice feature.

Murf.ai Pricing:

Murf.ai offers a free version for its users. You can subscribe to the Basic, Pro, or Enterprize plan for more features.

Murf.ai offers the 4 plans for thier customers.

5. Lovo.ai:

LOVO is a next-generation synthetic speech platform for e-learning, marketing, and entertainment, featuring text-to-speech and natural voices.

Lovo.ai features:

With sounds that are realistic and sound like people, the artificial intelligence voice app Lovo AI converses with you.

Many voices from various racial groups, genders, and linguistic groups can be found in the app. Other text-to-speech programs don’t have many of their capabilities.

Over 180 voice options and 34 different languages: More than 180 voice skins are available in 33 languages, each with special qualities to precisely match your content. Monthly voice additions are made!

Tweak it to perfection! Don’t let you down due to voiceover artist issues. Make your work perfect with ai generated voices. All realistic voice-overs produced are infused with real human emotions and breathing sounds, giving your content life.

Pronunciation: You can set the professional voice actors’ pronunciation with Lovo.ai. And also correct the mistakes in the recorded voice.

Add background music: Remove background noise from the sample voice and add background music to your audio files.

Instantly share your output: You don’t have to wait to generate voices. You can instantly get audio recordings with Lovo.ai. Amazing voice cloning technology can build a bespoke voice skin from a target voice in about 15 minutes.

Lovo.ai Pricing:

Lovo ai voice generator offers a free version for their users. You can also enjoy the free trials for premium voices.

Final Words on AI voice generators:

Leave the idea of visiting a recording studio out. You only need an artificial intelligence voice generator to make audio for any purpose. AI text-to-speech technologies can be used for many things, including audiobooks, tutorials, dubbing, vlogs, presentations, advertising, and much more. It is simple, practical, and incredibly economical.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 artificial intelligence voice generators you can use in 2022 to produce high-quality audio that sounds human. They are all well-known and easily navigable. Utilize these resources, then share your thoughts with us! 

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