Fiverr Fee Calculator: Fiverr Charges from Buyers and Sellers

Buyer Fee [Note]
Fiverr charge straight $2 for every buyer purchase that is below $40 dollars.

  • 1st calculator (Fiverr Seller Fee Calculator) will give you the Fiverr fee structure that Fiverr will charge from a seller on every order.
  • 2ns calculator (Fiverr Buyer Fee Calculator) will give to the fee that Fiverr will charge from a buyer on every purchase that a buyer made from their platform.

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To calculate the fee structure, you just need to put the gig price in the Enter the Gig Price Box. As you insert the price, it will automatically calculate the fee and give you the exact figure for both seller and buyer.

These are the two main calculators that can help you to calculate the Fiverr fee with just a click. So that you can easily figure out how much Fiverr will charge you whether you’re selling or buying.

Fiverr Fee Calculator

If you’re just getting started on Fiverr as a new Seller (Freelancer) or a buyer. Then you must be wondering the same question in your mind as other users that start Fiverr. Because to start a business on a platform, you have to clear about their fee structure. So you can adjust revenue accordingly to avoid a potential loss.

Here, I’ll go deep into the Fiverr fee structure in both prospects as a seller and buyer. I’ve also designed a clean and unique calculator to help you. So that you can get a clear figure, how much Fiverr going to charge on your order.

How to Calculate Fiverr Fee:

There are a lot of freelance platforms out there in the market working for years. And every platform have their own fee charges according to their mechanism. Some of them charge a commission (like Fiverr) on every order and some charge on a monthly basis.

But here I’ll give an in-depth analysis on how to calculate the Fiverr fee for sellers and buyers. This will help you to calculate your order fee whether you buying or selling. In addition, you’ll be able to calculate your order fee without any third-party help.

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Fiverr fee for buyers:


In every freelancing platform, you’ll find only two types of people (Sellers & Buyers). These two types of people are the main contributor to the whole platform. And none of any platforms is going to be successful without one type from them.

But here I’m going to discuss the buyers and the fee charges that Fiverr take from them to use their platform. One more thing, Fiverr charge on every transaction that is made between sellers and buyers.

For every buyer purchase (order), Fiverr charge straight $2 only for every gig whose price is $40 dollars or blew it. And 5% on every purchase that is more than $40 dollars.

Fiverr fee for Sellers:


We all know how much important is to have a consistent buyer on a freelancing platform. But we can’t ignore the importance of sellers (freelancers) that do the main role to grow a platform. There are a lot of freelancers that are working on Fiverr at different niches.

Because if there are no sellers, there will be no transaction too. By considering this, I’m going to discuss what will Fiverr charge from a seller in a successful transaction made on their platform.

For every seller order, Fiverr charge a straight 20% for using their platform to get clients and 80% a freelancer earn. This helps Fiverr to cover up their expenses and other needs to run this platform.

No doubt, the commission that Fiverr gets from every seller or buyer is used to cover the expense and improve their company. But still, they’re a lot of negative discussion about the seller fee structure.

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