How to Create a Professional Fiverr Account 2023

Here are the all hidden secrets that a new freelancer needs to know before you create Fiverr account. This is going to become your 1st step of gain and withdraw money from Fiverr.

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that offers every person to come to Fiverr and start selling their skills. Every day thousands of freelancers come to Fiverr and create their accounts on Fiverr.

But only a few of them can able to appear on Fiverr search results. And even most of them don’t appear a single time to any person that is visiting the Fiverr website.

This only because of a lack of knowledge and no proper fiverr niche that is the 1st and most important thing for every freelancer. They don’t know how to create Fiverr account like professionals and even don’t know how to optimize their accounts for Fiverr algorithms.

To help you to create Fiverr account, I’m going to share 6 steps that will help to overcome this initial account problem. All these steps are selected by covering all main aspects that an account needs. So let’s start;

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1. Fiverr Account Creation:

First, go to the website from your pc or laptop. Now take a look at the menus on the top right corner. Here you will see a Join button from where can create fiverr account.

fiverr homepage

Just click the signup button and you will see a pop-up box will open on your screen. Here you will see four different methods from where you can start creating your account.

But to make this guide more clear and brief I’m going to use Signup with E-Mail method. To get started click the E-Mail box and type your E-Mail address and click continue.

fiverr account creation using email

If you don’t have an E-Mail address, then you can Get a free E-Mail from Gmail. It will take just a few minutes to set up your Mail and as this is a Google product. So you don’t need to worry about it.

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Find Unique Username:

As click on the continue button, This will show you another pop-up on your screen. Here 1st you have to choose your username and passwords. If you’re creating your account for a specific niche then you can choose a niche specified name. Because this will help your profile to rank higher whenever some type of niche keyword.

For Example; In this case, I’m going within the writing field so I can choose a username like; mohsinwriter, seowriter, etc.

username and password

Choose Strong Password:

Now 2nd thing is to choose a password for your account that will help you to log in to your account. Your password must is unique and strong that nobody can crack it. Make sure your password is a combination of letters, words, and characters.

For example; Rather than using a password like this “abcxyz”, you can go for abc@123#.

If you facing problems in creating and reminding your mind like me. Then, I suggest using to sue LastPass. This will help you to generate and save your password on your own and you don’t need to remind any password. Whenever you need a password just for that website this automatically puts the password in the field.

After choosing your password, just click the green join button. And you will be redirected to your Fiverr account. That’s it, you have created your account…

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Verify E-Mail Address:

Now go to your E-Mail that you type during your account creation. Here you see a mail received from Fiverr. As open this mail you will find the account activation button.You have to just click the button and within a few seconds, your account will be verified. And your account is ready to use.

email verification

2. Set-Up Profile Picture:

At this step, you will have a verified Fiverr account that belongs to you. Now, let’s move to advance the steps of choosing a profile picture. This is the most important step in account creation because it helps you to gain the customer’s trust.

Here are some steps to choose profile pic;

  • High quality and unique
  • Simile and clear face
  • Use your own picture
  • Solid Picture background

After finalizing your profile pic, go to your Fiverr account and on the top left corner, you will see and gray area for a picture. You have to click on it and it will open a pop up from you can choose a picture from your computer. Along with this, you have to add a catchy line as a account bio.

fiverr profile picture

3. Write Profile Description:

A powerful and to the point profile description can convert better than a random one. So you have to add powerful description along with eye catchy words and sentences. This will help you to gain customer trust and conversions.

A profile description is as important as fiverr gig description. Because, this is only section that you will find on the end of every fiverr Gig. So, make sure you mention all the important aspects their too.

Here are the few steps that you need to follow during writing your profile description;

  • Short intro about yourself
  • Mention your skill expertise
  • Tell about your last projects
  • Write some convincing lines
fiverr profile description

4. Add Skills and Language:

Now your account is verified and has a professional profile picture. Next, you have to choose your skills depending upon the category in which you’re. There are thousands of categories on the Fiverr and every one category need different skill set.

All you have to is find those skills in which you have expertise in certain categories. As you decide your skills, you have to just add them to your Fiverr account. To do this, you have to go to your account and scroll to the bottom.

Here you will see a box highlighted with skills. Just click the add new and type your skill and mention your level of expertise and hit the save button. Next, you have to do the same procedure for adding other skills.

fiverr skills

In the 2nd step, you have to add the language in which you’re expert. If You are expert in multi languages then can add multiple languages. But make sure you add only those languages in which you’re familiar.

fiverr language

To add any language, just click the add new text in the language section and add your level of expertise. After this hit the add button and your ready to go.

5. Link Social Accounts:

Now it’s time to show your customer there is a person behind this account. This step is also important in terms of fiverr SEO, buyer trust prospective too. That’s why we have to make this step more effectively.

One more thing, any social account that link with fiverr will not available for your customer. He can just view a small icon of linked account. To link social account, you have to scroll to bottom above the skills section you will find a section with linked account.

fiverr social account linking

All you have to do is just click on that account which you want to link with your account. This will open a pop up that will take you to that website. Here you have to login with your account and it will automatically verify your account.

6. Add Education & Certificate:

Last step is to add your education and certificate on that skill which you’re offering to your buyer. Although, this step is not much important in getting order from your customers. But this will help you to explain yourself in front of your buyer and fiverr too.

To add education, scroll to the bottom of the page from your profile page. Here you will see a section mentioned with education. You have to just click the add new and add all the details about your education and hit the save button.


Apply the same procedure to add your certificate as we did in the education section. Just click on add New text on the certificate section, add your details and hit the save button.  You can also add award that have in the respective niche.