81 Best Fiverr Niches To Start Gig: Low Competitive

Every day thousands of new freelancers come to the internet to start their careers online. But when a new person starts as a freelancer he finds a lot of trouble in finding the best platform and niche to start. So that he can start his earnings from the starting days.

I know there are a lot of freelancer platforms, but some are very advanced, and some are very competitive. The only platform from where a new freelancer can get an initial push in his online career is Fiverr.

But there is a lot of competition in popular niches of Fiverr. And when a new freelancer starts on Fiverr, he sees huge potential to gain money from these niches.

high competitive keyword

As a result, he creates a Fiverr account and started selling his skills in these competitive niches. But as a new freelancer getting an order in these competitive niches is near to impossible.

Therefore, every freelancer who starts his career like this quit very soon. But he doesn’t know there are many other low competitive niches on Fiverr where he can get the order.

Best Niches For Fiverr Gigs:

Here I’m going to share the 81 best Fiverr niches where you can start a Gig. But before choosing any niche, I strongly recommend reading our complete blog post on how to find a Fiverr niche.

1. Animation:


If you have great imagination power and are an expert in animation drawing. Then, this will be the best niche for you to start on Fiverr. This is a very profitable niche, here you get a chance to work with brands and large corporate.

So once you satisfy them for the 1st time, then you can go with them for a long time. But you have to be very consistent and creative in your work. This is the only way that you can stay on Fiverr for a long time.

But, if you’re able to survive for a long time, then you can also convert this process into automation. You can hire new freelancers in your niche and give them your responsibility. And you’re free, and now you can expand to another field too.

  1. 2D Animation
  2. 3D Animation
  3. Gif Animation
  4. Ads Animation
  5. Kids Animation
  6. Graphic Animation
  7. Streamer Animation
  8. Character Animation
  9. Live-Action Animation
  10. Whiteboard Animation
  11. Intro & Outer Animation

2. Code Developer:


If you know any computer language, you can start your freelancing career as a developer. And this is the most profitable niche of all Fiverr niches. Due to high competition, it is very difficult to get orders from buyers as new sellers. But still, you can try your luck by creating a gig on low competitive Fiverr keywords.

Once your profile got some popularity, and you created a strong portfolio in this niche. Then, your old customers will help you to get more new clients, and this will become your regular earning source. In addition, you can also hire some other persons to do your job, and this will become your passive income.

But at the initial stage, you need to have huge patience and consistency otherwise; you can’t survive in this niche. There are a lot of sub-niches that fall into this category which you can try. Here is a list of best-selling gigs on Fiverr once;

  1. Apps Developer
  2. Theme Developer
  3. Games Developer
  4. Plug-in Developer
  5. Website Developer
  6. Software Developer
  7. Backend Developer
  8. Frontend Developer
  9. Extension Developer
  10. WordPress Developer
  11. Online Tools Developer
  12. E-Commerce Developer
  13. Landing Page Developer

3. Graphic Designing:

graphic designing

Graphic design is the art of implementing your mind visualization into a shape. This is a very popular and highly demanding skill in the online field. Every business that is just starting or already working must need a graphic designer. So that they can draw their beautiful and colorful graphics from him.

Graphic design is itself a combination of many skills in this field. There a lot of skills that fall into this category. So, if you want to become a graphic designer, you just have to get expertise in any skills. These are some main skills that fall in this;

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  1. Flyer Designer
  2. Logo Designer
  3. Photo Designer
  4. Game Designer
  5. T-Shirt Designer
  6. Interior Designer
  7. Interior Designer
  8. Cartoon Designer
  9. UI & UX Designer
  10. Brochure Designer
  11. Social Ads Designer
  12. Infographic Designer
  13. Website Mock-Up Designer

4. Writing:


Writing is a method of communicating or sharing your ideas with the reader using the alphabet, letters, and spaces. If you’re an expert in writing then this field can prove a gold mine for you. This is a very strong niche that has huge earning potential in return for your time.

So, if you love writing then this niche can be your Fiverr niche. Due to low competition, if you start a gig in this niche then you can be successful very fast.

These days ai content tool Jarvis can help you to write full content. You don’t need to be an English expert because this tool will do everything for you.

All you have to do is just start with proper knowledge and strategies to getting started. One more interesting thing, if you’re able to satisfy your clients. Then, they can become your permanent clients and this will give you recurring revenue for a lifetime.

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There are a lot of different sub-niches that fall into this niche. If you want instant results then you must go with these sub-niches. These are some of the best niches on Fiverr;

  1. Book Writing
  2. Legal Writing
  3. Script Writing
  4. Speech Writing
  5. Podcast Writing
  6. Resume Writing
  7. Creative Writing
  8. Technical Writing
  9. Blog Posts Writing
  10. Case Studies Writing
  11. Web Content Writing
  12. Affiliate Articles Writing
  13. Product Description Writing

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5. Virtual Assistant:

virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant is another viral niche that is dominating all related niches very fast. There is a lot of business owners that need assistants to complete their tasks. And Rather than hiring someone, they prefer to hire some freelance virtual assistant. Therefore, there is huge scope and earning potential in this freelancing field.

So, if you’re an expert in some skills and know some basics of a computer then you can start in this niche. Due to low competition, there are a lot of chances that you will become successful.

There are a lot of highly demanded sub-niches that fall into this niche. So, if you want instant results then you can start from these sub-niches. This will help your profile to get some initial push for getting your clients.

  1. Data Entry
  2. Customer Care
  3. Live Chat Agent
  4. Web Researcher
  5. Recruitment Agent
  6. Marketing strategist
  7. Social Media Manger
  8. Multi-Language Translator

6. Music:


These days there is a very high demand for musicians in all the entertainment fields. Because every industry from video creation to film making needs some musicians to engage their audience. Therefore, there is huge scope and high demand for this particular niche.

If you’re an expert in any field of music then this is a golden chance for you to start your freelancing career. Due to low competition and high demand, you will become successful very fast. And if you’re able to satisfy your customer need then they may become your recurring customers.

Music is a very broad niche and there many other sub-niches in it. Therefore, you don’t have to cover the entire niche. You can start from a sub-niche and then scale this further. Here is the list of some popular Fiverr gig niches;

  1. Music Editor
  2. Vocal Tuning
  3. Audio Podcast
  4. Voice over Artist
  5. Music Producer
  6. Audio Translator
  7. Jingles & Intros
  8. Podcast Editing
  9. DJ Drops & Tags
  10. Music Transcription
  11. Audio Ads Production

7. Video:


According to HubSpot, more than 85% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool on the internet. Every day the consumption of video content is increased very fast. Google itself on think with Google says that 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos. Now you have a clear idea about the demand for video content.

If you’re an expert in videos then there is a huge scope of videos in freelancing. Even if you don’t know about video skills just go to YouTube and search for your desire skills. There are thousands of free video editing, productions, animation courses from where you can learn easily.

There are a lot of sub-niches that come into this niche that is less competitive and highly profitable. If you want to rank your gig fast and start earning as soon as possible. Then definitely go for these low competitive and high demand gigs on Fiverr.

  1. Lyrics Videos
  2. Videos Editing
  3. Product Videos
  4. Reviews Videos
  5. Business Videos
  6. Unboxing videos
  7. Article to Videos
  8. Short Videos Ads
  9. Adobe After Effect
  10. Educational Videos
  11. Promotional Videos
  12. Intro & Outro Designer
  13. Spokespersons videos

This is all about the best Fiverr niches to start a Fiverr Gig that has low competition and high earning potential.