How to Rank on Fiverr for Competitive Keywords (Logo Design)

Fiverr is a popular online marketplace that connects freelancers with clients who need their services. The platform offers a wide range of services, including writing and editing, graphic design, digital marketing, and more.

Therefore, ranking high for competitive keywords on Fiverr can provide a number of benefits for freelancers and their businesses. This will help you in;

  1. Increase a freelancer’s visibility on the platform, making it more likely that clients will discover and hire them
  2. Ranking high for competitive keywords can also improve a freelancer’s credibility and reputation on the platform.
  3. Freelancers can charge higher pricing tiers, which drastically increase their earnings.

What are the steps to rank competitive keywords?

According to a press release, Fiverr has 4.2 million active buyers with an average spend of $242 as of Dec. 2021. This number has constantly been moving upward in the last few years. Now a day, Fiverr is used by a wide range of individuals and businesses, from solopreneurs to large corporations.

Due to this huge demand, this platform is now very competitive for a beginner. Good news, We’re going to reveal the hidden secret to rank on highly competitive keywords.

Find Low Competition KWs:

Start off by researching low-competition keywords (small volume) that are related to your main service. I know, here, I’m going to give you tactics for ranking highly competitive keywords. But before that, you’ve to take a step back – just say with me.

1st create a list of low competitive KWs with less than 2000 gigs; the less is, the better. You’ve to find at least 3 – 5 keywords around your main keyword. These keywords should be those that Fiverr suggests, not those you bring up in your mind.

If I’ve to rank for “logo design,” this is a very highly competitive keyword, and more than 200K Gigs are competing for this same keyword. So, I simply go to Fiverr and create a gig on this keyword it’s near to impossible for a new gig to rank here.

Fiverr logo design search

But, we’ve another way to compete with these 200k+ sellers.

For that, 1st I’ve to find 3 – 5 low, competitive keywords around logo design. You can start with the alphabet soap method, which is typing each letter to compete for the alphabet until you find your keywords.

Fiverr search bar

I started by typing the logo design in the Fiverr search bar, then add each alphabet one by one. In my case, I’ve found my 1st keyword, “barber logo design,” in the 2nd letter.

Fiverr barber logo design search

You’ve to repeat this process 3 – 5 times more

The benefit of this method is you only get those keywords that Fiverr suggests. This means people are searching for these keywords on Fiverr.

Create Gigs on these keywords:

After getting 3 – 5 low-competitive keywords, it’s time to create gigs on these keywords.

Remember one thing; you’ve to create a separate gig for each keyword. Don’t create a single gig for all the keywords; this will dilute your ranking power.

Here you need to use each keyword in the title, description, and tags of your gigs, as Fiverr gives more importance to these three elements.

You should check out our Fiverr – beginner to advanced course, I’ve covered everything here.

Keep testing & Optimizing:

Now is the time to wait and keep an eye on your gigs’ performance. You’ve to test every element of your gig, from pricing to description, tags, etc. And optimize it according to the result.

A general rule of thumb is to wait 7 – 10 days after creating the gig (don’t make any changes). Then, if you’re gig isn’t performing, start testing with different aspects like title, images, description, or pricing. Again still not performing well, then repeat again or delete this gig and create a new gig on another keyword.

I know this going to be very time-consuming, but you’ve to take this a business. You can’t aspect results until you don’t put in your time and energy.

Get some initial orders:

Now, after 10 – 20 days, if your gigs still don’t rank, then one of the best ways to get it is to approach your potential buyers on social media.

Yes, you heard me right. You can start with online communities related to your field where you can find your potential buyer. Here solve their problems and, if possible, provide them with a free sample of your work.

Then, pitch your gig, as people will trust you more after seeing your valuable work and help.

This way, you can generate some initial sales, and the ranking of your gigs will start moving up in the Fiverr search engine.

Create your main gig & refer order here:

Once your low-competitive gigs start to rank and generate sales, it’s time to create the main gig.

Now, after creating the Gig, you will have to start referring all of your existing buyers and new ones from other gigs to the main Gig.

In this case, my main gig will be logo design. So, If I have a client on my barber logo design gig, I just simply send him a custom offer from my main gig.

This way I’ll start getting orders and reviews on my main gig, which will help my main gig to rank better and even gain more sales.

This is the way I use to optimize gigs on the Fiverr marketplace. It’s a bit hard initially, but once you get your 1st few orders, things will start to move in the right direction. So, just keep working and don’t give up.

Earning more from existing clients: (BOUNCE Tip)

Once you start getting orders on Fiverr, the next step is to monetize from your existing clients.

Yes, you can earn more from your existing clients, but how?

Well, here, you can use a technique called Compression. Depending upon your niche, this technique can be applied in two ways,

  1. Bulk selling
  2. Recurring offers

This is the same technique I applied to take my account from $332 to $2,024 within a month.

Fiverr 2021 earning analytic

Let’s take the logo design example again. Suppose I have a client about logo design. This means the client is at the initial stage of his business. Then I can pitch him a Social media kit or social media management.

But, if I’m in a different niche, like video editing. Then, I can use 2nd way of this technique and offer a recurring package, where I can edit 3 – 5 videos per week or 15 to 20 videos per month.

This way, I can compress my services to the client and make more money from them.


I’ve shared some of the best ways in this post, which have helped me to rank and make more sales on Fiverr.

It’s important to understand that ranking and selling on Fiverr takes time, so don’t expect results until you put in your time and effort.

Start by optimizing gigs according to keywords, experiment with pricing, and get some initial orders. After this, create your main Gig and refer all of the buyers there.

Finally, use the compression technique to monetize from your existing clients. I hope these tips will help you to rank better on Fiverr and make more money.