How to Write Fiverr Gig Title: The Definitive Guide

Looking for the best way to write a Fiverr Gig title? Here are the 6 steps that will help you to decide which will be the title for Fiverr Gig. To explain my points, I have used some sample titles from popular Gigs in different categories.

Before creating a Fiverr account, make sure you have proper Fiverr niche research. So that you create your gig, you can easily rank on the top search results.

Why Title So important?

After the Fiverr gig image, Your Gig title is a very important ranking factor that helps your gig to attract more customers. Along with the Fiverr gig description, you have to make sure your title is very engaging and beautiful.

Because if someone searches for any service on Fiverr. He will get results in a specific order along with images of your title. First of all, the Buyer will check all the results and then filter out some Gigs from images. And the second thing that the buyer looks for will be your gig title displayed under the image.

If you didn’t have a problem-solving title for your Gig then the chances of getting your gig ignored will be higher. This is why the Fiverr Gig title is important…

How to Write Gig Title:

These 6 steps that you need to follow to write the clickable title of your Fiverr Gig Title;

  1. Research Your Topic
  2. Find & Solve Buyer Problem
  3. Craft Eye-catchy Title
  4. SEO Optimized URL
  5. Length of Gig Title
  6. Final Title Structure

1. Research Your Topic:

The first and most important step before starting writing your gig title is deep research about your topic of the gig. Simple question, how can you write about anything before understanding it? So, your proper research is very important.

In every Fiverr category, there are hundreds of even thousand gigs from popular freelancers that are already working. And these freelancers can prove a gold mine for you if you use them carefully.

top freelancers

All you have to do is go to Fiverr and search for your desired keyword where you are writing your Gig. You will get a lot of results some of them would be popular freelancers. Go to their Gig and analyze their Gig title.

2. Find & Solve Buyer Problem:

During analyzing other Gigs, you will find what is the main problem of the buyer that he wants to solve? Now all you have to do is to think about whether you can solve this problem.

Please note every buyer coming from different categories or subcategories will have different problems. Here is what it means;

If a buyer is looking for an “Article or blog post” for his site. In this case, he will need an article that engages more visitors. Here, the buyer wants traffic that sticks with his content for a long time.

seo blog post

But if the buyer is looking for “Kids videos” then he wants to use them to teach kids. In this case, he will need colorful videos that engage kids. Here, you have mentioned you will create a colorful video that teaches kids.

kids videos

Let’s take another case; If a person is looking for a “Data Entry” service then what would be his problem? Obviously, this person wants to do his work fast and budget-friendly. So, here you can offer him your service with extra fast delivery.

data entry

This is how you can play with customer problems to get orders fast.

3. Craft Eye-catchy Title:

At this step, you have to find some eye-catching and unique words for your Fiverr Gig title. To find power words, you have to analyze the other freelancers and their Gigs too. This powerful word will help your gig to attract more buyers.

Words like the killer, fast, SEO Optimize, Unique, Professional, sale, boost are the best examples of powerful words. Once you find a word that can easily fit with our title then you’re ready to go.

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4. SEO Optimized URL:

According to Fiverr, you have to decide your title carefully before writing your title. Because your Gig URL will be the title that you choose for the 1st time. And your Gig URL plays a very important role in SEO.

fiverr gig url

One more thing, you can change your gig title in the future. But, you can’t change your Gig URL once you save changes. Therefore, you have to decide your title carefully for the first time.

5. Length of Gig Title:

Now, we have to decide what will be the best length for your title. Make sure your title is following all the rules mentioned above.

Fiverr Gig title length

Pro Tip: If you’re a new seller and want to rank fast on Fiverr. Then, you must go with those keywords with less than 2000 Gigs. Once you rank on this low competitive and low search volume keyword, you will also rank on many other keywords.

Fiverr will display your gig properly, if you follow this rule properly in the search results. If you exceed the character’s limit, your title will not be fully shown.

title length

6. Final Title Structure:

Now let’s start writing our Fiverr Gig title. To explain my point, I’m going to use the keyword “Amazon Affiliate Article” as an example. So, let’s take a look at this example;

In this Gig, we want to offer a writing service for Amazon Affiliate site Owners. So, we have two options for our title;

  1. I will do Amazon Affiliate Article writing.
  2. I will write an Amazon Affiliate Article.

It seems the second title looks more unique and to the point. Also, it is the best choice for our URL too. But, still, our title looks too short.

Now, we have to add some words that realize that we are solving buyer problems too. To do this we have to add some powerful words.

  1. I will write Amazon Affiliate Article that engages visitors.
  2. I will write Amazon Affiliate Article that drives more sales.

It seems both titles look more attractive. But, if the buyer searches for an “Amazon affiliate article” then he must need to write an article for his site.

fiverr gig title structure

And, he needs an article that drives more sales so that he can make more money. So, if we want to offer Amazon Affiliate Article then we will proceed with the second title.

This is all about how to write Fiverr Gig’s title. If you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thanks!