How to Find Profitable and Low-Competitive Fiverr Niche

Here you will learn how to find a Fiverr niche that has low competition and higher earning potential. I have divided this section into 5 steps. Before starting on Fiverr, you have to fulfill every step to boost your ranking.

Fiverr is a large marketplace for freelancers and buyers from the whole world. So rather than just focusing on one end, you have to carefully observe both prospective. This is the only way from where you can start your business on Fiverr.

According to Expanded Ramblings, there are more than 2.4 million buyers and 830,000 sellers on Fiverr. And every month, about 50 million transactions are made between sellers and buyers every month.

A Fiverr job is to identify the new talent and showcase him to the audience. Fiverr was 1st started in Feb 2010 and every day hundreds of sellers create accounts on Fiverr. That’s why; there is huge competition in every niche on Fiverr.

high competitive keyword

Find Fiverr Niche:

If you’re a new seller on Fiverr and want to get orders fast. Then, you need to showcase your skills to the audience by ranking on Fiverr. And it is only possible if you choose a zero competition niche on Fiverr. There are slim to no chances to find a zero competition niche because every niche has huge competition.

But, you can go for the low competition niches because these niches are less saturated. These are the few steps to find a low competition niche;

1. Find All Your Skills:

To get started, first write down all the skills in which you’re an expert. You can get help from your friends and family members too. I know, there must be many skills in which you’re an expert but you don’t know about it. All you have to do is just find out all these untapped skills.


You can also ask these few questions to yourself that will help you a lot. Which skills I don’t need any help from anyone? On what skill do your friends ask from you? From this, you will get the list of skills in which you’re an expert.

For Example: If I’m an expert in English then I must have skills like an article writer, proofread writer, English teacher, translator, and so on. This is how you can get an idea of which skill you’re an expert at.

2. Competition Level:

Now, you have a list of skills that you can offer to your clients on Fiverr. It’s time to check which one will perform best and which not. To check this, you have to analyze the competition level for every particular skill.

You have to check whether a Gig on this skill will rank higher in search results or not. If there are too many Gigs to that particular niche then the competition would be high.

So, if you create a gig on that particular topic then your chances of ranking would be slim to none. But If there are only a few Gigs on that topic then the competition would be low. And your chances of ranking would be higher than the 1st one.

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Practical Step:

This is in one Fiverr gig competition finding an article that will help you to find the exact niche where you can start. First, go to Fiverr and type a keyword related to your niche in the search box. As you press the search button, Fiverr will show you many gigs of those sellers that are selling their services on this skill (keyword).

Now scroll down, before the Gig section you will see how many gigs are in this keyword. If this gig figure is low then there is low competition on this keyword.

fiverr low competition keyword

But if you found, there are a huge number of gigs already ranking on a keyword then this is a competitive keyword. And you need to try other keywords and you will see keywords suggestions above the gig sections.

fiverr high competition keyword

Pro Tip: If you’re a new seller and want to rank fast on Fiverr. Then, you must go with those keywords that have less than 2000 Gig. Once you rank on this low competitive and low search volume keyword, then you will also rank on many other keywords too.

Use Keyword Modifier:

If you are still finding any confusion in finding the low competitive keyword. Then, you can use this keyword modifier to go deeper into that keyword. You have to apply these modifiers depending upon the niche where you are.

24 hours, Fast, Unique, Custom, Modern, Luxury, Engaging, Colourful, Professional, This Year, Using Illustrator, Using Photoshop, with after-effects.

As you start applying these modifiers along with your keyword. Then you will easily find those keywords that have low competition. Repeat this process for the other skills and copy all these keywords into a spreadsheet.

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3. Earning Potential:

At this step, you will have a list of all keywords that have low competition. The next step is to check whether this keyword is worthy of work on it. This means, if you create a gig on that keyword then how much revenue you can earn from it. Because our ultimate goal is to generate revenue as high as possible in less time.

For example; If you’re going to create a gig on a topic that is very time-consuming and hardworking. And in return, you get very low earnings from that work. Then, you will not be able to scale it and become bored soon.

Therefore, you have to find a low competitive keyword that also has huge Fiverr earning potential.

Practical Step:

In this case, if you’re in affiliate article writing then you will get high earnings. Because here you can charge from $10 for every 1000 words too soon on depending upon your skills.

fiverr earning potential

Let’s take another case; if you create a Gig in data entry on Fiverr then you will earn very low earnings. Because in this field you have to do a lot of work for just a few dollars. This person does 3-hour data entry work for just $5. Can you imagine?

low earning potential

4. Trends Overtime:

Now it’s time to check, the keyword that you picked will work for a long time or not. This step is also very important to clear before starting a gig. To clear this point, you can analyze how many reviews popular gigs have and the number of orders in queue.

More reviews and more order in the queue means this keyword is trending and you can start here. And more accurate results you get for the Fiverr niche.

Suppose, you have done all steps perfectly and created a gig without considering its trend or no reviews. Then, you can get a ranking but you can’t get any order on it. Because nobody is willing to pay you in that particular niche.

Practical Step:

In the case of Affiliate article writing, you can easily see that there is a huge no of reviews on popular gigs. It means, this keyword is worthy to proceed further.

trending gig on fiverr

Let’s take another case of spa article writing, you can check that the top-ranking gig has less than 10 reviews. This simply means, there are zero trends on this topic. So if you find keywords like this, then don’t go with these keywords.

low trends

4. Space for New seller:

Now let’s talk about the last step which is to check for the space for the new sellers. You have to check, if you create a gig on this keyword then you get ranking or not.

There are a lot of highly competitive keywords on which only old sellers rank. So, if you create a gig on these highly competitive keywords. Then, there is a slim to none chance that you will rank. Therefore, why invest your precious time in these keywords?

Why not try low competitive keywords, where a lot of new sellers are already ranking. So if you create a gig on this keyword with proper gig title and description. Then, there will be higher chances that you will rank.

Practical Step:

Logo Designing is a very profitable and highly competitive niche on Fiverr. More than one lakh gigs are already ranking for this keyword. And on the top search results, only old sellers can rank easily than new sellers.

high competitive keyword

But in the case of affiliate article writing; less than 2000 gigs are ranking on this keyword. And if you take a look at the search results of these keywords. You will analyze that there are a lot of new sellers ranking higher on this keyword.

new seller entry

This is how to find a less competitive and highly profitable Fiverr niche