(BluePrint) How to Write Fiverr Gig Description with Samples

Wants to learn about the complete blueprint of Fiverr gig description with samples;

Fiverr has become a very popular site and marketplace for new freelancers in the past few years. Due to the huge customer base in every category, everyone can sell their services on Fiverr.

To every new seller, Fiverr provides its platform, support, and most important traffic to sell its services. And in return, Fiverr gets about 20% of every order you get.

Steps To writer Fiverr gig description:

Fiverr platform is available for every seller that wants to sell his services from any country. Due to this reason, there is huge competition in every field. On a single keyword, you will find Hundreds even thousands of gigs.

And whenever a buyer searches for his desired service he finds a lot of gigs from many sellers that want to work with him.

fiverr gig description sample

The ultimate goal of the buyer is to get his work done in quality. Therefore, the buyer always tries to filter out sellers from their Fiverr gig description. If someone satisfies the buyer with his words he gets the order even if his price is high.

After Fiverr Gig Title your gig description is very important and these are a few steps that you have to follow to create a Gig that stands out from the competition. I have explained all the points in detail with examples and samples from popular gigs on Fiverr.

Before starting your gig, make sure you have proper Fiverr niche research and completed your Fiverr account creation.

1. Identify Buyer Problem:

Before writing, you have to do deep research into that category where you’re going to create a Gig. You have to find the best opportunities from where you can dominate your competition.

To solve these problems, you can get help from other results that are already ranking for this term. As these top freelancers, you will easily find what key points that you need to tackle.  Now, you will get a clear idea of what should be the best points to mention in your gig.

top freelancers

This will give you some important questions or problems that a buyer needs to solve. If you solve these questions easily and uniquely then the buyer will choose you irrespective of your level. Because in the end, the buyer wants results that help him to solve his problem.


Let’s assume a condition; a person is looking for an “Amazon Affiliate Article” for his website. So, if he types this keyword on Fiverr then which type of results he wants to see.

He must want results that are offering article services in unique, grammar error-free, pros and cons, and proper call to action.

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2. Fiverr Gig SEO:

Our ultimate goal to create a Gig is to get orders from potential buyers. For this, we need more and more visitors to our Gig. So, we can easily convert these visitors to our trusted clients. According to research, 90% of people place their orders without visiting the second or third page.

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To get more visitors on our Gig, we have to rank our gig on the 1st page on the top position. The most interesting thing about Fiverr, Anyone from anywhere at any level can rank their gig.

To rank you Gig on the top of Fiverr, you will realize the Fiverr boots that your gig is worthy of are rank higher. For this, you have to optimize your Gig for desired keywords on which you want to rank your Gig.


Suppose I have to rank my Gig for the keyword “Amazon Affiliate Article” to the 1st page of Fiverr. Then, I just have to mention my keyword in title, tags, and description once a time.

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3. Eye-Catching Lines:

This is the first step to start writing about Gig and make sure you write every word carefully. In the first two lines try to add some attention-grabbing lines that stick the buyer to read the full description.

In these lines, you can add some Date, Event, Quote, or research to make it look more unique and creative. To apply this step, you can take help from the internet or any other social media sites.

You can also follow other freelancers on the same niche that are offering the same services. This will help you to find a more unique and correct information idea for your content.

eye catching lines


Let’s assume you’re going to add a gig about video editing and you want to write a gig description. Here, you can say;

“Diode Digital recently found that online video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined”. So if you want to take advantage of this opportunity then make sure you create engaging and unique content.

That’s all.

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4. Your Short Bio:

The second most important point in writing any of your gig descriptions is your short Bio. Here, you have to clear about your name, education, skills, etc. But, make sure you explain all the details within two to three lines.

According to Fiverr, Buyers are very busy people so you have to just write a decent amount of words in your gig. If you want to convert your visitors into customers then a highly written and beautifully designed Gig is very important.

 You have the option to write only 1200 characters and within these characters, you have satisfied your visitor.


In this Gig, This man has explained his name, skills, and expertise in the field of writing. One thing that you have to notice is this person is offering just an article service.

But he mentioned that he is an SEO expert blogger and content writer. Because SEO is directly linked with content writing you can also do this.

5. Write Your Experience:

In this step, you have clear about your experience in the niche in which you’re creating your gig. No One likes to work with incompetent and fake people.

The reason behind writing about your bio is it helps you to connect with your buyer personally. It also helps to develop strong trust between you and the visitor.

You can write about your previous projects or upcoming projects. If here you need any help you can follow the gigs of other popular freelancers. This will give a clear idea of what you have to write.

intro bio


The same thing Ismail Bahi Explained in their gig of Amazon affiliate course. If you take a look at their Gig, they have explained their successful journey of getting started in the affiliate field.

6. Explain What Buyer Get:

If someone is ordering your service then he must have to be aware, what will he get as a result. Here you have to explain all the unique points and services that you’re going to provide to your buy.

Make sure you have added some points that separate your gig from your competitor. This will give you and your gig stand out point in front of the buyer. To explain your points, you can take help from bullet points or Fiverr text highlighter tool.

what will buyer get


Again take a look at Ismail Bhai Gig, They are selling their affiliate course so they have mentioned all the modules. This shows what a buyer will get if someone by their course.

You know everyone loves free things. So, You can also offer something extra for free along with your service. This is also a very important convincing point.


7. Mention Your Requirements:

This step is optional or demanded depending upon the category of your gig. For example, if we take a look at the above Sample. You will see that they don’t need any requirements to start the order. As the buyer confirms his order, they will enroll them in their course, and that’s all.


But If we take a look at Amazon affiliate writer, you will see he must need these few things to start order;

  • Topic
  • Keywords:
  • Products with links

8. Call to action:

This is the last and most important step in writing the Gig description that drives more sales. Here, you have to add proper call-to-action lines that click on the buyer’s mind.

This will help you to convert more and more visitors to your trusted customers. This point is also very important for those who will bounce back from just visiting their Gig.

In the end, some buyers will still be confused about your Gig. You ask them to contact you if they have any confusion. Once they contact then you have a golden chance to convince them to place their order.


If you see, this person has written a very attractive and unique call to action in his Gig. While writing your Fiverr Gig description, you can get the idea from this sample. This is how you write;

“Just give us a chance to show my talent. You will feel happy working with me… If you have any confusion then feels free to contact me.”

Example: Blueprint to write Fiverr Gig Description

A well-written and properly organized {service Name} can increase 43% more conversion. That’s why; you need fully focused and well-organized unique pieces of content for your business.

Why Should We Work Together?

I’m {Your Name} an {Skill No. 1}, {Skill No.2} and a {Skill No.3}. Back From {Duration} years, I’m working for {Private Companies and website owners}. In this duration, my content has been featured in many popular sites.

Recently, I have started to offer my services Online exclusively on Fiverr. Just give me a chance to show you my talent. I guarantee you will be happy like most of my clients. My service will help you to target the right audience, with the correct {Service Name}.

What Will You Get?

  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3
  • And so on…

Extra Material:

  • 1st Feature
  •  2nd Feature
  • And so On…

Just give us a chance to show my talent. I hope you will feel happy working with me… If you still have any confusion then feels free to contact me


Important Note: Please note this is just a sample to write a gig description for Fiverr. Before using it, you have to change the bold content with your service. Also, Make sure this description fits well on your niche.

One last thing, I just want to clear is that you can’t single write gig description same for all categories under the sun. Categories like web development, data entry, logo designing, photo editing, etc need Gigs representation in their way.

Fiverr Gig Description Template


In the end, our ultimate goal is to showcase to the buyer that our service will be the best for him. If we can connect with the buyer, then definitely he will place an order irrespective of your level.

Therefore, during writing, your description makes sure you mention all the pain points that a buyer needs to solve. If your gig can solve all buyer questions then you will gain the trust of the buyer. This will help you to convince your buyer more easily and effectively for the long term.

This is all how to write a Gig description for Fiverr that converts more visitors into your trusted customers. For More, You can visit our site MohsinZox So, if you found this post helpful then share it with your friends.