Doodly Review: Does Doodly work or not?

Conversions XL claims that content with video generates 157% more organic traffic than content without video, and according to Omnicore statistics, YouTube attracted 95% of internet users. 

Video content will be the most consumable content for any brand to attract more traffic. There are also many types of videos within this video, like head-talking videos, whiteboard animations, etc. A recent study by Nijaha claims that whiteboard animation can generate a 68% greater ROI than any other form of video.

I’m introducing you to the best software to generate whiteboard animations, Doodly.

If you’re also looking for video creation tools, then Doodly is the best choice for you.

What is Doodly?

Doodly is animated video-generated software that helps users to generate videos for their content in a few minutes.

Animated videos are necessary for your business and blogs because people can like to see videos more than reading content. Different methodologies help writers to the value of their content value. But animated videos get the most attention of all. 

Videos using hand drawings on a whiteboard, chalkboard, green board, glass board, or other custom backgrounds are considered the most original. Doodle videos are quite captivating because the drawing hand gives the images life.

Due to this, many Doodly users rely on doodle videos to catch and hold viewers’ interest, usually to increase their clicks, likes, shares, and purchases.

Why is Doodly important for bloggers, YouTubers, and Marketers?

Doodly offers a range of ways to assist its users. This tool saves you both time and a lot of money. Here are the top three reasons to choose Doodly for video animations.

Outrageous fees and Saves Time:

Do you hire expert graphic designers and wait for them to make animated videos?

Doodly helps marketers and writers generate videos without any tech expertise. Its simple technology saves time, and you don’t have to wait months to make related videos for your content.

Professional doodle sketch Videos:

Do you need to learn how to make professional videos of your content? Or do you need whiteboard-animated videos? Whiteboard animated videos are technical work. But Doodle helps you take sketch videos without any technical knowledge. You can also make professional videos for education, training, and marketing.

How does Doodly help in business and sales?

Use Doodly to create interesting things to engage, amuse, and positively impact your audience.

You can use it for promotional videos for goods or services, social media, special events, or sketching. Your imagination is the only restriction.

Features of Doodly:

When you want to create whiteboard animations, the first thing that occurs to you is to hire experts. And if you need more money to hire some experts, then you search for tools to make whiteboard-animated videos of your content. Let’s explore some prominent features of Doodly that help you generate professional doodles for yourself.

Various types of Background:

If you want to create videos with different backgrounds, Doodly offers various backgrounds for creating animated videos. Although doodly whiteboard animations are the demand of every client, you can also create green board animations, blackboard animations, and glass board animations.

Select your required image from doodle images and drags it to your canvas. In this way, you can make videos in a few seconds.

Hand Selection:

Do you want to make images with female or male hands, or do you want to select a hand in your desired colors? Doodly provides you with multiple options to select your required format.

Draw images in a few seconds:

Doodle uses advanced smart technology, which allows its users to draw images in a few seconds. You can use images from Doodle, but if you want to add new videos, you can draw those images. It helps customers add custom images of their choice. So you can add them and then draw them with Doodly Smart technology.

Custom Voice-Over Artist:

You can easily set your voice according to the images you draw in Doodle Canvas. Record your voice on Doodly. Then make your videos by setting images according to your voice.

You prefer to import audio files from other programs instead of recording your voice. Don’t worry. Doodly allows you to do so. You can import audio from anywhere and use it according to your preferences.

Custom drawn doodle sketch images:

Doodly has thousands of images in its library. You can pick any required images from their library and make animated videos. There are 200 characters in all, each with 20 different positions. Also included are 20 distinct background settings, hundreds of objects, and assets for every topic and niche. If you don’t like any of our photos, you can also upload your own, and Doodly will generate them for you.

Audio Music Track:

Do you love music and want to add background music to your videos? Then there is good news for you. Doodly allows you to add music to your videos by just dragging an audio file onto your Doodly canvas. Moreover, you can adjust the volume of the audio according to your preference.

Install on multiple Computers:

You can install Doodly on multiple computers. In contrast, most software only permits a certain number of installations. Both Mac and PC users can use Doodly. You’ll be taken directly to the download page after placing your order. You’ll also receive email download instructions to quickly set up the program on any additional machines you possess.

Export Videos in a different format:

You can use Doodle videos in various plays because Doodle allows its customers to export videos in their desired formats. If you need an mp4 file in high resolution or low power, you can export it.

Free Software Update:

Doodly updates its software regularly. Don’t worry that you don’t have to pay for updates. It helps users to install updates free of cost. You must pay to install the basic packages. Afterward, Doodly updates its software free of charge.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee:

In addition to receiving Doodly for a cheap one-time fee rather than a monthly fee on our Facebook special offer page, you also benefit from our 30-day money-back guarantee. Send an email to [email protected] for a full refund if you’re unhappy with Doodly after up to 30 days of use. We’re sure you’ll adore what Doodly can achieve for you because our refund rate is an incredibly low 2% (compared to the 15% industry average).

Doodly Rainbow:

Doodly Rainbow is a partial solution to the different coloring different path issues. It is an add-on that gives all of Doodly’s original assets color. Oh, and the price is $67.

You might wonder why Doodly Rainbow was described as a “half-solution.”

Only the scenes, people, and items that came with Doodly are impacted. This method implies that you must continue to color your imported photographs by hand, which is an uphill task. Sincerity is damned; we don’t appreciate having to pay extra for a program that does sketch animation.

Ease of Use and Interface:

Doodly claims that a seven years old child can use Doodly easily. This claim shows that the Doodly Rainbow is easy to use. Its interference is simple, and non-technical people can use it without difficulty. It allows its users to make animated videos and special characters, import images and audio, and make videos in a better way.

With the help of the actions panel on the right, you may export, preview, and save your video. You may track the specific items and settings for your scenes there.

With an animation timeline, a drawing video maker is possible. The timeline track is at the bottom of the display. There are tracks for your voice-over, music, and video. The video settings and the panning and zooming tools are also present.

Doodly Support:

Doodly provides both written and video support to its customers. Doodly published 44 articles on how to use doodly to make whiteboard animations. You can decide whether to purchase Doodly by watching their YouTube video tutorials. If you’re still unclear, you can chat with them about it live. They normally reply within five minutes.

Doodly Pricing and Special Black Friday offers:

Doodly provides two payment packages to their customers. One is the annual payment plan; the other is the enterpriser’s plan.

You can also avail of the special Black Fridays offers, which allow you to use the doodly yearly package for just $67.

Final Words:

Doodly is a powerful whiteboard animation tool for enhancing marketing presentations and explainer videos. Even if they offer many upsells, using them is still less expensive than employing or studying to become a professional animator.

Doodly provides you with many choices. Either you want to use a different background, music, voice-over artists, hands, or any other customizations. You can do that. In actuality

Doodly has proven to be a welcome surprise in many ways. Making whiteboard doodle animations approachable and expert is a challenge that is effectively solved.

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